[[caption-width-right:300:IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!!]]

->'''Boomstick:''' He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.\\
'''Wizard:''' And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

'''''[[http://www.screwattack.com/shows/originals/death-battle Death Battle]]''''' is a special hosted by [[Website/ScrewAttack Screwattack.com]] and is presented by "Wizard" (Ben Singer) and "Boomstick" (Chad James). Episodes 20-29 were animated by [[http://www.youtube.com/user/ShortFactor Mr Lange, aka Short Factor]] (Jordan Lange), with Episodes 29 onwards animated by [[http://www.youtube.com/user/link1812 "Mali"]], [[http://t.co/L8CjEKohmy Torrian Crawford]] & [[https://www.youtube.com/user/ifureadthisdie Eric Marte]]. The point of the show is to [[UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny take two similar characters and pit them against each other, analyzing their respective strengths and weaknesses to see who would win.]]

So far, there are 44 videos. The first 18 episodes were featured exclusively on Website/ScrewAttack's Website/YouTube account, and starting with episode 19 the series is now posted to the redesigned screwattack.com, with a delayed posting of past fights to their Youtube page.

The Rules (unwritten and official) of a Death Battle are:
* The warriors can only know of each other if they do know each other in canon in both '''official''' universes (as seen with Leonardo strategizing in his match against his brothers). Otherwise, they cannot know each other's movesets. Even if they do know of each other in canon, no one is allowed to prepare for the fight (e.g. Batman and Spider-Man had to use their default weapons instead of using weapons designed to exploit each other's weaknesses, like Spider-Man's weakness to pesticides).
** To prevent fighters from exploiting weaknesses of others for a cheap victory, a character's weaknesses normally only come into play if the enemy can find a way to detect a weakness (like how Superman and Terminator had x-ray vision) or if there is a specific reason why it cannot be exploited (such as Goku being too honorable to use Kryptonite on Superman). Other than that, if a combatant survives a match long enough, they may discover a way to counter the fighting style of their opponent (like how Black Orchid countering Ivy's whip, or Spider-Man knowing that Batman had explosive batarangs).
* A battle has to end with the loser dying, or at least "dead" as far as physical forms are concerned (for example, being reduced to little more than a ghost, or gods and similar characters left with no working mortal avatar to continue fighting with).
* Pacifist warriors will not have their peaceful nature interrupt the fight, and both combatants will have any personality restraints from killing removed. However, if their traditional arsenal uses nonlethal weapons, they cannot change it (e.g. Batman). They can only use lethal weapons if they have them as part of their regular arsenal.
* All other traits will be represented with accuracy based on the warrior's canon universes (as stated with Goku, {{expanded universe}}s, like ''GT'', are only allowed to be mentioned if they do not conflict with the original canon, like the ''Dragon Ball'' manga). ''All'' consistent and canon sources available during the time of the episode's release will be examined by the hosts (for example, the old StarWarsExpandedUniverse was accounted for Luke Skywalker because the Luke vs. Harry Potter fight was produced about three years before Creator/{{Disney}} declared the original EU to be AlternateContinuity, and it was still accounted for the Samus vs. Boba Fett Remastered fight one year after said declaration because it was produced 10 months before the release of ''Film/TheForceAwakens'', which completely overwrites the post-''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi'' timeline in which Boba Fett got a greater number of appearances[[note]]In the original EU, Boba managed to get out of the sarlacc pit and live another day; in the Disney canon when the episode was produced, his falling into the sarlacc pit is the end of his story, period.[[/note]]). Characters with multiple incarnations, such as Link, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Godzilla, will be [[CompositeCharacter composites]] combining the best aspects of their various incarnations, unless said incarnation is drastically different from other incarnations. If a specific incarnation of a character is chosen, the canon used will most likely be the most popular depiction (e.g. [[Franchise/TransformersGeneration1 G1]] Starscream, [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic G4]] Rainbow Dash, and post-[[ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths Crisis]] Batman). The research will avoid biases.
** B. If one warrior is allowed abilities from a non-canon source, the other warrior must be allowed to use their own non-canon sources as well.
** C. Also, if a certain depiction of the warrior has them ridiculously overpowered or inconsistent (like Shao Khan turning into a hydra in the live-action films), or powers that would be difficult to examine logically, (e.g. pre-1986 Superman could destroy entire solar systems WITH A SNEEZE and could both [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands "super-weave" and "super-shapeshift"]]) then it will not be used.
** D. Not every weapon owned by the warriors in every canon will be used. Instead, only the ones they are commonly using (as seen with Rogue or Batman) or their best or most iconic weapons (e.g. Link and Cloud were equipped with their best armor and magic) will be used.
** E. If a warrior originated from foreign media, the American dub will not be used if it contradicts the original source in any way (i.e. Goku's abilities used the Japanese canon, not the English dubs and mistranslations -- which, for sake of example, slowed down his Instant Transmission).
