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[[caption-width-right:350:Goddammit, Ross.]]

->''"He bought too many games!"''\\
''"[-Now we gotta play them all.-]"''\\
''"So all aboard the STEAM TRAIN!"''\\

'''''Steam Train''''' is a WebVideo comedy show about video games. The show is a SpinOff of ''WebVideo/GameGrumps'', and is hosted on the same channel. The format is similar to its parent show, as Ross of ''Rubber Ninja Animation'' plays games with others. Initially this was only Danny of ''Music/NinjaSexParty'' and occasional visits from Arin if Danny was unavailable. The format later changed to changed to include the entire ''Game Grumps'' family, with Danny and Arin sometimes not appearing at all in favor of Barry, the channel's editor, and Suzy, another [=YouTuber=] and Arin's wife, who join Ross and joke around.

Unlike ''Game Grumps'', however, the show focuses on computer games rather than console games. Special episodes called ''Steam Rolled'' focus on four-player PC games, although for a brief period of time the series also included console games.

Find it [[http://www.youtube.com/user/GameGrumps here.]]
!!''Steam Train'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* AbortedArc: ''Hotline Miami'' only received three episodes released noticeably far apart, then was never referenced again. This was due to a combination of negative reception (most of that in-part to the revelation of Jon's departure) and the fact that the game wasn't working properly while being recorded.
** ''VideoGame/RideToHellRetribution'' didn't get more than 10 episodes of the playthrough - and it got halted in January 2014, the very same month it was started.
** The crew only got up to night four in ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys'' and didn't continue due to the fact they honestly couldn't get past the night despite numerous off screen attempts. They did apologize for it when they [[VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys2 played the sequel.]]
** They initially gave up when trying to complete their [[KillEmAll Genocide Run]] in ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' because [[spoiler: Sans was too hard for them.]] However, they later [[spoiler: defeated him]] in a livestream.
* AbsenteeActor: When the format was just Ross and Danny, there were occasional episodes where Danny would be absent, replaced instead with Arin. As of the ''King's Quest VI'' playthrough and the change of format, there have now been playthroughs (''Five Nights at Freddy's'' and ''Monster Loves You'') where Ross is gone, as well. Those episodes were hosted by Arin, Suzy, and Barry.
** This is especially notable given Steam Train's place on the channel. When explained, it was originally pitched as Ross's idea, which was the reason he stayed the consistent host throughout all of its episodes. This obviously no longer holds true. It seems to be now that so long as Arin and Danny aren't the only hosts of an episode, it can be safely called Steam Train.
* ActuallyPrettyFunny: In one of the ''Space Quest IV'' episodes, Ross -- against Danny's wishes -- reads aloud from an erotic fanfic by Ninja Brian (the other member of ''Ninja Sex Party''). The story involves Danny receiving a blowjob from Ninja Brian, and despite himself, Danny chuckles a few times.
* AchievementsInIgnorance: During their {{VideoGame/Undertale}} playthrough, Ross and Barry constantly misinterpret gameplay features and story points, but still come up victorious at the end. It culminates in the fight against [[spoiler: Photoshop Flowey, who weaponizes SaveScumming against the player, yet everytime they see him use his savestates to move the player back into attacks they dodged, they believe the game is somehow helping them by saving for them, even though it's clearly working against them. Even when Flowey uses his saving powers in a cutscene to heal himself completely after being seemingly defeated, proceeds to kill the player several times in row by reloading the same file over and over again, and then loses his powers with a big, obvious "Load Failed" in the corner of the screen and him panicking because he suddenly can't load his savestates anymore]], Ross and Barry ''still'' don't catch on. They reach the GoldenEnding in the first try anyway.
* AlasPoorScrappy: [[invoked]] Danny and Ross spend a good chunk of time in their ''King's Quest V'' playthrough being annoyed at [[TheScrappy Cedric, the cowardly taking owl]]. But when Cedric is badly, though not fatally wounded by harpies late in the game, they become surprisingly upset.
%%* Angrish: Ross starts dipping into this during ''Duke Nukem II''.
* AntiHumor: ''VideoGame/{{VVVVVV}}'' Part 8, "Doing Things The Hard Way".
--> '''Arin:''' Why was the man fired from his job at the orange juice factory?
--> '''Ross:''' Because he fucked the boss's wife?
--> '''Arin:''' ...Yes.
* ArchEnemy: Augustus Caesar, leader of the Romans, in their playthrough of ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V: Brave New World''. As the first civilization that they encounter outside their own, they inevitably form a rivalry with the Romans.
--> '''Danny:''' (''singing'') Augustus Caesar / He's such a douchebag / I hate his stupid / Fucking face
* ArtEvolution: The original intro had very basic lip sync, drawn in thick lines that made them look weird on the Grump faces. Since the lip syncing was very dubious as well, Ross re-animated the lip sync on the intro, making it look a lot sleeker and impressive.
** Starting on June 25th 2014 the entire intro underwent an overhaul, including a slight adjustment to the theme song to acknowledge Ross as the primary host of Steam Train.
