Level, stylized ''leveL'', is [[http://www.levelmanga.com/ a webcomic]] by Nate Swineheart.

Cael is a mostly-normal boy living in the massive futuristic metropolis of Level. Plagued by strange dreams, he decides one day to take home a school computer to research the possible causes. His plans are stymied, however, by his violent cousin Reagan, who shows up to take him shopping and then to a game of Gravball, on the suggestion of Cael's mother.

From there, everything goes [[MindScrew quite insane]].

leveL went on a big hiatus from july 2010, then {{reboot}}ed on [[http://www.levelthecomic.com/teal-gold/welcome/ August 1, 2013]] on [[http://www.levelthecomic.com/ a brand-new website]].
!!''leveL'' contains examples of:
* ArtEvolution: To a remarkable degree.
* GovernmentConspiracy: With several levels.
* MindScrew
* OrphanedSeries: What you'll think it is a few months after each update.
* ScheduleSlip: Probably one of the most extreme examples. There's over a ''year'' between updates. The last one dates back to july 2010 (and the last news to August 2008)