->''The universe is wider than our views of it.''

[=Redearth88=] is a VlogSeries created by Glenn Rubenstein. It continues the story of the [=OpAphid=] ARG from ''{{lonelygirl15}}'', Glenn Rubenstein having left that series due to "CreativeDifferences". It is also apparently an OrphanedSeries, having not updated since January 2008, although Rubenstein denies this, and the series retains a small-but-devoted (if impatient) fanbase.

Within the story, [=Redearth88=] is the Website/YouTube account of a girl named Rachel, who is making a vlog series for an assignment. If one watches only Rachel's videos, the series appears to be a fairly standard SliceOfLife CharacterBlog. However, there are other figures active in the shadows who have some mysterious agenda concerning Rachel.

[=Redearth88=] is sometimes considered to be a ''WebVideo/{{lonelygirl15}}'' FanFic, although it features no ''{{lonelygirl15}}'' characters other than those originating in the [=OpAphid=] ARG, and the plot appears unrelated.

Redearth can be watched at [[http://redearth88.com redearth88.com]].

!!!This series provides examples of:
* AlternateRealityGame ([=OpAphid=] v. Tachyon)
* DogWalksYou
* IronicEchoCut
* MindScrew
* ScrapbookStory
* {{Subject101}} ("Creepy Stalking Video 101")