'''''[[http://kayandp.com/ Kay and P]]''''' is a {{webcomic}} about a Kay, a young woman in college studying ElectronicMusic. The comic follows her typical college activities: going to classes, dating and hanging out with her roommate P. P (or Peaches) is a Skeleton that only Kay can see and has been her ImaginaryFriend since GradeSchool.


Kay - An artist/musician who met P as a child and has been with him ever since. She has a free-spirited view towards relationships, preferring to keep everything open and easy as opposed to a more traditional relationship structure.

P (Peaches) - The skeleton that no one else seems to see. Spends quite a lot of time at home, and is fond of entertainment television and trash-magazines.

Ms. Woo - Kay's Vietnamese land-lady who loves on the first floor. Thinks Kay might be a prostitute, but doesn't really care so long as the rent is paid on Friday.

Tio - A DJ friend of Kay's who shared some relationship-time with her. Seems generally cool about Kay's three "relationship rules".

Jacob - A know-it-all work friend of Kay's who is trying too hard to win her over.

Chandra - One of Kay's first friends at school, Chandra introduced Kay to the idea of the "three rules", but often seems a little possessive herself.

Juan del Gato Jamal - A loud-mouthed but sweet friend of Kay. He claims to be a rapper.

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* BiTheWay: Kay
* DemBones: P.
* ImaginaryFriend: P. Only Kay can see him. ([[spoiler: at least, initially]]).