* TheArtifact: Arin's Grump face wears a bandit costume whenever he appears on Steam Train. Initially, this was a nod to the fact that he was "breaking into" the show, which was supposed to belong solely to Danny and Ross. After a year, the series was overhauled so that Ross was the only permanent host and everyone else rotated, making Arin just as much of a legitimate cast member as Danny- but he still wears the bandit costume.
* ArtifactTitle: As Ross explains in the first episode of ''Grumpcade'', ''Steam Rolled'' was supposed to be a series based on 4-player PC multiplayer games (as ''Steam Train'' is based on PC games) that would be done through LAN, but it was discovered that many games don't do LAN and they had insufficient equipment, so the decision was based to make it a console game-based series.
* AuthorAppeal: Ross seems to make more ''Series/DoctorWho'' references than [[WebVideo/JonTron Jon]] did in ''WebVideo/GameGrumps''. Especially during ''VideoGame/SpaceQuest IV'', which involves copious amounts of TimeTravel. And in ''Table Flip'', when everybody is dressed up in Victorian getup, Ross is the [[CloudCuckoolander Tenth Doctor]].
* BerserkButton:
** Danny dislikes hearing the words "gay" and "retarded" used as insults. He's admitted that he has used both of those terms in the past because he grew up with them (being an old habit that's difficult to break out of) and he tries his best to avoid using them now. He has also pitched the idea of using the former in a positive way instead of negatively.
** During the ''Fortune Street'' episodes, Ross demonstrates his inability to press the 2 button to advance text, much to the chagrin of the other players, Barry in particular.
** Suzy cringes every time Danny says, "to completion". Also discussed on ''Game Grumps''.
** Ross gets very upset with Danny if he accidentally says [[CatchPhrase "Next time on Game Grumps"]] instead of "Next time on Steam Train".
* BigNo:
** When Danny and Ross die at 7:35 in ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6lhUx7Ac7o&feature=youtu.be&a Castle Crashers Part 17]]'', they let out a big "No!", interrupting the song they were singing at the time.
** Danny lets out a loud "No!" at the end of ''Castle Crashers Part 20'' when Ross beats Danny in a duel fought for a princess they just rescued; it is, however, overpowered by Ross's "[[BigYes YYYYYYYEAAAAAAAAAAH!]]"
** Part 19 of {{Undertale}} has a huge emotional one from both Ross and Barry at the end when [[spoiler:Asgore is murdered by Flowey in spite of Barry sparing him.]] Needless to say, the [[ClusterFBomb conductors]] [[SayMyName are]] '''''[[UnstoppableRage PISSED]]'''''.
--> '''Ross:''' '''NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [[spoiler:[[SayMyName FLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYY!]]]]'''
* BigYes:
** In ''Castle Crashers Part 20'', when Ross beats Danny in a duel fought for the favour of a princess they just rescued, Ross lets out a loud "Yeah!", overpowering Danny's shout of "[[BigNo No!]]"
** In ''VVVVVV'' upon [[spoiler:beating ''[[HarderThanHard Doing Things the Hard Way]]'']], a loud "Yes!" is uttered by the pair.
* BigWhat: Used to interrupt Barry when he decided to talk at the end of the ''[[VideoGame/CounterStrike Counter-Strike: Global Offensive]]'' playthrough.
* BlackHumor: To excuse Danny's absence in episodes where Arin replaces him, he is shot dead after singing his second line in the intro by Arin's bandit figure, leading to the following amendment to the intro:
--> '''Arin:''' (''threatening'') ''Say it.''\\
'''Ross:''' (''in tears'') ''Choo-choo!''
* BodyHorror: Discussed in Dixie Kong's Double Trouble Part 10. Ross speculates about how horrifying it would be to turn into an elephant...and suddenly remember ''everything.''
* BoringButPractical: The Grey Knight's arrow power in ''VideoGame/CastleCrashers''. Lampshaded by Ross. Subverted when it turns out the Grey Knight also has the power of [[HavingABlast summoning bombs.]]
--> '''Ross:''' My powers are mediocrity, CPR and being a car mechanic.
* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: In ''VVVVVV'' Part 7, Ross tells Arin that a spider lives inside his TV, but he and Holly are afraid to remove it.
-->'''Arin:''' Because of the spider or because of electricity?
-->'''Ross:''' 'Cause of both. Electric spiders.
* BrickJoke: When playing ''VideoGame/LeisureSuitLarry'', at one point Danny and Ross make a phonecall to a sex line, which allows for madlibs. Ross' responses alternate between Batman References and the completely innocent. A few episodes later, [[spoiler:Batman calls the same line and asks Larry if he and Robin want to go to his house to hang out, watch Film/StarWars and play with his weaponry.]]
* ButtMonkey: Whenever there is more than two players (or even making references to, in the main ''Game Grumps'' series) Ross is thrust into this role, evident from the ''Steam Rolled'' episodes, which includes it in the ''main theme'' which comes from the ''Civilization'' run which was painful for fans of the series.
-->'''God damnit Ross!'''