** F. A piece of media that claims to be canon but clearly isn't will be avoided. For instance, [[Film/{{Godzilla 1998}} the 1998 Godzilla film]] is not used to measure Godzilla's abilities because, as was shown in ''Film/GodzillaFinalWars'', the monster Zilla is clearly not Godzilla. Also alternate forms of media might be avoided, like Shao Khan's film depiction (where he can transform into a hydra).
** G. Because the warriors are examined by their latest depiction, they cannot use abilities that they lost in their past (ie how Shukaku was removed from Gaara or how Kratos, Spawn and Raiden gave up their immortality.)
** H. Claims made by fans will only be considered canon if the official franchise or character from an official source recognizes it, as seen by Chuck Norris recognizing and acknowledging fan claims in his book "The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book: 101 of Chuck's Favorite Facts and Stories".[[note]]Although [[JustForFun that episode]] is a bad example[[/note]]
* To get as many common abilities as possible, the warrior will be shown at their latest depictions or their oldest age as an active warrior (e.g. Harry Potter is depicted as he is at the end of ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows'' when he learned all his skills, not while he was a young kid in ''[[Literature/HarryPotterAndThePhilosophersStone Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone]]'' where he only knew minor spells. Or Goku knowing Super Saiyan 4 and being 53 years old, which is his age in ''DBGT''). However future canon will be avoided if it unbalances the fight some characters like Superman will gain more power in the future in ''ComicBook/DCOneMillion'' while some characters like Batman will grow old and weak like in ''ComicBook/TheDarkKnightReturns''. In the case of 2D end battles, a character's depiction in the end fight is limited by what sprites are available for them, such as Harry Potter, Toph, and Gaara having their appearances as children despite using abilities and weapons obtained as adults, and Nightmare appearing in his ''[=SoulCalibur=] IV'' form.
* Summoning other combatants is not allowed unless the battle calls for it (like how Eggman and Wily fought with their armies). Unless the battle asks for multiple characters for each side, the combatants must fight alone, even if they are used to fighting with a partner (like how Pikachu wasn't allowed to have Ash command him).
** B. The only exception is if the fighter uses a creature for an attack that can reasonably be replaced by a non-combatant projectile (like how Peach can summon a sheep that doesn't do anything but fly at the opponent and put them to sleep with contact, or the Goomba firing Mini-Goombas) or when the act would fall under using the environment to their advantage (like how Batman can summon bats from the surrounding area with his gadgets), but the fighter cannot be dependent on these creatures and, in cases of summoning as an attack, the creatures cannot act on their own (like how Link and Cloud were not allowed to use summons or fairies because the summons attack on their own once summoned and the fairies are sentient beings making a decision to help Link once he runs out of hearts).
* The terrain chosen in the fight will either be a terrain from the fighters' franchises (like Superman's Metropolis or Goku's mountainous terrain) or would be a location that both warriors are experienced in (like Batman and Spider-Man fighting at night in a city). The area itself however doesn't matter nor play any role in determining the outcome of the battle, and even the entire battle itself is just a visual representation of the researchers' conclusions. The environment only becomes important if a character's skills use it, like with Leonardo hiding in the shadows or Chun-Li/Mai wall-jumping.
* The fight at the end of the episode is '''''not''''' what determines the victor in battle. It is nothing more than a fun little dramatization showcasing most if not all of the research displayed beforehand of the combatants in action. The winners are determined before the battle through quasi-scientific analysis of their abilities, and the character with the objectively better abilities will win.

The fights so far, in order of airing are:

[[folder:Season 1]]
# "[[Franchise/StarWars Boba Fett]] vs. [[VideoGame/{{Metroid}} Samus Aran]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Samus Aran wins. Samus has superior weaponry and athletic skill, combined with Boba's homing anti-vehicle rocket (his most powerful weapon) being inaccurate to human-sized targets.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/StreetFighter Akuma]] vs. [[Franchise/MortalKombat Shang Tsung]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Akuma wins. Akuma is an [[LightningBruiser incredibly vicious fighter]], so his constant punishment and unmatched skills were more than what Shang Tsung's stamina could handle. Shang Tsung's versatility and power-stealing abilities weren't able to stop Akuma's brutal tactics.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[ComicBook/XMen Rogue]] vs. Franchise/WonderWoman." [[labelnote:Result]]Rogue wins. Wonder Woman's outfit exposes a lot of skin, making it fairly easy for Rogue to steal her powers and eventually kill her with her touch. Wonder Woman's fighting style also worked against her as it contains several variations of blows to the face, the only part of Rogue that is uncovered, and Wonder Woman had no knowledge that Rogue could sap power from skin contact.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Goomba]] vs. [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Koopa]]." [[labelnote:Result]]It's a draw. The Goomba's [[TooDumbToLive idiocy]] and the Koopa's [[DirtyCoward cowardice]] respectively lead to their downfalls. Kicking the Koopa's shell [[HoistByHisOwnPetard sent it back at the Goombas]] and the Koopa was too afraid to get out of its shell in time to avoid the lava pit.