->''"Herzlich willkommen bei retro-tv!"''

''Retro-tv'' is a German [[WebOriginal video blog]], hosted by Henning Harperath and Paddy Kroetz, existing since 2009.

It usually begins with Henning and Paddy opening an old (the range so far has been from TheSixties to the [[TheNineties early Nineties]]) volume of the German tv magazine ''Hörzu'' and looking up what tv had to offer on a specific day, decades in the past. They pick out three different shows to review, by first showing a bit of footage of it, and then talking about it. It caters to nostalgia of course, but is also very interesting if you want to know what (UsefulNotes/{{West German|y}}) TV was like long before you were born.[[note]]Assuming that you ''weren't'' already born back in the sixties, of course. But that seems to [[TroperDemographics be the case for most Tropers]].[[/note]]

Can be found [[http://www.retro-tv.de/ here]] (sorry, only in German).

!! ''Retro-tv'' has examples of:
* ExecutiveMeddling: Henning and Paddy often point out when the German version of a foreign show has "[[NoExportForYou missing episodes]]", which were never dubbed, let alone broadcasted, mostly for reasons unknown.
* GermanMedia: German tv history is this vlog's theme. While the hosts also review lots of imported dubbed stuff, they also feature old shows originating from Germany, many of them ''very'' obscure today.
* GushingAboutShowsYouLike: Many of the shows Henning and Paddy review here, were seen by at least one of them in his own childhood.
* UnlimitedWardrobe: Henning and Paddy always wear t-shirts with pop-culture {{Shout Out}}s, different ones in every episode. Most of the time though, the shirts have no connection to the specific tv shows they are reviewing in the respective episode.
* WidgetSeries: If a Television show with an unusual enough concept has been cancelled and even stopped being rerun, a long time before you were born, thus causing you having never heard from it before, it can have this effect on you.