* ByNoIMeanYes: Arin adds this in during ''Sakura Spirit'':
-->'''[[{{Kitsune}} Machiko]]:''' I know I am [[TheVamp a beautiful, exquisite creature]], but [[RescueRomance pushing me into a river so you can play a hero]] is a bit too much, Taka-kun~!\\
'''Arin (as [[PlayerCharacter Takahiro]]):''' "I-It's not like that!" ''(StageWhisper)'' It is like that. ''(normal voice)'' "I went in to save you!" ''(StageWhisper)'' I went in to get closer to you so I could [[ThanksForTheMammary touch your boobles]].
* TheCameo: Ninja Brian from ''Music/NinjaSexParty'' makes an... um, [[TheVoiceless appearance]] to give Danny and Ross some advice during ''Castle Crashers''. He also appeared with Danny in the lesser-seen [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRRXwOQVCcs promo for Steam Train]] on Ross' channel.
** LetsPlay/{{Markiplier}} gets called up for advice in episode four of ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys2''.
* CaptainObvious: In episode 11 of ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim'', Ross is fighting a dragon:
--> '''Ross:''' There is a way you don't have to fight bad things.
--> [''Gets hit by flame breath'']
--> '''Ross:''' I guess this is the way where you have to fight bad things!!
* ContinuityNod: In Part 5 of ''Videogame/FiveNightsAtFreddys2'', Arin repeats his skeeball anecdote from the WebVideo/GameGrumps ''[[http://youtu.be/gkOmQ_jkvB8?t=17m39s Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games]]'' episode.
* CountryMatters: Ross employs it in ''VideoGame/BattleblockTheater'' #5 and mentions the ValuesDissonance between Australia and the USA.
* CutShort: The ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V: Brave New World'' series ends unceremoniously when [[spoiler:Ross kicks the computer in rage. As a result, they never take down Antium or Caesar, nor do they meet the last player.]]
* CutenessProximity: Happens when Ross finds a black cat in ''[[https://youtu.be/rA-gzHP7--I?list=PLRQGRBgN_EnrCf_jEZiY6mw29-b1J1Twu&t=467 Dreadout part 6]]'' of all games.
--> '''Ross:''' KITTY! :D
* CuttingTheKnot: During ''Trine 2'', the cast is very good at abusing jump mechanics to get around puzzles. Their most common strategy is to pseudo-double jump using a quickly-summoned box. This led to the creators of the game sending Ross merchandise with a certificate commemorating his box making skills.
* DamnedByFaintPraise: "Better than deer shit!" is jokingly used a few times in comparisons after Danny and Ross witness a deer use its explosive diarrhoea to fly around in ''Castle Crashers''.
* DemotedToExtra: Danny. Justified because ''Steam Train'' was planned before [[WebVideo/JonTron Jon's]] sudden departure from ''Game Grumps'' and Danny and Ross were supposed to be exclusive to the former show while Arin and Jon continue to host the latter. Because of Danny's heavy workload with ''Game Grumps'' and NinjaSexParty, he does not appear often on ''Steam Train''.
* TheDogWasTheMastermind: The ending to ''Brave New World'' claims that [[spoiler:Mochi and Mimi, Arin's cats, were the Unmet Player.]]
* DownerEnding:
** The playthrough of ''Trials Fusion''. The first episode received quite a significant amount of backlash for both a lack of direction as to what to do in the game and an accidentally badly executed censorship joke that involved a Wendy's ad covering personal information, but being left there for the whole video (due to poor communication to Kevin on the Grumps' behalf) so as to look like the episode was sponsored by Wendy's. The second episode removed the ad, but was similarly uneventful due to them ditching a campaign they had barely played and finding most of the custom levels to be locked. As of this writing, the episode almost has more dislikes than likes, and the series was scrapped as a result.
** Danny and Ross' series on ''VideoGame/TheOregonTrail'' ends abruptly with [[KillEmAll their entire group dying only two episodes in]] [[TooDumbToLive because the two thought that they were getting weak from fatigue instead of hunger, and as a result everyone starved to death]].
** The ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V'' series was cut short when [[spoiler:Ross, in a fit of rage, kicked the computer and destroyed everything after four hours of playing]].
** ''{{VideoGame/Banished}}'' ends with everyone dying in the first winter, because ''nothing was constructed or produced''. Although, both of the people playing were at least partially drunk.
* DownToTheLastPlay: The final game in the SeriesFinale of ''VideoGame/MarioParty 4'' in Steam Rolled is ''literally'' the decisive game for either Ross or Barry to win.
* DramaticallyMissingThePoint: While playing ''VideoGame/TheOregonTrail'', Danny and Ross run out of food on their way to Oregon. They credit their party's failing health to exhaustion instead of hunger and stop to rest for long periods of time without food. Eventually, all of their party members starve to death.
* EldritchLocation: Ross calls the beach in ''Pony World 3'' (wich refuses to load properly despite being non-disc) "a nightmare world" due to its blank white background, pools of static, and inhabitants (and their PC Dave) looking like shadow-folk due to their skins not loading.
* EpicFail: See DownerEnding above.