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[VideoGame/FinalFight Mike Haggar]] vs. [[Franchise/StreetFighter Zangief]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Zangief wins. Zangief is younger, heavier, larger, considerably stronger, and has been training all his life, whereas Haggar's training is distracted by a political career.[[/labelnote]]
# "Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles Battle Royale." [[labelnote:Result]]Leonardo wins. Leonardo knows how to pick battles and knows the others inside and out, and has the deadliest of the weapons. Michelangelo suffered from a lack of discipline and overcomplicated weapons. Donatello's bo staff didn't have adequate killing power, and Raphael was weakened from fighting Donatello.[[/labelnote]]
# "The Winner of the [[Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles TMNT Battle Royale]] vs. [[VideoGame/BattleToads Zitz]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Leonardo wins. Zitz is a powerhouse compared to Leonardo, but Zitz's strategies always relies on [[AttackAttackAttack overpowering foes]], whereas Leonardo can rely on his ninja training to outsmart and outflank. When the fight moved to the darkness of the sewers, Leonardo was in his element, and the untrained Zitz just couldn't figure out what to do.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[VideoGame/YoshisIsland Yoshi]] vs. [[VideoGame/KillerInstinct Riptor]]." [[labelnote:Result]] Yoshi wins. Yoshi has been known to be able to take a beating, and his arsenal is varied thanks to his digestive system. He's also smart, being described as an incredibly intelligent species by Nintendo and possessing at least enough intelligence to drive a car.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}} Felicia]] vs. [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Taokaka]]." [[labelnote:Result]] Taokaka wins. Taokaka has the superior agility, not to mention her razor-blade claws.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[VideoGame/GodOfWar Kratos]] vs. Comicbook/{{Spawn}}." [[labelnote:Result]]Spawn wins. The only weapon Kratos possesses that's actually capable of hurting Spawn is the Blade of Olympus, and Spawn has plenty of energy to feed on from Kratos himself, since he's covered in the ashes of his deceased family. In addition, even if Kratos pieced together that only the Blade can kill Spawn, he would also need to know through unlikely odds that Spawn needed to be decapitated in order to die. And ''even'' then, Kratos would have to do so while dodging Spawn's array of superpowers that Kratos is not immune to.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[VideoGame/{{Bomberman}} White Bomberman]] vs. VideoGame/DigDug." [[labelnote:Result]]Dig Dug wins. Dig Dug has the superior movement when below ground, and unlike White Bomberman, he has a way of controlling his opponent (stunning Bomberman with his harpoon). In addition, Bomberman's own weapons are just as much a danger to himself as they are to Dig-Dug.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/DragonBall Vegeta]] vs. [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Shadow]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Vegeta wins. Base Shadow is no match for base Vegeta (let alone his Super Saiyan form) and Super Shadow has a time limit and isn't offensively powerful enough to kill Vegeta in such a short amount of time.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario]] vs. [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Sonic wins. Outside of {{Power Up}}s, which are evenly matched, Sonic has the advantage thanks to his SuperSpeed. Also, Sonic has a wider range of base abilities including Spin Dash, Spin Jump, and Boost while Mario's only remarkable base ability is marginally better jumping and strength.[[/labelnote]]
# "Music/JustinBieber vs. Music/RebeccaBlack." [[labelnote:Result]]It's a draw. Bieber's fear of thrown objects kept him at a distance while Black's daredevil recklessness put her at just as much risk as it did her opponent.[[/labelnote]] [[note]] Actual reason: Boomstick and Wizard hate pop stars.[[/note]]
# "[[Franchise/StarWars Luke Skywalker]] vs. Franchise/HarryPotter." [[labelnote:Result]]Luke Skywalker wins. Harry has an inherent weakness in his famous lightning-bolt scar that can be exploited with Shatterpoint (a Force ability). Most of his curses and spells can be blocked with Luke's lightsaber, and Luke's versatile Force powers are capable in both offense (pulling Harry's broomstick down to the ground) and defense (choking Harry to prevent him from casting spells). [[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/StreetFighter Chun-Li]] vs. [[VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters Mai]] [[VideoGame/FatalFury Shiranui]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Mai Shiranui wins. Although outmatched in strength and hand-to-hand combat skill/experience, Mai has weapons (her metal fans) and superior energy-based attacks, and her ninja training makes her unpredictable to the formally trained Chun-Li. [[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/TransformersGeneration1 Starscream]] vs. [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Rainbow Dash]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Rainbow Dash wins. Rainbow is fast and agile enough to dodge Starscream's missiles. Additionally, his Null Rays have no effect on organic life forms, and his extremely poor marksmanship negates the rest of his arsenal. Meanwhile, Starscream also has no way to counter techniques like the Sonic Rainboom and the Buccaneer Blaze. Rainbow's speed is also superior to Starscream (as well as to other Death Battle speedsters such as Metal Sonic and base Sonic). Even if they had considered