[[caption-width-right:350:I'm a kawaii schoolgirl!]]

Kawaii Schoolgirl is an ongoing YouTube {{fanime}} created by [[http://youtube.com/user/drahveson drahveson]].

The story is about a [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin kawaii schoolgirl]] and her [[SliceOfLife high school dramas]], involving her friend Feisty Fightgirl, her crush Handsome Hotguy, and her enemy Schawaii Koolgirl. One day, her magical goldfish (lovingly named Dog) tells her that she is a Magical Kawaii Guardian Protector and she must find the six other girls on her team within a week to save the world from the Disproportionate Shadow Gymnasts.

Episodes 1-11 are on YouTube. There are also two other episodes, Episode Corn and Episode Candy Corn.

!!This fanime contains examples of:
* [[ABoyAndHisX A Kawaii Schoolgirl And Her Dog]]
* AlliterativeName: Feisty Fightgirl, Handsome Hotguy, Sorry Sadgirl, Mellow Modestgirl, and there are a lot of others.
** The Seven Deadly Shadows are subject to this too, with such names as Cunning Cutie and Sultry Sadist.
* AlphaBitch: Schawaii Koolgirl.
* AnimationBump: The animation started getting better and less static after episode 5.
** The animation quality gets even better in episode 11.
* ApologisesALot: The aptly named Sorry Sadgirl. She even lampshades this in Episode Candy Corn.
-->'''Sorry:''' I can't die now! I have so many people to apologize to!
* CallBack: See LateForSchool.
* CharacterTitle
* EvilCounterpart: The Seven Deadly Shadows appear to be these, considering that there are seven of them to equal the seven Magical Kawaii Guardian Protectors.
* FaceFramedInShadow: The BigBad.
* FreudianExcuse: It is implied that Schawaii Koolgirl is as mean as she is because of her home life with her negligent father.
* FourthWallMailSlot: There was a question and answer segment for a brief while seen at the end of episodes 3-5.
* GratuitousJapanese: The title of the show.
** In Episode 3, Schawaii Koolgirl calls Kawaii Schoolgirl a baka.
* GutturalGrowler: Kawaii Schoolgirl has a habit of saying certain words this way.
* HalloweenEpisode: Episode Candy Corn.
* LandDownUnder: Handsome Hotguy comes from Australia.
* LateForSchool: "I'M LATE."
** Subverted in Episode 4 when she thinks she's late but really she's not.
* LimitedAnimation: Many frames are reused over and over again.
* MagicalGirl
* MsFanservice: Sultry seems to provide this role.
* {{Pacifist}}: Dreamy is one.
* PeekABangs: Sorry Sadgirl is of the shy and vulnerable type.
* PrecisionFStrike: "Ow! Little bitch." Considering barely anyone had sworn before this point.
** The language has gotten slightly more vulgar as the series continues.
* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: Sorry and Mellow.
* ShowerOfAngst: Schawaii gets one of these at the beginning of episode 8.
* ShyBlueHairedGirl: Sorry Sadgirl. Though she is more apologetic than shy.
* StylisticSuck
* SurpriseCreepy: The opening of episode 9 sneaks in about 10 seconds of creepy material to trick the people who don't normally watch the openings.
* TearsOfBlood: Kawaii Schoolgirl tends to cry these regularly.
* TransformationSequence: More than often subverted as the transformations either happen offscreen or in the span of less than a second. The only two characters to get a full transformation sequence are Kawaii and Fiesty.
* TheVoiceless: Stunning never speaks, and a sound effect is used in place.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Schawaii, Sorry and Stunning all have unusual hair colours.