* EvolvingCredits: Originally featuring just Ross and Danny (and Arin when applicable), the evolved credits debuting for ''KingsQuest VI'' show Ross as the conductor of the Steam Train (along with the subtle change of lyrics to "'''He''' bought too many games") with everyone else as passengers, followed by the playing partners' "Choo-choo!" (with Ross slightly behind as part of the RunningGag of him having no rhythm). Notably, the intro is basically the same whether Danny or Arin is in the episode, eliminating the special intros for when Arin joins in, as well as if Barry or Suzy join. [[note]]It is unknown whether Steam Rolled games will have further changes.[[/note]]
** After Brian Wecht joined the Grumps team, his Grump head can be seen popping up from behind the train.
* ExpositoryThemeTune: As mentioned in ''Castle Crashers'', the series came about from Ross literally having hundreds of unplayed games on his Steam account. The evolved credits (see above) now shoulder all the blame on Ross, as opposed to everyone in the channel.
* FailedASpotCheck:
** In the tutorial of ''Hotline Miami'', the player must go into a brightly-lit blue room, get a gun, then go downwards into a yellow room and shoot a man. They get the gun, fail to figure out where the yellow room is, then drop the gun and have to use GoodOldFisticuffs to kill the man. This is lampshaded not long after, as they remark they were so focused on doing a silly voice for the tutorial man they weren't paying attention to the actual text.
** The ''Oregon Trail'' run quickly descends into failure in the second episode due to lack of food, which they do not notice. Danny opts to blame Ross for this instead.
** In ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys2'', the gang quickly dies on Night 1 due to not knowing how to wind up the music box, despite the giant "Wind Up Music Box: click & hold" button staring them in the face on the Prize Corner feed.
* FanCommunityNickname: Arin comes up with Passengers as a nickname for the fans.
* FighterMageThief: Danny, Ross and Arin respectively in ''VideoGame/{{Trine 2}}''.
* FiveManBand:
** TheLeader: Ross.
** TheLancer: Originally Danny was but it changed to Arin halfway through year 1.
*** Barry can be considered the lancer of year 2 making the most appearances with Ross.
** TheBigGuy: Danny can be considered this in year 2.
** TheSmartGuy: Arin can be considered this in year 2.
** TheChick: Suzy
* FunWithAcronyms:
** In the ''Steam Rolled'' episode where they play ''VideoGame/CounterStrike'', Danny buys an SMG (submachine gun). They then spend the next few minutes coming up what it could stand for.
-->'''Danny:''' '''S'''ick '''M'''armalade, '''G'''randpa! [''Barry kills Danny''] (''laughing'') I was laughing, and then I died.
** The ''VideoGame/FTLFasterThanLight'' episode has the cast puzzling over the acronym in the game's title; suggestions include "Fuck These Leprechauns" and "Forty Thousand Leeches".
* GainaxEnding:
** At the end of ''Brave New World'', [[spoiler: Ross kicks the computer in a fit of rage, crashing it and ending the game. The rest of the episode is a series of stills with text over them claiming that Ross gets killed by Danny, who proceeds to go to sleep for 44 years, Arin going to Disneyland, and Mochi and Mimi continuing to rule as the Unmet Player.]]
** In-universe, the ending of ''VideoGame/TheStanleyParable Demonstration''. The discomforting nature of everything that happens after the Isolation Chamber has Danny [[CatScare jumping at a mere elevator door.]]
* GeorgeJetsonJobSecurity: Continuing the RunningGag from ''Game Grumps'', Barry is threatened with being fired in the ''Quake III Arena'' episode:
--> '''Barry:''' (''In game chat'') I got fired like, eight times today.
* TheGhost: The final Unmet Player in ''Brave New World'' is never seen. [[spoiler: The ending claims that Mochi and Mimi, Arin's cats, were collectively the Unmet Player.]]
* GoneHorriblyWrong: See DownerEnding above.
* GoodBadBugs: [[invoked]]In order to facilitate their SpeedRun of ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim'', Ross abuses the hell out of a variety of bugs to skip most of the game.
* GreedyJew: Discussed in the first ''VideoGame/CastleCrashers'' episode, as Danny thinks it's a stupid stereotype because, "Who ''doesn't'' love money?"
* GuestFighter: In contrast with the strict focus on the two stars of ''Game Grumps'' (Grant Kirkhope being the exception), ''Steam Train'' often has Arin, Barry, and occasionally Suzy appear to play.
* GuestHost: [[Creator/{{Egoraptor}} Arin]] has sat in on several games during ''Steam Train'', including ''[[VideoGame/{{Civilization}} Brave New World]]'', ''VideoGame/FTLFasterThanLight'' and ''VideoGame/{{Trine 2}}''. He has also taken over Danny's position as host when needed, such as in the ''VideoGame/RogueLegacy'' playthrough.
** As of the one year anniversary "retool" the intro now shows Danny, Arin, Susy and Barry in a train. [[WordOfGod Ross confirmed on Reddit]] this is to allow anybody to be on the show with him, with him as the mainstay.
