''The Accuser'' is a web animated series created by Creator/StanLee via Stan Lee Media. The protagonist is Dan Mason, a criminal defense attorney who became a vigilante after an explosion caused by a client of his got Dan's wife killed and crippled him. A mysterious character, known as the Stranger, provided him with a wheelchair that can be converted into a battle armor that can move his legs for him.

!!Accuser provides examples of:

* AmoralAttorney: Dan Mason didn't care if his clients were guilty or not for as long as they paid his fees.
* TheAtoner: Dan Mason/Accuser became a vigilante to redeem himself for getting criminals back into the streets.
* BecauseImGoodAtIt: When interviewed by a reporter who described his recently acquitted client as a "racketeer and reputed killer", Dan Mason claimed he did his job and was "proud of it". His wife even complained he was "too good".
* CrusadingWidower: Dan Mason.
* CulturalTranslation: When the line featuring Barry Dinsmore congratulating his attorney for winning the case was redubbed for Brazilian audiences, they had Dinsmore calling Dan Mason a [[NotThatKindOfDoctor "doctor"]] instead of a "counselor".
* DeathByOriginStory: Lucia Mason, Dan's wife, whose death was the reason her husband became TheAtoner.
* EveryoneIsASuspect: When a lawyer is found dead, one of the cops assigned to the case hinted that the victim's former legal partner might have something to do with that. When another one mentioned mentioned said partner's handicap (being wheelchair bound) as a reason to rule him out as a suspect, the cop who accused the victim's partner invoked the trope.
* FakingTheDead: Charles Johnson Savitch, who secretly survived execution thanks to the experiments of Dr. Pirot.
* KarmicDeath: That's what Dr. Pirot gets for helping a serial killer to survive execution.
* HowWeGotHere: The first episode started with Dan Mason on a hospital bed and a mention of his wife's death. Then the viewers are treated to a flashback of the events that lead to this.
* ScarsAreForever: While it's a smaller loss compared to becoming a widower, Dan Mason lost the ability to walk without the Accuser armor. Apparently, there's some hope he'll regain it but it has yet to be seen.
* ShoutOut: Dan Mason has the same surname of ''Franchise/PerryMason'', another defense attorney with a near-perfect winning streak. The difference is that, unlike Perry, Dan had no qualms about defending guilty people.
* SuperWheelChair: Dan Mason's wheelchair turns into a PoweredArmor for his alter ego.