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''[=ProJared=]'' is a gaming review channel hosted, created and run by former Website/{{Screwattack}} member Jared Knabenbauer. On his channel "Pro Jared" (previously DM Jared, still used as the user link), Jared does 3 main shows:

* ''[=ProJared=]'', the main show, is a show in which Jared reviews a game and plays it, gives a plot summary of the game he's playing, goes through it from beginning to end, and gives it a humorous take at it. These reviews are more for fun, usually featuring bad games and [[BrokeTheRatingScale having humorous (yet somehow fitting) scores]] such as "A bucket of tears out of ten."
* ''One Minute Reviews'', his second show, is where Jared is only given a minute to review a game, normally a modern game, and usually in a more serious light than ''[=ProJared=]'' reviews.
* Full reviews, in which he usually spends five to ten minutes more thoroughly reviewing games. These reviews are much more professional than the others, going in depth into the good and bad traits of a game.

Besides those main shows, he does several other kind of videos, such as short skits, guides, and SelfImposedChallenge [[LetsPlay Let's Plays]].

Jared's YouTube channel [[http://www.youtube.com/user/DMJared can be found here]], and his page on the newly resurrected Normal Boots is [[http://normalboots.com/author/DMJared/ right here]] (which is where he'll be uploading videos to first from now on, in order to avoid problems he started having with YouTube in late 2013). More recent Let's Plays (including newer Nuzlocke runs) are in his other YouTube channel, [[https://www.youtube.com/user/ProJaredPlays which can be found here]].

[[folder:Games [=ProJared=] Has Done Videos On]]

!!Projared Pro Reviews:
* VideoGame/TwoWorlds
** VideoGame/TwoWorldsII
* VideoGame/{{Hydlide}}
** Super Hydlide
** Virtual Hydlide
* VideoGame/DrakeOfThe99Dragons
* VideoGame/{{Blackthorne}}
* VideoGame/{{Quest 64}}
* Dr Quandry
* VideoGame/AloneInTheDark2008
* Dragon Ball Z Sagas
* VideoGame/PockyAndRocky
* VideoGame/FinalFantasyMysticQuest
* Tamagotchi
* VideoGame/MegaManX7
* WesternAnimation/MortalKombatDefendersOfTheRealm

!!One Minute Reviews:
* [[VideoGame/DuckTales DuckTales Remastered]]
* VideoGame/BrothersATaleOfTwoSons
* VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIV
* VideoGame/TombRaider2013
* VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosU
* VideoGame/ZombiU
* VideoGame/NintendoLand
* VideoGame/PaperMarioStickerStar
* VideoGame/AssassinsCreedIII
* VideoGame/ResidentEvil6
* VideoGame/XCOMEnemyUnknown
* VideoGame/ChivalryMedievalWarfare
* VideoGame/CrimsonShroud
* VideoGame/DeadSpace3
* VideoGame/FTLFasterThanLight
* VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening
* VideoGame/AliensColonialMarines
* VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance
* VideoGame/SimCity
* Runner 2
* [[VideoGame/MonsterHunter Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate]]
* VideoGame/AgeOfEmpiresII
* VideoGame/OrganTrail
* VideoGame/{{Evoland}}
* VideoGame/GameDevTycoon
* VideoGame/StarDrive
* VideoGame/TheLastOfUs
* VideoGame/ProjectXZone
* VideoGame/RogueLegacy
* VideoGame/CharlieMurder
* VideoGame/{{Flashback}} (2013 HD remake)
* VideoGame/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesOutOfTheShadows

!!Full Reviews:
* VideoGame/SimCity
* VideoGame/InjusticeGodsAmongUs
* [[VideoGame/MonsterHunter Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate]]
* VideoGame/BioShockInfinite
* [[VideoGame/DoubleDragon Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons]]
* Videogame/BeyondTwoSouls

!!Worth A Damn:
* Volgarr The Viking
* VideoGame/ShovelKnight

!!Lets Plays:
* VideoGame/ResidentEvil
* VideoGame/HeavyRain
* VideoGame/PokemonFireRed
* VideoGame/PokemonY