*** This has also allowed them to make series without Ross at all such as Peggle Nights with Danny, Suzy, and Barry or Five Nights at Freddie's with Arin, Suzy, and Barry.
* GuideDangIt: Arin and Ross fail to figure out how to get the trinket in ''[[VideoGame/{{VVVVVV}} Prize for the Reckless]]'' -- which is completely understandable for most players of the game.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: In part of 1 the ''Steam Rolled'' episode with ''VideoGame/MarioKartDoubleDash'', Barry and Ross face Arin and Suzy on Peach Beach. Ross plants a Banana right by the finish line to catch his opponents, he and Barry gain the lead for a while, but on the homestretch, get struck by the dreaded Spiny Shell on the final lap and Arin and Suzy snatch it from them. However, Barry uses a Mushroom to close the gap and beat them at the last minute... and ''[[EpicFail plows into Ross's banana right before the finish line]]''. Arin and Suzy win handily.
* HopeSpot: During part 7 of ''Noitu Love 2''. [[spoiler:After three tries, Arin and Ross use teamwork (with Arin on the mouse and Ross on the keyboard) to defeat Tango's second form... not realizing that she has a third form, which almost immediately kills them.]]
* HostileShowTakeover: In one of the intro animations, Arin suddenly appears and kills Danny.
* IAmNotShazam: [[invoked]]In-universe; [[VideoGame/LeisureSuitLarry Larry Laffer]] is referred to as "Leisure Suit Larry".
* InsistentTerminology: It's not a penis, it's a creature created in the ''Spore'' creature creator.
* IrishmanAndAJew: Ross is half Irish, half Australian, and Danny is Jewish. Most humour derived from this is deliberate, as neither of the pair demonstrate any "stereotypical" behaviour.
** Same applies to the St. Patrick's Day ''Stout Train'' episodes which Ross plays with Barry who is also Jewish.
* JewishAndNerdy: Danny points out in the Singles Train special that it's the first ever episode on the Grumps channel that exclusively features the two Jewish members of the team. They then start [[GratuitousForeignLanguage throwing out some Jewish greetings and compliments]] towards each other.
* JewishMother: The group parodies this in the third ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V'' episode.
--> '''Danny:''' Why aren't you building Notre Dame? Your cousin built Notre Dame. He was top of his class! You know, Martin, from across the street, he already built Stonehenge, and he did it in Canada!
--> '''Arin:''' They don't even have things in Canada!
--> '''Danny:''' It's just a bunch of wood and deers!
%%* LandDownunder: Discussed in the first ''VideoGame/CastleCrashers'' episode.
%%* LameComeback: Ross.
* LamePunReaction: Several of these in the ''VideoGame/KingsQuestVIHeirTodayGoneTomorrow'' playthrough, as the series is well known for it's punning.
--> '''Narrator''': [[HaveANiceDeath Alexander's mother always told him to stay away from bad ghouls]].
--> '''Danny & Ross''': *collective groan*
* LampshadeHanging: The first "Steam Rolled" has Ross and Danny challenging ''Game Grumps'' to a duel... only for Danny to appear on the other side.
--> '''Ross:''' ...what the fuck, who's going to be on MY team?! [''Barry is shown looking confused'']
* TheLoad: PlayedForLaughs in ''VideoGame/{{Trine 2}}'', where Ross as the SquishyWizard doesn't have any apparent offensive capabilities, and [[TheBigGuy Danny]] and [[FighterMageThief Arin]] have to fight off Goblins.
-->'''Ross:''' Guys, I made a slightly [[BlockPuzzle ''bigger'' box]].
-->'''Arin:''' That's nice, now go fuck yourself.
* MaleGaze: When Barry plays as a roller blading girl (wearing something that seems like a LatexSpaceSuit) in ''VideoGame/QuakeIIIArena'' the other three players (Ross, Danny and Arin) all have a temporary cease fire to check out his character's ass.
%%* MoonLogicPuzzle: Ross proves surprisingly adept at these in the ''King's Quest'' videos.
%% The below trope refers to a specific moment; find a scene where someone is named as being outside the group before putting the trope back in.
%%* MyFriendsAndZoidberg
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: A common reaction to Ross's increasingly squicky evolutions in Spore. It eventually gets to the point that he himself is [[HoistByHisOwnPetard actually sickened by what he's created.]]
* MyLittlePhony: The episode "Pony World 3"; which is a 50-minute oneshot of Ross and Danny playing a game something like a crossbreed of ''VideoGame/TheSims'' and ''My Little Pony''.
* NeverHeardThatOneBefore: In ''Castle Crashers'' Part 9, after Ross had been discussing how he got the "[=RubberNinja=]" and "[=RubberRoss=]" nicknames:
-->'''Danny:''' I thought it was because you're gonna come up with your own brand of condoms.\\
'''Ross:''' (''sarcastic laughter'') I have not heard that one before, Danny!
* NonIndicativeFirstEpisode: The first episode of the show, ''Hotline Miami'' Part 1, is generally considered to be subpar, as Dan and Ross fail to get anywhere and spend most of the episode reading the game text in funny voices. Later episodes are considerably better paced, and are much more reminiscent of typical ''WebVideo/GameGrumps'' episodes.