a more competent version of Starscream, all incarnations of the Transformer are far better at fighting against larger, non-organic beings than small organic ones like Rainbow. When one factors in how even high-tier Transformers have been beaten by humans much smaller than them, it seems likely that a minor FlyingBrick with magical powers and SuperSpeed could triumph…[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/{{Halo}} Master Chief]] vs. [[VideoGame/{{Doom}} Doomguy]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Master Chief wins. Although Doomguy is slightly faster, Chief has superior strength, agility, reflexes, and durability due to his augmentations, is equipped with armor that can counter Doomguy's incredible offensive arsenal, and, albeit factoring into his victory to a small degree, is noted to possess incredible luck in battle. Doomguy is also somewhat more dependent on power ups than Chief, and his armor isn't enough against Master Chief's wide array of weapons. Lastly, Doomguy's trump card, the [=BFG-9000=], can be negated by the Halo 3 Bubble Shield.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Doctor Eggman]] [[note]]With Hyper Metal Sonic, Silver Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Mecha Knuckles, E101 Beta MKII, Egg Robo, Scratch and Grounder, Shadow Androids, and an assortment of lower-level robo-mooks.[[/note]] vs. [[VideoGame/MegaMan Doctor Wily]] [[note]]With Bass and Treble, Metal Man, Guts Man, Pharaoh Man, Magnet Man, Slash Man, Sheep Man, Yellow Devil, and an assortment of lower-level robo-mooks.[[/note]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Technically, its a draw, as Wily and Eggman are both slaughtered by [[DarkHorseVictory Metal Sonic]], in his Metal Overlord form after he was infected by the Roboenza Virus. The hosts, dumbfounded, debate for a moment on which way to call the draw before just giving the winner's crown to Metal Sonic. Wily would have carried the battle due to him being CrazyPrepared with his booby-trapped robot doubles and the fact that his robots can coordinate effectively as a team. Together Wily's robots soundly destroyed Eggman's army. On the other hand, Metal Sonic more than made up for the ineffectiveness of Eggman's other troops by being a OneManArmy capable of beating any of Wily's Robot Masters. The one thing neither Eggman nor Wily counted on was Metal Sonic going berserk. A few scans, a Chaos Emerald, a Roboenza virus later, and the whole city is ruins; and mostly likely the world is doomed.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Princess Peach]] vs. [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Princess Zelda]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Princess Peach wins. While Zelda is magically potent, Peach's magical powers can at least match her blow for blow. Zelda's trump card, her Light Arrow, can be negated by Peach's Anger Magic. Where Peach truly carries the advantage is in the physical strengths in that she has a varied arsenal, is shown to be much more athletic, and has a kick that's powerful enough to cause [[OffWithHisHead decapitation.]][[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/MortalKombat Raiden]] vs. [[ComicBook/TheMightyThor Thor]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Thor wins. Thor and Raiden are immune to each other's lightning, but while outside lightning Raiden's main power is martial arts, Thor comes equipped with million-ton hammer and the strength to wield it. Also, he has experience defeating clever foes like Raiden, given that his main enemy is his trickster god brother, Loki.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Cloud Strife]] vs. [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Link]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Link wins. Link has the superior experience and is used to thinking on the fly, as compared to Cloud's predictable brute force style. The Hylian Shield is indestructible and combined with the Golden Gauntlets (which give him SuperStrength) can block Cloud's [[{{BFS}} Buster Sword]], while the Master Sword weakens Cloud by purging his Jenova Cells.[[/labelnote]]
# "Franchise/{{Batman}} vs. Franchise/SpiderMan." [[labelnote:Result]]Spider-Man wins. Spidey's SpiderSense negates stealth and surprise, Batman's two greatest weapons. Unlike Batman, Spider-Man possesses superhuman strength, speed, and durability, having knocked out a dinosaur in a single punch, running 200 MPH in some canons, and survived grenades to the face and fights with powerful characters like Juggernaut. Batman has weapons but most are designed to be nonlethal. Batman is an master escape artist but he would still need a considerable time to escape from Spider-Man's webs, which have been known to restrain the ComicBook/TheIncredibleHulk. Batman's greatest feats, such as fighting the rest of the Justice League and succeeding, were only accomplished thanks to the amount of time Batman put into preparing a plan of attack (and prep time is banned in Death Battle), and even if Batman was allowed time to prepare, so would Spider-Man, who also possesses genius-level intelligence and cunning; lastly, albeit factoring in to his victory a lesser degree, Spider-Man already has some experience in fighting strategic, gadget-oriented opponents, such as the Green Goblin, who possesses a similar style of fighting compared to Batman.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Pikachu]] vs. [[Franchise/StreetFighter Blanka]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Blanka wins. Blanka's survival skills, superior strength, resistance to electrical attacks, and size trump Pikachu's GlassCannon abilities despite his lack of formal training. Pikachu's dependance on Ash for instructions and lack of techniques that can harm Blanka hinder him.