Web Video / Find Makarov

Find Makarov is a series of Web Original Fan Films based on the Modern Warfare series and notable for very high quality acting and special effects. Details Captain Price and "Soap" MacTavish's quest to eliminate the decoy Big Bad of the second game (and actual of the third), Vladimir Makarov.

So far, two films have been released:

  • Find Makarov is largely a live-action retelling of the MW2 ending, followed by a teaser of Price and Soap paradropping in Moscow during the US invasion of Russia.
  • Operation Kingfish is an Interquel between two first games, made with Activision's blessing, that tells of the eponymous assassination attempt on Makarov gone bad. Shows how Price was captured by the Russians.

The films themselves, the second in particular, aren't entirely canon note  but they're still fun. Operation Kingfish however, is constantly referenced throughout the third Modern Warfare game, meaning the operation still happened in the game proper.

Tropes found in this series include:

  • Brave Scot: Soap.
  • Call-Forward: Soap putting the knife into Makarov's eye at the end of Kingfish.
  • Death from Above: Spectre.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Sandman and Frost, two of the main characters in the Delta Force campaign of 3, appear as supporting characters in Operation Kingfish.
  • The Faceless: Ghost and Roach.
  • Foregone Conclusion: If you've played Modern Warfare 2, you already know how Find Makarov and especially Op. Kingfish will end. Doesn't mean they are not worth watching, though.
  • Interquel: Operation Kingfish, which is referenced throughout Modern Warfare 3. It shows how Price ended up in the gulag.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Frankly, the AC-130 in Operation Kingfish deserved to be shot down for flying that low near enemies armed with MANPADs. Idiots.
  • You Shall Not Pass: Price in Kingfish.