A sprite-based videogame-centric webcomic. It is the side-project of the Mike "Darkmoon" Finkelstein, whose main project is the Webcomic/CastlevaniaRPG.

The main comic ran for 500 strips (including the main plot and occasional filler strips), at which point Darkmoon decided to finally end it. However, occasional new comics still surface -- as of 2 Nov 2010 there are a total of 523, including four extra mini-arcs.

The comic centers around characters from the ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}'' franchise, portrayed in a misadventuring, IdiotHero / AntiHero light, with lots of humor generally centered around the two main characters--Richter Belmont from ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaRondoOfBlood'' (and ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaSymphonyOfTheNight'') and Cornell from ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaLegacyOfDarkness'', who are supposed to be heroes, being really lazy, getting drunk, and engaging in all sorts of crazy shenanigans. Has so far also starred Simon Belmont, Soma Cruz, Dracula, Alucard, and many others, including crossovers from many other series.

Darkmoon is currently working on a spinoff called "DSWC: Villains", which is meant to run concurrently with original comic (i.e. comic #85 of DSWC: Villains takes place at the same time as comic #85 of original DSWC).

!!This comic contains examples of:

* ArtShift, from 16-bit (and higher) graphics to 8-bit graphics, for FlashBack and OldShame purposes.
* ContinuityReboot: Used upon Richter's request by God (i.e. the author). No, there is no such thing as a fourth wall in this comic, no sir.
* CanonDiscontinuity: Upon said reboot.
* {{Dedication}}: One of the strips is dedicated to the memory of the events of 9/11/2001.
* EvilCounterpart: Richter-clone. Brought when Richter was very drunk one night.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: Issue #1 is titled "How to Create a Webcomic", and the comic quite literally evolves from there. Issue #500 is, appropriately, titled [[spoiler:"How to End a Webcomic"]].
* FlameBait: What Richter and Cornell do to Alucard and Simon, for lulz, near the beginning of the comic.
* {{Filler}}: The Grudgematch strips, among others.
* IdiotHero: Richter. Oops, he forgot to kill Dracula.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Cornell, whose beer (especially the stuff that he got from a local monastery) serves as his weapons. And [[spoiler:Richter, due to his ability to item crash everything (except keys), does this to Cornell's beer cans.]]
* {{Lampshading}}: Just about everything. Including the comic itself having no fourth wall.
* MassivelyMultiplayerCrossover: Characters from ''VideoGame/GhostsNGoblins'' and ''VideoGame/GunstarHeroes'' and ''VideoGame/{{Castlevania}}'' and ''VideoGame/BatmanForever'', in environments from ''Castlevania'' and ''Metroid'' and ''Franchise/MortalKombat'' and ''VideoGame/MarioParty'', and more.
* NoFourthWall: Plainly lampshaded by all the characters. In fact, this is even taken advantage of by two characters.
* NonSequitur: Every so often. Used for humor, just like everything else.
* [invoked]OldShame: Alucard and his 8-bit afro.
* ShoutOut: to various movies and videogames, including Film/{{Baseketball}} and Film/TheMatrix.
* TakeThat: The comic is used to throw potshots at fanboys, at series director Koji Igarashi, at [[TakeThatMe the charaters' habits themselves]], ...
* UnexplainedRecovery: [[ Used]] [[ and discussed]]
* VillainsOutShopping: Death whistles while he works, and gets his robes cleaned at Gussy's on fifth. Also, his personal tastes have gotten him a rather comfortably-furnished apartment.
* WorldOfPun: Starting in the ''very first strip''.