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Manga/DragonBall Son Goku]] vs. Franchise/{{Superman}}." [[labelnote:Result]]Superman wins. Goku's extreme tenacity and magical equipment combined with Superman's tendency to hold back only prolonged the inevitable. At the end of the day, Superman is simply stronger, faster, and tougher by many orders of magnitude. Taking into account the [[SuperMode Super Saiyan]] forms, even when Goku is in Super Saiyan 4, Superman is still at least 4.125 X 10^13 times stronger, 3 times faster, and 288 times tougher than Goku. In addition, Goku did not know Superman drew power from the sun, and he couldn't blow up the sun since the resulting supernova would incinerate Earth and Goku but not Superman (who has survived supernova explosions), as well as because Goku can't breath in space while Superman can. As for the argument that Goku could teleport Superman to a red star, Goku has no way of knowing that Superman is drained by red stars, and it would require concentration, which would be very hard when up against Superman. While Superman weakened by green Kryptonite would be defeated easily, Goku has shown various times that he refuses to fight weakened opponents.[[/labelnote]][[labelnote: note]] While some fans have argued a rematch should be done with the new Super Saiyan God form, there are a few problems. 1. Its limits were not fully measured. 2. It requires six Saiyans to gather their energy, which is five too many for Death Battle. 3. Even if SSG did increase Goku's power to equal or surpass Superman's, that still wouldn't change the fact that SSG is a SuperMode that can't be kept up for too long while Superman's insane power simply comes from not holding back. 4. In the interest of fairness if Goku got to fight in his ultimate form then so would Superman (Superman Prime) which also presents similar complications as it essentially raises him to god-like powers as well.[[/labelnote]]

[[folder:Season 2]]
# "[[WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse1983 He-Man]] vs. [[WesternAnimation/ThunderCats Lion-O]]." [[labelnote:Result]]He-Man wins. He-Man's strength easily overpowers Lion-O's and He-Man is just as fast as him, if not faster. He-Man is more than strong enough to destroy the Sword of Omens, leaving Lion-O vulnerable, and his Power Sword can deflect all the energy blasts fired by the Sword of Omens.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/MortalKombat Shao Kahn]] vs. [[Franchise/StreetFighter M. Bison]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Shao Kahn wins. Shao Kahn's battle experience of over ten thousand years in addition to the absorption of billions of souls, all of which grant him power, was enough for him to overcome for M. Bison's ruthless fighting style. In addition, Bison's [[SoulPower soul-fueled]] Psycho Power isn't the best weapon against someone who [[ShootingSuperman eats souls for breakfast]], neither is his ability to brainwash and psychically manipulate others against someone who has similar experience. Lastly, Kahn's otherworldly physiology means Bison's soul would find it much more difficult to possess if he had to.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[VideoGame/NinjaGaiden Ryu Hayabusa]] vs. [[VideoGame/{{Strider}} Strider Hiryu]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Strider Hiryu wins. Hiryu's drones were able to match all of Hayabusa's ninpo arts, leaving the battle down to who has the advantage in strength, speed, and weaponry, all of which Hiryu is superior in (Hayabusa can cut someone in half with the Dragon Sword, he can dodge automatic fire, and he has a vast array of weapons at his disposal; Hiryu can cut someone in half with his bare hands, he can dodge anti-aircraft fire which is about 43% faster than rifle fire, and he has a plasma blade, Falchion, that can generate enough heat to cut through all of Ryu's weapons except for the True Dragon Sword, which, in and of itself, lacks enough impact to turn the fight around). [[/labelnote]]
# "[[VideoGame/SoulSeries Ivy Valentine]] vs. [[VideoGame/KillerInstinct Black Orchid]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Black Orchid wins. Her ability to defeat the millennia-old warlord Eyedol when even the greatest warriors of the past failed highlights Orchid's superior fighting capabilities, as compared to Ivy's spotty win-loss record (3-4, to be precise, but 2 of the wins were rematches) within the ''Soul'' canon. While Ivy is able to outmatch Orchid in long-ranged fights, Orchid's ability to turn into a flaming panther and phase through attacks forced the fight into close combat, which Orchid is more skilled in. On the topic of Orchid's finishing moves, while Ivy is known for her infamously enlarged breasts, Orchid's are only a size smaller, meaning neither of them are capable of utilizing Orchid's more well-known finisher (where she flashes her breasts at an opponent, causing them to die out of sheer shock at how big they are) properly; finally, despite her experience in alchemy, Ivy would be unable to negate Orchid being able to turn her into a frog, as Soul Edge's protection does not fare well against other forms of magic.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[VideoGame/StarFox Fox McCloud]] vs. [[ComicBook/BuckyOHareAndTheToadWars Bucky O'Hare]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Fox [=McCloud=] wins. Real-life food chain aside, both sides have distinct advantages, rendering the fight close. In space, the Star Fox team's Arwings outclass the Righteous Indignation in both maneuverability and defenses. On the ground, Bucky's acrobatics and Fox's reflectors both render the other's laser fire an irrelevant matter. With both having several advantages over each other (bravery vs. wits, land mobility vs. aerial mobility, etc.), the battle comes down to experience. Fox has fought in more wars than Bucky's rebellion, and singlehandedly won all of them by himself, in comparison to Bucky relying on his squad-mates on field missions.