->''"Love with your heart, but use your head for everything else."''
-->-- '''Captain Disillusion'''

Captain Disillusion is a superhero who uses his superior critical thinking powers and intimate knowledge of digital editing and effects to debunk hoax Web videos for the benefit of mankind. Found on his own Website/YouTube [[http://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainDisillusion channel]].

NeedsWikiMagicLove, '''DESPERATELY.'''
!!This show contains examples of:
* ADogNamedDog: Mr. Flare, the flare.
* CatchPhrase: "Love with your heart, but use your head for everything else."
* CurseCutShort: Subverted. Captain D shuts off Mr. Flare just when he's about to curse. Later, he turns him back on, and he finishes the curse.
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: A one-off segment in one episode is described as "Today's daily word of the day".
* EveryEpisodeEnding: "But now it's time for me to go, kids..." followed by mentioning someone he needs to help (or hurt, on at least one occasion), followed by him leaving the set some way.
* MoodWhiplash: Captain D pauses in the middle of a video to advertise for "Knives; they cut...and they don't ask ****** questions" before cheerily returning to the topic.
* ScienceShow: In a sense.
* SpecialGuest: James Randi, who helps the Captain debunk an illusion that relies on old-fashioned physical effects and not digital editing.
** MickeyMouse shows up when Captain D debunks a video of a supposed ghost at Disneyland, claiming he's there to audit the video because Captain D said "Disney" three times within a few seconds.
* TakeThatAudience: Done a lot in ''Ghost Caught by Dog Debunk'', where the Captain feels people were way too easily tricked by something really simple.
-->'''Captain Disillusion''': That's not [[ItMakesSenseInContext a face of a demon in the window]], it's just you being a gullible doofus.
* TakeThatMe: When Mr. Flare almost takes over the show, he claims one of the changes he'll make is they'll stop using "debunk" as a noun.
-->'''Mr. Flare''': That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!