'''''Astray[[superscript:3]]''''' is a webcomic by Eldon Cowgur focused on Emily, your average daydreamer, unsatisfied with her job and still living at her parent's home. Almost dream-like incursions appear around her and her workplace, unnoticed by anyone. When looking for the door to the closet she's hiding from her boss in, she instead finds bars, and a menagerie of aliens locked in with her. Things get more interesting from there.

The comic's hallmarks are beautiful artwork, an intricate (some mights say confusing) storyline and infrequent updates. On the last point, the comic has sadly not been updated in awhile, leaving more questions asked than answered.

!!''Astray[[superscript:3]]'' provides examples of:

* DownTheRabbitHole
* TheHomewardJourney
* NewSuperPower
* NonHumanSidekick
* PhysicalGod: real humans (not just strays, like Emily).
* PersonOfMassDestruction
* SuperStrength, which Emily discovers when she accidentally starts [[http://www.a3classic.com/?p=309 pulling parts]] of people and smacking their faces backwards (but don't worry, they're baddies).