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/{{Terminator}} The Terminator]] vs. Franchise/RoboCop." [[labelnote:Result]][=RoboCop=] wins. While the Terminator is faster, more agile, and more "trained" (he has knowledge of combat and tactics uploaded into his A.I.), [=RoboCop=] is stronger and tougher. He has survived bombs, lasers, falls from the tops of skyscrapers, and a 3000 psi hydraulic press and been absolutely fine afterwards; T-800/850 units have been obliterated by most of these things. Plus, [=RoboCop=] still has the mind of Alex Murphy, meaning he has some human creativity that helps him outsmart machinery, and his arsenal was generally superior to that of his opponent.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Luigi]] vs. [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Tails]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Tails wins. Luigi has more combat experience, but Tails' flight and vastly superior speed allowed him to control the battlefield completely. He is also stronger (able to lift 10 tons, while Luigi can barely lift a radish the size of a car), far, far smarter (with an IQ of 300) than the plumber, and his gadgets make up for his weaknesses. In addition, the randomness of Luigi's greatest weapon, the Negative Zone, produces inconsistent results and is non-lethal in and of itself, as well as the fact that the Poltergust 5000, Luigi's other trump card, can be destroyed by Tails's bombs.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Venusaur vs. Charizard vs. Blastoise]] Pokémon Battle Royale." [[labelnote:Result]]Blastoise wins. Blastoise has an incredible defense but isn't lacking in attack either. Charizard has an incredible offense but a weak defense, and since he can't learn Sunny Day naturally he can't counter Blastoise's Rain Dance move, which weakens him significantly. Venusaur's most powerful attack takes time to charge up, and the rest of his moveset is filled with double-edged swords and status-effect moves that merely weaken an opponent instead of killing them. Though the three Pokémon theoretically counter each other due to ElementalRockPaperScissors, when you mathematically break down the 7000+ ways the fight can play out, Blastoise wins 48% of the time, Charizard 35%, and Venusaur 17%[[/labelnote]]
# "[[VideoGame/KillerInstinct Fulgore]] vs. [[Franchise/MortalKombat Sektor]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Fulgore wins. Fulgore was heavily outmatched by Sektor with his speed and agility, being 250 pounds lighter and having the training of a ninja on his side, but Fulgore had the edge on him in every other category by super-charging his nuclear reactor to overclock his weapons and armor and breaking Sektor's combos with pure brute strength. Fulgore also has more options than Sektor in melee, ranged, and defensive combat and has a better victory streak against his own ArchEnemy (while Sektor has been repeatedly defeated by Sub-Zero, Fulgore barely lost against Jago only because Black Orchid [[BigDamnHeroes stepped in]]).[[/labelnote]]
# "Franchise/{{Godzilla}} vs. Franchise/{{Gamera}}." [[labelnote:Result]]Godzilla wins. While Gamera is faster and smarter, Godzilla is 9 times heavier, much stronger, and vastly more durable, having tanked a city-busting meteor without flinching whereas Gamera barely survived a similarly destructive nuke. As Gamera's shell had been pierced by foes physically weaker than him before, there's no doubt that the much stronger Godzilla could overpower him. Godzilla's Atomic Breath is composed of pure radiation, not oxygen-based combustion, so Gamera couldn't feed off of it. Finally, Gamera often needs two rounds of battle to defeat his opponent, the first to analyze them and the second to beat them, whereas Godzilla usually comes out on top the first time and actively ''prevents'' his enemies from running away until they're dead. [[/labelnote]]
# "Franchise/CaptainAmerica vs Franchise/{{Batman}}." [[labelnote:Result]]Batman wins. Although Batman has stated Captain America could beat him in a (very long) fist fight, that's the very reason Batman doesn't try fighting fair. The pair are roughly equal in strength, speed and endurance but Captain America doesn't have quite as many years in martial arts as Batman does. Plus, even though Cap has the mental capabilities fast enough to dodge point blank bullets, his vision is still human and can't see through, say, a smokescreen or pitch-darkness. Indeed, Batman can even hide from ''[[PhysicalGod Superman]]''. Captain America's shield was versatile in defending against Batman's electric fists and projectiles and being a projectile itself in a stand up fight, but once Batman set up his smoke screen and used stealth to his advantage it quickly became useless as he couldn't know where Batman would strike next so he could bring it to bare, nor could he throw it and hit with any sort of reliable result. Cap just doesn't have a reliable counter to Batman's stealth and gadgets which cost him the match.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/PowerRangers Tigerzord]] [[note]]Piloted by Tommy Oliver (the White Ranger) and Saba[[/note]] vs. [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamwing Gundam Epyon]] [[note]]Piloted by Zechs Merquise[[/note]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Zechs/Epyon wins. Zechs is a trained and experienced pilot compared to the less experienced Tommy who was drafted for the Power Rangers out of high school, and despite the size difference the two mechs have about the same durability relative to each other's attacks. The Epyon's Zero system allowed Zechs to see the next move coming which allowed him to keep ahead after the initial delerium and counter all of the Tigerzord's attacks. Not even the combined power of all other Zords forming the Mega Tigerzord was enough to overcome Epyon's predictive capabilities, which it used to strike with precision attacks and shatter the Tigerzord's connection to the morphing grid to clench the match.