A FurryWebcomic by Chris Kozloski about a world in the midst of a major civil war. All but a '''VERY''' few of the characters are foxes. Read it [[http://www.hyperfoxstudio.com/index.php here]].
!!Features the following tropes:
* AnachronismStew: Takes place in an era about even with the beginning of the UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar. The anachronism part comes from the troop trains pulled by locomotives that look like D&RG K-36 class locos dating to the [[TheRoaringTwenties 1920s]]. Then again, it ''is'' a fictional world.
* TemptingFate: [[http://www.hyperfoxstudio.com/index.php?pickedyear=2008&pickedmonth=04&pickedday=28 Thad]] jokingly says, "... for what we are about to receive..." while marching into battle. He isn't thankful for what he ''does'' receive a split-second later.
* ScheduleSlip: Sadly this comic is secondary to a day job that actually pays the bills.
* ObligatoryWarCrimeScene: At one point the Ayer army that Thad is with enters a town of hostile locals, who end up shooting a soldier. The officer in charge decides to reply in kind, except with a volley rather than one shot.