!!Top Ten [=JRPG=]s NOT from Creator/SquareEnix
* [[VideoGame/WildARMs Wild ARMs]]
* VideoGame/PhantasyStar
* VideoGame/LostOdyssey
* VideoGame/EarthBound
* VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiDigitalDevilSaga
* VideoGame/TheLegendOfDragoon
* [[{{VideoGame/Grandia2}} Grandia 2]]
* VideoGame/BreathOfFireIV
* VideoGame/SkiesOfArcadia
* VideoGame/SuikodenII

* VideoGame/DayZ
* VideoGame/{{Slender}}
* VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends
* Various Anime/DragonBallZ games
* VideoGame/DarkSouls
* Cyberpunk 2020

!!Tropes in his main content:
* ActuallyPrettyFunny: Even though Jared spends most of his ''Two Worlds II'' review trashing the game, he admits at the end that he thought it was a decent game that actually had a few funny moments when its delves into SelfParody.
* AprilFoolsDay: On April Fool's Day, 2015, Jared released a video named "Top Ten Boobs in Gaming". The video starts out by explaining that boobs are everywhere in gaming, and [[spoiler:they're stupid, so Jared decides to count down the top ten ''dicks'' in gaming instead.]]
* BadBoss: In ''"Animal Crossing New Leaf - Problem Solver"'' Jared plays a mayor who is too busy setting up pitfalls, fishing and hunting for butterflies to properly manage his town. He ultimately solves his problems by sending citizens gifts and letters.
* BaitAndSwitch: In ''Mortal Kombat Kartoons'', the footage shows Stryker when Jared talks about the most irritating character in ''Defenders of the Realm''. And then he reveals he's talking about Sonya.
* BeeAfraid: See ''Hydlide'', ''Virtual Hydlide'', and his list of "Top Ten Bees in Video Games".
* BrokeTheRatingScale:
** His non-serious reviews always hand out a "Object relevant to the game/overall experience" out of 10.
** [[invoked]]Shows up occasionally in his ''One Minute Reviews''. For example, ''Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate'' gets [[SoCoolItsAwesome a 12 out of 10]], and ''Sim City'' a ''"[[SoundEffectBleep *Beep*]] it! I'm going to bed."''
* CallBack: Jared searching for a fairy in a cluster of trees, picking the wrong one, and getting killed by a swarm of bees in Hydlide gets a CallBack in the Virtual Hydlide video when the exact same scenario happens.
** He also refers to the player character as "Portly Guy the Knight", a CallBack to "Jim the Knight" from the original Hydlide.
** The line "Fuck you nature." (also from Hydlide) gets a more enthusiastic CallBack when Jared starts chopping down trees in FinalFantasyMysticQuest.
* ClusterFBomb: In his Nuzlocke of VideoGame/PokemonFireRed Jared asks chat "how fucked would [he] be" if he entered a Gym with only four Pokemon. The crowd responds with "very fucked, super fucked, utterly and completely fucked, so fucking fucked, gee fucking gee" and so on.
* CrossOver: With PeanutButterGamer for Pocky & Rocky.
%%* DeadpanSnarker
* FlatWhat: Lets one out during Two Worlds upon learning that one of the main quest line characters is named [[UnfortunateNames Ho.]]
** His reaction to [[EpicFail Square-Enix's E3 conference]]... mixed with FlippingTheBird and a PrecisionFStrike.
---> '''Jared:''' What the fuck, Square-Enix?
* FourPointScale: {{Averted|Trope}}. Jared isn't afraid to give scores below a five out of ten to games he finds mediocre or bad. On the other hand, he also considers sevens and eights out of tens to be good scores and gives them to games he likes.
** Unlike some examples, though, he's not afraid about using the very top end of the scale, having given out several nines and two tens despite being a fairly new reviewer.
** He also makes the concession that his point-score of a game's quality doesn't necessarily map directly to entertainment value. Best demonstrated when he gave ''VideoGame/ProjectXZone'' a 4/10 in a One Minute Review, but later uses it to pass time in his ''VideoGame/HavenAndHearth'' video.
* [[GushingAboutShowsYouLike Gushing About Games Jared Likes]]: His ''One Minute Review'' of ''Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate'' can be summed up as Jared trying to gush as much as he can in one minute or less, giving it a score of [[SoCoolItsAwesome 12/10]]. His extended review released shortly after still has some gushing, but he was not afraid to acknowledge the game's flaws, giving it a "great but not perfect" score of 8/10.