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/StreetFighter Ryu]] vs [[Franchise/MortalKombat Scorpion]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Scorpion wins. Scorpion is able to teleport him and his opponent to the Netherrealm, which increases his power indefinitely the longer he is there, making victory a matter of time. In addition, Scorpion being unkillable by physical attacks leaves Ryu with only one move that can actually kill Scorpion (the Raging Demon), which he has little experience using and can be easily dodged by Scorpion.[[/labelnote]]
# "SelfDemonstrating/{{Deadpool}} vs ComicBook/{{Deathstroke}}." [[labelnote:Result]]Deadpool wins. Deadpool's regenerative ability is greater than Deathstroke's, and while Deathstroke is the better tactician, Deadpool's unpredictable nature makes him almost impossible to plan against. Deathstroke also lacked a way to permanently put down Deadpool, while Deadpool had his carbonadium sword, which negates regenerative abilities.[[/labelnote]]
# "Franchise/{{Kirby}} vs [[Franchise/DragonBall Majin Buu]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Kirby wins. Although lacking the regenerative and destructive ability of Majin Buu, Kirby's agility, strength and durability is more than a match (his Warp Star reaches light speed, he can throw an equivalent of 3.5 tons to the sun at escape velocity and he has tanked a planet-sized explosion when an equivalent force can blow Buu's body apart), and he can absorb and rebound whatever attacks can kill him, including the Planet Burst by way of Hypernova. Also, Buu's instantaneous movement has limits in extreme situations, such as when a huge energy ball capable of eviscerating him heads his way.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[VideoGame/BlazBlue Ragna the Bloodedge]] vs. [[VideoGame/GuiltyGear Sol Badguy]]." Currently unavailable due to a copyright claim. [[labelnote:Result]]Sol Badguy wins. Sol's centuries of developing a fighting style trump Ragna's relatively short training time with Jubei, and his soul has been through the soul-destroying Backyard, making it strong enough to withstand the combined soul draining effect of both the Azure Grimoire and Blood Scythe. Also, while both combatants have rebounded from seemingly fatal injuries, Sol's ability to withstand punishment outclasses Ragna by an enormous factor. While Ragna's Black Beast form is powerful, Sol's gear form is much stronger, even when he's holding back. Sol's gear form has been proven to take down enemies even more immense and powerful than the Black Beast and even then his power was limited by his headband meaning that it's merely a fraction of his full potential.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Manga/{{Naruto}} Gaara]] vs. [[Franchise/AvatarTheLastAirbender Toph Beifong]]." [[labelnote:Result]]Toph Beifong wins. Although Toph is blind and Gaara's sand allows him to fly, Toph can feel the earth even if it isn't on the ground. Even though Gaara's sand is controlled by his mother, it's still sand, and can be manipulated by Toph's bending. Furthermore Gaara adding his father's gold dust to his own mixture of sand to make it easier to control also works to Toph's advantage, as that gold has trace amounts of iron (bearing in mind that it took a magnetic ability to use the gold dust) and is thus vulnerable to Toph's mastery of metal bending making it easier for her to redirect. Gaara's ultimate move, The Sand Tomb and Burial techniques, could easily be countered by Toph's bending cocooning herself in rock and steel. Gaara's sand armor also lets Toph see wherever he was at any point and her mastery of sand and metal bending helps her see, prepare for, and redirect any attack before it hits her. Maintaining the sand armor also takes a lot of Gaara's Chakra energy. When Toph got in close enough and broke Gaara's focus, it was all she needed to manipulate the sand to entomb and crush his body completely.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/StarWars Boba Fett]] vs. [[VideoGame/{{Metroid}} Samus Aran]] REMASTERED." [[labelnote:Result]] Samus Aran still wins. All of Samus's previous advantages still apply, namely her superior speed, maneuverability, and technology. Boba Fett may have better durability and physical strength, but Samus regularly defeats opponents that trump her in those areas. In addition, while Fett has a history of taking down differently empowered individuals, he tends to accomplish through cunning and mind games, playing his prey into traps -- this is difficult to accomplish against Samus, who has maintained a high level of distance and anonymity from the rest of civilization. This would give Fett almost nothing to research, making him fall back on an arsenal that, while formidable, simply can't keep up.[[/labelnote]]
# "Creator/ChuckNorris vs. Advertising/SegataSanshiro." [[labelnote:Result]] It's a tie, though [[ForeverWar ...there isn't really a result]]. As far as we know, they might still be going, and Death Battle's instruments can't pick them up. They also possibly ripped a hole in space-time, sending them to another plane of existence or completely destroyed their own. Or both. Point is, neither of them are in any way willing to die anytime soon, so under Death Battle's rules we can't even call this one a draw.[[/labelnote]]
# "[[VideoGame/SoulSeries Nightmare]] vs. [[Manga/{{Berserk}} Guts]]."
%% The following two are announced at Magfest 2015, but aren't numbered yet; please only uncomment the following two when they're officially announced as a next matchup
%%# "ComicBook/{{Galactus}} vs [[Franchise/{{Transformers}} Unicron]]"
%%# "Smokey the Bear vs. [=McGruff=] the Crime Dog."

