''[[http://www.justanotherescape.com/ Just Another Escape]]'' is a vaguely dream-like webcomic by Alex "Kirb" Miller.
It is best recognized by the [[AnachronicOrder strangely engrossing and erratic pace]] it chooses to tell the story. The plot is told in arcs that are displayed in non-chronological order. The plot revolves around the inhabitants of 'Rain House,' an exclusive dorm of a prestigious and seemingly normal [[ExtranormalInstitute university.]]

In the beginning of the webcomic, the many, many, [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters MANY]] personalities that dorm in Rain House are introduced in a very lighthearted and goofy arc. Immediately after, the comic takes a dramatic turn as the story zooms 8 months into the future, involving necromancers, magic and seers into the plot.

The art goes through many changes throughout the archive, and is usually ranged from good to beautiful, with backgrounds in particular. As it progresses, the characters become noticeably more and more refined and well-drawn.

As the comic has continued through its many stories to tell, it continually fleshes out the more epic, overlaying plot through smaller, more personal arcs that develop different characters and often narrate through their perspective. However, as most stories with large casts tend to do for the sake of good storytelling, CharacterFocus and [[CastHerd Cast herding]] is used.
That being said, one character seems to overlap into almost every story arc, linking them together, a girl named Erica Richmond.

Characters that have had arcs revolve around them are:

* Erica Richmond: Presumably the 'main' character of JAE, and the only character to appear in almost all of the arcs, bit part or not. Different arcs in the comic have revealed Erica to be the daughter of a Seer, and that she herself has PsychicPowers and may be skilled in [[ElementalPowers wind magic]]. She seems to have suffered from EasyAmnesia as [[spoiler: she did not seem recognize Patrick Bacon as an adult, but to be fair, it was a fairly traumatic event and she was just a kid.]]

* Solina Cortez: The first character formally introduced in the comic. An energetic, mouthy weird girl with a fascination for the supernatural. Although smart and attractive, her sheer determination and quirks often alienate her from the rest of the characters. Her arc involves meeting a large dragon named Abraxas. She has been referred to as an 'omni,' which refers to her apparent affinity with the elements of [[ElementalPowers fire and earth.]]

* Meri Hazeal: A tall, sweet, InnocentFlowerGirl who eagerly wants to become best friends with her new roommate. However, in a case of BreakTheCutie, the roommate ends up wanting nothing to do with her.
** Although, as this arc takes place in the past, the 'present' arcs imply that they've become best friends somehow.

* Cecil Brenton: A [[TheStoic stoic]] member of the [[TheSquad 'Shields,']] who apparently seems to wear SunglassesAtNight. [[spoiler: although his Bio page spoils that he wears it to hide his glowing eyes.]] A DeadpanSnarker that doesn't seem to like following orders. He appears briefly in the introductory arc and the future arc '8 Months Later.' He appears to know Anikia Brevery well enough to push her buttons.

* Anikia Brevery: A recurring character shown several times in the past and future, with dramatic and unexplained, (at least in the comic itself, her bio page goes [[AllThereInTheManual into more detail]]) character changes. In the past, she appears to be the young guardian of Kimberly Sterling, a cute and [[LittlestCancerPatient terminally ill little girl.]] Anikia ("Annie") is very passionate and protective of Kim, almost reaching maternal levels.
** However, in the future arcs, Anikia appears to have maybe become a DarkMagicalGirl or a surly MagicKnight, but in any case definitely an ActionGirl, complete with armor and the legendary sword Durandal.(which may or may not be is totally [[EvilWeapon creepy and evil]]) [[spoiler: as well as the magic ability to sink into shadows]]
*** At this point in the story, it's unclear as to whose side Anikia is on, exactly... but it is implied that in her case, DarkIsNotEvil.

* Mia, Isa and Cosette. Originally appeared to be a ComicTrio, but seemingly have a much larger role to play in the plot. They seem to be good friends with Erica, usually hanging out with her.
** Mia Roberts: The gangleader of the group of friends. An Aussie prankster.
** Isa Boyd: Originally characterized as the EmotionlessGirl, but was revealed as being NotSoStoic. [[spoiler: when she breaks down during the arc 'the Crush.']]
** Cosette Derring: The timid voice of reason.

This webcomic provides examples of:

* FourthWallMailSlot: [[http://milkinthepantry.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=409 On the forums.]]
* LesYay: [[http://milkinthepantry.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=35270#35270 AnikiaXSolina]] FTW.
* OrWasItADream: Solina's encounter with Abraxas.
* ThoseTwoGuys: Brandon and Dave. Two Rain House characters who have received the least development, have not had their powers even hinted at, and are never seen apart.