[[caption-width-right:150:A comic's two main stars.]]

->''"Hey Jeff, do you ever wonder why the sky is blue?"''
-->--Fathead in the [[http://fatheadcomic.com/comics/1 very first comic]]

''[[http://fatheadcomic.com Fathead]]'' is an off the wall webcomic created by Elliott (Fastbro) Simpson. The comic updates on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule and is currently hosted by Comic Fury.

!!This webcomic provides examples of:
* ArtEvolution: The [[http://fatheadcomic.com/comics/2 early comics]] and radically different in quality to [[http://fatheadcomic.com/comics/100 later ones]].
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Fathead often [[http://fatheadcomic.com/comics/26/ breaks]] [[http://fatheadcomic.com/comics/42/ the]] [[http://fatheadcomic.com/comics/53/ fourth]] [[http://fatheadcomic.com/comics/71 wall]] when the author can't think of a worthwhile punchline...
* BSideComics: * ''{{Webcomic/Fathead}}'''s Jeff has a recurring [[http://fatheadcomic.com/comics/35/ segment]] which is basically a parody of family sitcoms.
* ButtMonkey: Fathead himself but Pete is often one due to the writer's hate of him.
* GuestStrip: The comic has received some guest comics.