* NonIndicativeName:
** Somewhere during the middle of the ''VideoGame/SpaceQuest IV'' videos, Danny mentions the game was actually bought through Website/GOGDotCom.
** Ross' save game names in the ''Space Quest IV'' series are written in a pidgin English that are only tangentially related to the situation they're supposed to describe, with some of them being seemingly completely random, such as "oppertunee jummp" being used to represent a room filled with lasers.
** Steam Rolled, despite being billed as ''Steam Train'' episodes, is a catch-all term for "sessions with four players". Their fourth session of ''Steam Rolled'' is about ''Mario Party 4'' and features Suzy instead of Danny.
** In ''Spore'', Ross names his creature "legs fo days", then decides not to give it legs. A little later he changes the name to "arms fo mins" and decides not to give it arms.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: When playing Sierra games, while they miss some of the more obscure actions[[note]]like taking and returning the unstable ordnance in Space Quest IV[[/note]], it's occasionally obvious that Dan is playing up his lack of knowledge of the games for entertainment.
* OddNameOut:
** In the first episode of ''VideoGame/{{VVVVVV}}'', Arin nicknames the crew of the ship Pinkie, Bluey, Greenie, Reddie, and Stan.
** In ''[[VideoGame/{{Worms}} Worms: Armageddon]]'', the gang name their Worms based on [[ThemeNaming themes]]. Ross' are all Australian things; Arin's are jokey variations on "grump", such as Grep, Drump, and Gorp; Barry's are variations on the word "poop"; and Danny's are Nabble, Nobble, Nubble, Noble, Nerble, and Fucktard 5000.
* OhCrap: When they play No Mercy route ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'', and a certain song starts to play against the FinalBoss, they know they're in trouble. [[spoiler:And when the boss ''dodged'' their attacks]], they know they're ''really'' [[SNKBoss in for it.]]
-->"Oh! Is that some [[spoiler:Megalovania]] I hear?! WE ARE IN TROUBLE BOYO!\\
I'm gonna attack him! I'm sorry [[spoiler:Sans]]! OOOH FUCK [[spoiler:HE DODGED IT! [[ThisIsGonnaSuck OH FUCK HE DODGED IT!]]]]
* OohMeAccentsSlipping: Ross is from Australia, and sometimes slips into an Australian accent (especially when he's tired). However, he denies that he has an Australian accent, and claims that he didn't have one even when he lived in Australia.
* PhraseCatcher: "Goddamnit, Ross" is said by all sorts of folks, up to and including [[spoiler:the ''narrator'' of the ''VideoGame/TheStanleyParable'' demo]].
* PreMortemOneLiner: Ross is terrible at them, as shown in their ''VideoGame/HotlineMiami'' playthrough.
--> '''Ross:''' [''Kicks door down''] Are you taking a poo? [''Shoots guy standing next to toilet'']
* PretendPrejudice: Ross constantly pokes fun at Danny's Jewish heritage, and Danny at Ross's mixed Australian/Irish heritage.
* PunnyName: It's a UsefulNotes/{{Steam}} Train! Y'know, like the digital distribution service.
* TheQuietOne: Although Barry often puts in comments in text form in the videos (just as in ''Game Grumps''), he is rarely heard on the show itself. In the ''Quake III: Arena'' episode of ''Steam Rolled'' videos, where he takes the spot of the fourth player, he uses in-game chat to communicate in terse, sparse sentences. At the end of the next ''Steam Rolled'', ''Counter-Strike: Global Offensive'', he utters a single sentence at the very end -- the first time he's spoken on the channel. From every episode onwards, whenever he is part of the cast, he gets a full speaking role. {{Lampshaded}} in ''Worms Armageddon'', the third ''Steam Rolled'' episode, where he makes it sound as if he hasn't spoken in years.
* RageQuit: Arin does this on ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys'' after getting killed by Foxy three times in a row.
* ReadTheFreakingManual:
** In the very first episode, the duo was too busy reading the dialogue in funny voices to pay any attention to the tutorial in ''VideoGame/HotlineMiami''.
** In the ''VideoGame/{{FTL|FasterThanLight}}'' episode, only Ross had any experience with the game, and even then he only skimmed the tutorial. The end result is, depending on the viewer, either a hilarious display of comical incompetence, or a hair-pullingly frustrating display of inexcusable incompetence.
** The ''Civilization'' playthrough was equally painful to watch for true fans of the series. The third and fourth videos consisted of Ross sending a unit somewhere that turned out to be blocked by his own units, so they started going around. He kicked the computer for it and [[EpicFail crashed the game.]]
** In the fourth episode of ''VideoGame/{{VVVVVV}}'', Ross repeatedly dies at a part that requires him to go right, unaware of the wrap-around screen mechanics (even though earlier parts of the level ''included them''). Even when Arin was yelling at him to go right, it doesn't seem to get through until the end.