[[folder:Bonus episodes]]
# "Death Battle vs. The World [[labelnote:*]]Aired between Episodes 13 & 14[[/labelnote]] [[note]][[TheMerch The Death Battle T-shirt]] vs. ''every other T-shirt in the world''. [[/note]]" [[labelnote:Result]]The Death Battle T-shirt wins. This is mainly JustForFun. Also [[MerchandiseDriven to sell shirts]].[[/labelnote]]
# "[[Franchise/DragonBall Vegeta]] vs. [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Mewtwo]]. [[labelnote:*]]Aired between Episodes 7 & 8 of season 2.[[/labelnote]]" [[labelnote:Result]]The Internet wins. The video itself was done as a playful TakeThat to the YouTube channel Silvermania, who recruited 30 other [=YouTubers=] to help create an odd 30-minute Death Battle parody. As such, Vegeta and Mewtwo destroyed Silvermania.[[/labelnote]]

Screw Attack has also begun a spin-off series called One-Minute Melee, which consists of [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin sixty-second fights]] that have "no research done" (in this case meaning the winner is decided purely through AuthorAppeal) and don't necessarily end in death:

[[folder:One-Minute Melee]]
# ''[[VideoGame/{{Cyberbots}} Jin Saotome]]'' vs. ''ComicBook/{{Gambit}}''. [[labelnote:Result]]Jin wins.[[/labelnote]]
# ''[[VideoGame/FatalFury Terry Bogard]]'' vs. ''[[VideoGame/BigBangBeat Burai Yamamoto]]''. [[labelnote:Result]]Burai wins.[[/labelnote]]
# ''[[Franchise/StreetFighter Akuma]]'' vs. ''[[Manga/{{Bleach}} Kenpachi Zaraki]]''. [[labelnote:Result]]Akuma wins.[[/labelnote]]
# ''[[VideoGame/FZero Captain Falcon]] vs. VideoGame/CaptainCommando''. [[labelnote:Result]]Captain Falcon wins.[[/labelnote]]
# ''Franchise/{{Batman}} vs. [[Franchise/ResidentEvil Albert Wesker]]''. [[labelnote:Result]]Albert Wesker wins.[[/labelnote]]
# ''[[VideoGame/FatalFury Kim]] vs. [[VideoGame/StreetFighterIV Juri]]''. [[labelnote:Result]]Kim wins.[[/labelnote]]
# ''[[Franchise/{{Kirby}} Meta Knight]]'' vs. ''[[VideoGame/MegaManZero Zero]].'' [[labelnote:Result]]Zero wins.[[/labelnote]]
# ''[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Bowser]]'' vs. ''[[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Dr. Eggman]]''. [[labelnote:Result]]Bowser wins.[[/labelnote]]
# ''SelfDemonstrating/{{Deadpool}}'' vs. ''ComicBook/{{Deathstroke}}''. [[labelnote:Result]]Deathstroke wins.[[/labelnote]]
# ''[[Franchise/DevilMayCry Dante]]'' vs. ''[[VideoGame/BlazBlue Ragna the Bloodedge]]''. [[labelnote:Result]]Ragna wins.[[/labelnote]]
# ''[[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Mewtwo]]'' vs. ''[[Manga/DragonBallZ Frieza]]''. [[labelnote:Result]]Frieza wins.[[/labelnote]]
# ''[[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Sakuya Izayoi]]'' vs. ''[[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Dio Brando]]''. [[labelnote:Result]]Sakuya wins. (62% Sakuya / 38% Dio for fan poll.) [[/labelnote]]
# ''[[Franchise/StreetFighter Dan Habiki]]'' vs. ''[[Anime/DragonBallZ Hercule]]''. [[labelnote:Result]]Hercule wins.[[/labelnote]]

The show also has a second spinoff, called "The Desk of Death Battle". Unlike Death Battle or One Minute Melee, it will not involve two characters engaged in battle. Instead, it will involve bits of trivia about characters discovered by the Death Battle researchers that wasn't presented in their episode.

Also with a [[Characters/DeathBattle character sheet for the combatants and hosts]], as well as an [[Recap/DeathBattle episode list]].

The official Website/{{Twitter}} can be found [[https://twitter.com/DEATHBATTLE here]] and the official Website/{{Facebook}} can be found [[https://www.facebook.com/DEATHBATTLEfans here]]
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