* IKnowMortalKombat: "First Person Soldiers" mocks this.
* ItsPersonal: Jared started the channel by posting a negative review of ''VideoGame/TwoWorlds'' because he felt the game was massively over-hyped and horribly under-delivered, but somehow escaped any notoriety.
* JumpScare: WebVideo/PeanutButterGamer of all people pulls one on Jared in ''Pocky & Rocky''.
* MotorMouth: Not usually, just when doing his ''One Minute Reviews''.
** He does use it in a few other videos, usually to sum up something quickly, such as a chain of busywork quests in ''VideoGames/TwoWorlds II''.
* NightmareRetardant: [[invoked]][[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqakBC4p04A He created a guide]] to turn the game ''Slender'' into this.
* NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer:
** In his ''Videogame/TwoWorlds II'' video he adds one of these after stating that the developers of ''Two Worlds'' sent letters to game retailers apologising for how bad the first game was.
** The protagonist of ''Videogame/{{Hydlide}}'' really is called "Jim the Knight".
* OffhandBackhand: Discovers he can pull this off in ''Blackthorne'', much to his delight. [[UpToEleven With a friggin' automatic shotgun.]]
* {{Railroading}}[=/=]PlotArmor: Specifically complains about these in his ''Beyond: Two Souls'' review, stating that it's hard to care about winning [=QTEs=] when the protagonist will get out of it alive anyway.
* RefugeInAudacity: His April Fool's 2015 video, ''The Top 10 Best Boobs in Gaming'', is [[spoiler:really about the top 10 best ''dicks'' in gaming, and he shows all of the penises uncensored]].
* RunningGag:
** Jared often begins longer reviews, particularly of games he doesn't like much, with a bit of ridiculous footage from the game and a shot of him snarkily saying, "I'm playing ."
*** He is unable to do this in Virtual Hydlide because of its stupidness and awkwardness, and instead [[NightmareFuel lets out a pained groan.]]
** Whenever an RPG has a "collect four treasures of the elements" plot ProJared says, as deadpan as possible, "Gee, an epic RPG where I have to collect four treasures of the elements? I've never heard that one before." And then he holds up a copy of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyI'' for the NES.
*** When he reviews FinalFantasyMysticQuest, he starts to do the same gag, and then halfway through holding up the cartridge goes "WHOA WAIT A SECOND!"
** [[ArtisticLicensePhysics "Screw physics because video games!"]]
* SelfDeprecation: In his review of Mortal Kombat Kartoons, he says that he was stupid when talking about when he was younger watching ''The Journey Begins'', with a note briefly saying that he "still [is]".
* SelfImposedChallenge: His [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbYx4R6wqew "Ganondorf Challenge"]] for ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Melee''.
* ShapedLikeItself: His final score for ''Virtual Hydlide'' is a [[spoiler:Hydlide out of 10]].
* SoundEffectBleep: Used every time he curses on his scripted videos. His non-scripted series usually leave them uncensored, and as of his SimAnt review he seems to have dropped it. It's back as of his Sonic Adventure 2 review.
* TakeThat: In his ''One Minute Review'' of ''The Banner Saga'', he says that the game is great, and then adds that one of the reasons you could buy it is because it'll "piss off everyone over at the ''Candy Crush Saga''", referencing the fact that the games ''trademarked'' the words "Candy" and "Saga".
* AWinnerIsYou: In his Hydlide review:
-->"Congratulations! My reward is these two frames of animation!"