%% Let's not make the list in RequiredSpinoffCrossover too long. In addition, as of late September 2013, the two shows are sufficiently intertwined that it is difficult to say that the trope is in effect any longer; please update the description if this changes.
* RequiredSpinoffCrossover: In the first few months after the the launch of ''Steam Train'', [[Creator/{{Egoraptor}} Arin]] from ''WebVideo/GameGrumps'' sat in on several games, including ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V: Brave New World'', ''VideoGame/FTLFasterThanLight'' and ''VideoGame/{{Trine 2}}''. Over time, this became more and more common, to the point that ''Steam Train'' and ''Game Grumps'' became difficult to call different shows.
* ReTool: To accommodate Danny's busy schedule around two months into the show's run, ''Steam Train'' and ''Steam Rolled'' were temporarily retooled to use pretty much whoever happened to be available at the time -- specifically, the former had Arin from ''WebVideo/GameGrumps'' take over for him, and the latter used any permutation of four of Ross, Danny, Arin, Barry, and Suzy.
* RunningGag:
** In the ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V: Brave New World'' playthrough, Pottery and Calendar are sarcastically mentioned whenever the subject turns to warfare or diplomacy (usually the former). The trio (Dan, Ross and Arin) also make fun of Caesar whenever they can.
** Ross' complete inability to sing has become the bane of Dan's joy. If Danny starts singing, it's a near certainty the song will turn into a scream because Ross tries to join in.
** "is rly good", the name of the first ''VideoGame/SpaceQuest IV'' save game, is used as a template for the rest of the save game names; the phrase later becomes a recurring joke and is used fairly often throughout the show.
** Danny often shouts out, "If X [where X is subject at hand] LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE", continuing a RunningGag from the ''Game Grumps'' show.
** Skittles are really popular. Also, like the original ''Game Grumps'', Danny and Ross occasionally ask Skittles to sponsor them.
** Ross gets to name the save files in ''Space Quest IV'' and ''VideoGame/LeisureSuitLarry''. They're usually [[WordSaladTitle vaguely nonsensical]].
** In ''VideoGame/FortuneStreet'', the others repeatedly berate Ross for not pressing 2 and they also keep joking how Suzy will win.
** In ''Sakura Spirit'', the guys' growing frustration with [[PlayerCharacter Takahiro]]'s ChasteHero ways despite the fact that the game is full of busty girls getting undressed in front of him and all but begging for sex.
* SarcasmMode: From ''VideoGame/SpaceQuest IV'':
-->'''Danny:''' Okay, so I need the [[TimeTravel time code]].
-->'''Ross:''' Okay, so it's a squiggle, then squiggle squiggle, and then a squiggle, squiggle and a squiggle.
-->'''Danny:''' You have been extremely helpful.
* ShoutOut: Ross' final ''VideoGame/SpaceQuest'' save game is, instead of a WordSaladTitle like before, "[[Series/{{Heroes}} Save the disk, save the world]]".
* SlashFic: Ross, during part 14 of ''VideoGame/SpaceQuest IV'', reads one by [[Music/NinjaSexParty Ninja Brian]] about Brian giving Danny a blowjob.
* SomeOfMyBestFriendsAreX: Some of Danny's best friends are gays. He means this fully seriously, finding the term "gay" as a derogatory comment of negativity being stupid.
* SpecialEditionTitle:
** Episodes with Arin always end with him showing up as a bandit, declaring "Stick 'em up, this is a robbery!" Starting with the ''Offspring Fling'' playthrough, Danny's absence is excused with him being [[BlackComedy shot dead]] mid-word by Arin, who then sticks his gun to Ross's head and declares:
-->'''Arin:''' ''[[EvilSoundsDeep Say it.]]''\\
'''Ross:''' (''in tears'') ''Choo-choo!''
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIMOQfgaVVM Part 9]] of ''VideoGame/SpaceQuest IV'' has a live-action Danny and Ross on the Grump room couch where they warn the audience that the entire episode will be spend playing a mini-game where you make hamburgers.
** Like its sister show, ''Steam Train'' was renamed ''Scream Train'' and used a Halloween-themed opening during the last week of October 2013, with Danny (Deadly) and Ross (Rots) as zombies.
-->'''Deadly:''' We bought too many brains!
-->'''Rots:''' (''with dislocated jaw'') Now we gotta eat them all.
** For December 2013, it became ''Steam Sleigh'' and used a Christmas-themed opening starting from the last three days before Christmas with Arin (Arindeer) as a reindeer and Ross (Frossty) as a snowman.
-->'''Both:''' Playing lots of games. With Christmas-type names. Instead of a train... We're on a Steam Sleigh! Choo choo choo!
** On Valentine's Day 2014, this intro was used under the name "''Single Train''". (Ross is replaced with Barry for this episode, since Ross is not single.)
-->'''Danny:''' We don't have any dames!
-->'''Barry:''' Now it's just another Friday.
-->'''Danny:''' ''SO ALL ABOARD THE...'' ah, fuck it. We're single on Valentine's Day.
