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A FurryComic created by [=JTigerclaw=] about three college roommates. Bob is the balanced leader of the trio with the car, Doug is the brains of the trio with a weak stomach and Bill is the ladies' man who plays in a punk rock band. They also have two female neighbors, Kia and Lori. Kia is young and ditzy, while Lori is older and more mature.
!! This webcomic features the following tropes:
%% * BoisterousBruiser - Bill
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Doug is the vice president of the college's psychology club and was the head of the Science Honor Society back in high school. This is put in contrast to his neurotic personality, asexuality and weak stomach.
%% * CatFight (literally!)
%% * ChainedToABed
%% * CloudCuckooLander - Kia
%% * CoolBigSis - Lori
%% * DeadpanSnarker - Most of the cast
%% * TheDitz - Kia
%% * {{Fanservice}} - Bill, wearing only his boxers and handcuffed to his bed. Later, a (literal) catfight ensues.
%% * FurryComic
%% * GagBoobs
* GoofyPrintUnderwear: Bill wears indigo polka-dot boxers.
%% * HeroicBSOD - Doug, upon seeing Bill licking bare female breasts. Played for laughs, of course!
%% * HollywoodNerd - Doug
* IAmNotWeasel: Bob [hamster] gets mistaken for a squirrel and a rat.
%% * JerkWithAHeartOfGold - Bill
%% * LampshadeHanging - When a character thinks aloud, "I wonder what Bill's doing," then awkward humor is produced when the next panel does not transition over to view what he's doing as the audience expects.
* LimitedWardrobe: Averted. Bob starts off with a red shirt, Doug wears a green shirt with a gold stripe and Bill wears a black shirt. At one point, Bill buys the trio new clothes which they proceed to wear all the time (Bob's blue shirt, Doug's "net" shirt and Bill's skull shirt). They always permanently ditched shoes in the same strip. Bill is the only character that seems to change clothes a lot (when the situation calls for it) as he's also been seen in pajamas (a tank top and black pants), in only his boxers, and in a UsefulNotes/{{Jesus}} costume (yes the situation called for it).
%% * PosterGalleryBedroom
%% * PowerTrio Ego - Bob, Superego - Doug, Id - Bill
%% * PuppyDogEyes - Doug and Kia
%% * RedOniBlueOni - Kia (Red) and Lori (Blue)
%% * StraightMan - Bob and Doug
%% * VomitIndiscretionShot
%% * {{Yandere}} - Becca and Zoe