!!Tropes in his "Pokemon Nuzlocke" series:
* {{Badass}}: Nuptup the Vileplume was one of his best pokemon in ''Fire Red''. [[spoiler:It even survives to the end, though this is primarily due to Jared not sending Nuptup out.]]
* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler:''Fire Red'' ends in his victory, but 2/3 of his then-current party died bringing him his victory. That's not counting the rest of his Pokemon who were KIA.]]
* BossInMookClothing: ''Dark Cry'' spoilers follow. [[spoiler:Lass Crissy, a trainer who in the original games couldn't be fought until the player could Surf. However, in this game, through careless placement or perhaps as a deliberate cruel joke, she can be fought as soon as the player reaches that route (i.e. hasn't even beaten Misty yet). Jared found this out the hard way when her lv31 Paras -- about a dozen levels higher than his entire team -- effortlessly made mincemeat out of Ekrah, Tarp, and Bidumb even after three Attack nerfs. Jared's Kadabra, Ubagub, just managed to pull through and win a hard-earned victory... only for Crissy to pull out a ''second'' Paras. It's almost merciful that he didn't last longer or he would have gone up against her final Pokemon, a lv31 PARASECT.]]
* DespairEventHorizon: [[spoiler:Jared crosses it in ''Pokemon Y'' when Rathalos dies]].
* DownerEnding:
** [[spoiler:''Pokemon Y'' ends with a premature game over.]]
** [[spoiler:''Dark Cry'' ends with Jared's team absolutely destroyed by Lass Crissy, a trainer who in the original game wasn't able to be fought until the player learnt Surf. Thanks to terrible programming, Jared faces her early, and it ends in absolute failure.]]
** [[spoiler:''Alpha Sapphire'' ends with a TotalPartyKill against Winona's Altaria, he was unaware that it had Earthquake which lead to the death of Zimzy, and Cotton Guard which made Cordy's Rock moves wholly ineffective, which eventually led to no one in his party capable of damaging it enough given that it also knew Roost.]]
* HopeSpot: [[spoiler:In episode 9 of ''Dark Cry'', he finally takes down the level 31 Paras with his last remaining Pokémon! Except...]]
--->'''Jared''': [[spoiler:[[OhCrap Ohh, there's two more!]]]]
* InterfaceSpoiler: It didn't start this way, but each ''Fire Red'' video has a picture of the current team he is using as of each video. Newcomers to his series will pretty much know who dies and who lives if their eyes wander. He did seem to realize that this was the case, and put up pictures of the Elite Four and Champion for his final videos. [[spoiler:Although even that spoils that he makes it to the end of the game.]]
* KickTheDog: In ''Dark Cry'' Episode 7: [[spoiler:After the massacre of his team in the previous episode, leaving him with three Pokemon left (after he picks up a Rattata), he hopes that he will be able to get another Pokemon through a hole in one of the houses. When he does so, the trainer he meets, whom ''wasn't even looking at him'', kills Derlan, leaving him only with Bidumb and Tarp.]]
* OhCrap: Jared's reaction to [[spoiler:Winona's Altaria knowing Earthquake, which in part resulted in a TotalPartyKill ending his Nuzlocke.]]
* RatedMForManly: Wepler the Cubone, for doing what no Pokemon before him has done [[spoiler: (surviving a self destruct)]].
* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: Invoked with Bidumb in ''Dark Cry'': Jared quickly realises that he's [[spoiler:not a Bidoof, but a {{Badass}} Zigzagoon]]. This gets taken further as the series progresses and he becomes an ActionSurvivor, and eventually, in Episode 7, [[spoiler:he becomes one of Jared's two surviving Pokemon]]:
-->'''Jared''': Really starting to regret calling him "Bidumb" now. "Bidumb"? More like... [[spoiler:"[=Bi-OnlyHopeIHaveForThisNuzlocke=]"]].