** On St. Patrick's Day 2014, Barry and Ross played a few games, with a special intro under the name ''Stout Train'' to match, where the two of them are wasted, the name captions are drawn crappy, and a distorted Irish version of the normal theme plays:
-->'''Barry:''' We bought too many beers...
-->'''Ross:''' Now we gotta drink them all.
-->'''Ross:''' *'''BURP'''*
-->'''Barry:''' ''(gets closer to Ross)'' I love you man...
** With the second run of holidays, the credits have again been updated; ''Scream Train'' now has Danny and company mortified by Rots at the helm, and ''Steam Sleigh'' more or less keeps the same opening but adds Barry as a dreidel, singing the theme as well.
** The normal ''Grumpcade'' intro shows a UFO catcher[=/=]prize grabber machine filled with the Grumps' heads, with the claw grabbing the heads of Ross and that episode's guest host. The ''[[VideoGame WarioWare]] Inc.'' episode, which is hosted by Ross, Barry, Arin and Suzy, uses an intro modeled off of the character select screen from ''VideoGame/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesTheArcadeGame''.
* SpinOff: The show is a spinoff of ''WebVideo/GameGrumps'' that follows the same format but focuses exclusively on PC games, with Danny as a member of both shows, and Arin covering when needed. Occasionally, Arin will also join as a third member, and certain episodes called ''Steam Rolled'' focus on four-player games, with Barry and Suzy participating in whichever fashion works best.
* SuddenlyVoiced: At the end of the ''VideoGame/CounterStrike: Global Offensive'' playthrough, Barry speaks on-camera for the first time in the history of the channel. In subsequent on-screen appearances he has been a fully-voiced member of the cast.
%%* SurrealHorror: Sonic Dreams Collection
* TakeThat: During their play of Spooky Cats, they joke about there being a Spooky Cats manga and how it went downhill after a few chapters with a politically fueled arc. [[spoiler:It becomes obvious what manga they're talking about when Barry says "Fucking Manga/AttackOnTitan shit up in here?"]]
* TemptingFate:
** In ''Space Quest IV'' Part 4, Dan reassures Ross that the deadly green slime will not "change direction and come at me". The slime then proceeds to do exactly that.
** During the ''VideoGame/MarioParty 4'' finale, Ross takes a chance at the lottery, and Arin tells him he'd better not get the gold ball. Guess what happens?
** Arin and Ross think that ''VideoGame/RideToHellRetribution'' isn't as terrible as reviews have claimed. Each time they say anything resembling "This game can't be ''that'' bad", the game gets progressively worse and worse.
* ThatCameOutWrong: When Danny is cheering on Arin in ''VideoGame/CounterStrike'' and playing as Terrorists:
--> '''Danny:''' Do it for Terrorists everywhere! ...I shouldn't have said that.
* ThisLooksLikeAJobForAquaman: Danny and Arin treat Ross' SquishyWizard like this when he has to perform with more esoteric abilities (Ross not having mastered the mage's skills fully yet) in ''VideoGame/{{Trine 2}}''.
** Ross' ability to understand the logic of Sierra Games allows the duo to breeze through them.
* TookALevelInBadass: Ross is playing noticeably above his usual standard in the ''Skyrim'' episodes, pulling off some cool speedrunning tricks.
* UglyCute: [[invoked]] In ''VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaac'' Part 1, Ross and Danny react with equal parts delight and revulsion on seeing the boss "Pin":
--> '''Ross:''' Oh my God it's super cute!
--> '''Danny:''' It's disgusting! [''laughs''] I mean... It's cutegross.
* UnfortunateImplications: Defied in-universe in ''VideoGame/LeisureSuitLarry 6''. One of the girls Larry dates turns out to be a transgender woman and Larry [[ScreamingAtSquick reacts with disgust]], something definitely not acceptable today, while Danny takes the Disney approach of not making it look okay while still not brushing over it, claiming it to be a reference to ''Film/TheCryingGame''.
* WeAreExperiencingTechnicalDifficulties: Occasionally a game they're playing will glitch up, either from poor programming (''Ride to Hell'', ''Pony World 3''), or a GameBreakingBug that crashes the game entirely (''My Boyfriend 2'', ''Leisure Suit Larry 6'').
* WhamLine: In-universe, the last line of the ''VideoGame/CounterStrike: Global Offensive''... because it came from ''[[TheQuietOne Barry]]''.
-->'''Barry:''' (''slurred'') Thanks for having me-- (''drowned out by Arin, Danny, and Ross screaming in shock'')
* WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue: Parodied at the end of the ''[[spoiler:Brave New World]]'' series: [[spoiler: Ross was murdered by Danny (because he destroyed the recording by kicking the computer), who then slept for 44 years, Arin went to Disneyland and then ''he'' fell asleep, and [[TheDogWasTheMastermind Mochi and Mimi continue to rule as the Unmet Player]]]].
* WildCard: They suspect Ife of being this in their playthrough of ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V: Brave New World''.
--> '''Danny:''' [[FunWithAcronyms I Fuck Everything.]]
->''"[[CaptainOblivious ROSS,]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEIk7q4qLo0 PRESS 2!!]]"''