* RunningGag:
** One of the best (and probably his favorite) Pokemon on his team in ''Fire Red'' is a Vileplume named Nuptup. Each time he says Nuptup's name, he edits in a brief picture of Nuptup with its name below it.
** The Shorts Cult
* SelfImposedChallenge: The main premise of his Nuzlocke series. In ''Pokemon Y'', he added the rule of turning off the [[LeakedExperience Exp. Share]], as well as not using healing items in Battle.
* SeriesMascot: Nuptup the soul-eating [[KillerRabbit Vileplume]] has become this, by way of being an InUniverse MemeticBadass.
* StupidSacrifice[=/=]SenselessSacrifice: In Episode 6 of ''Dark Cry'', [[spoiler:Jefina and Pachifetch's deaths could easily have been avoided.]]
** ''Alpha Sapphire'' spoilers follow: [[spoiler:In Norman's gym battle, Jared mistook Retaliate for a Fighting-type move and so kept Cordy, his Graveler, on the bench when Cordy would have been in a great position to sweep Norman's whole team. This misunderstanding cost Jared his oldest two Pokemon, Ghim the Grovyle and Daybo the Dustox. (The latter is especially painful since Daybo took a few Retaliates throughout the fight, meaning Jared should've had the opportunity to notice that the game wasn't informing him "It's not very effective" as it would have if Retaliate were a Fighting move.) Needless to say, it's the most controversial episode of the playthrough so far.]]
* ThatOneBoss: InUniverse, the innocent ComMon known as Rattata (across many different trainers) during his Fire Red Nuzlocke managed to take out a startling number of his Pokemon.
* TheStinger: After the end of Jared's [[spoiler:failed]] ''Pokemon Y'' Nuzlocke the screen fades the black, then shows an extra scene at the end, revealing that ''Dark Cry'' will be the next Nuzlocke series.
* ThisIsUnforgivable: After [[spoiler:Burden the Snorlax kills Oh,he, his first caught Pokémon]] in ''Fire Red'', he caught it, but even then, he couldn't forgive him about the incident. [[spoiler:Even after Burden died against Blackbelt Koichi's Hitmonchan, the parting words]] he had for him was: ''"I never forgave you!"''. This became prominent in Part 8 of the ''Pokemon Y'' Nuzlocke when he [[spoiler:rejected his Route 7 capture and fainted a potential Snorlax he could have caught]] because of the event that happened in the ''Fire Red'' Nuzlocke.
* TookALevelInBadass: In ''Alpha Sapphire'', Jared bemoaned catching a Plusle on route 110 (as an Electric-type, she was a welcome addition, but he would have preferred an Electrike). But the Plusle in question, Zimzy, proved instrumental against [[spoiler:Wattson, whose Magnemite and Magneton she expertly baited into using inferior moves via Encore, laying out the path for Jared's other Pokemon to safely carry the day.]]
** Zimzy puts in another glorious performance against [[spoiler:Norman, neutering his threats with Charm to the point that they could barely even scratch Rolic and Daybo after she finished with them, let alone Cordy. A damn ''Plusle'' is turning into the MVP of Jared's run.]]
* WhamEpisode: The Guidjuk battle in Episode 6 of ''Dark Cry'': [[spoiler:Jared sacrifices Jefina to get an extra switch-out, and following that is a complete massacre: Fuhrdan is the next to go via Squirtle's water gun, Nokenil is killed in one hit, then Pachifetch is killed in his first turn in a useless attempt to get a critical hit, and Jared is only able to survive the battle by a Quick Attack from Derlin. In one battle, Jared went from six Pokemon to two.]]
* WhamLine:
** In ''Dark Cry'' Episode 9:
--->'''Jared''': [[spoiler:Level ''thirty-one?!'']]
** And ''Alpha Sapphire'' Episode 18
--->'''Jared''': [[spoiler: ''EARTHQUAKE?!'']]
''"That's why my final rating for this article... is a strand of @/FastEddie's beard out of ten."''