[[WMG: Dashi is Omi's ancestor]]
Which might explain Omi's mysterious past and his connection to the Xiaolin-Heylin war.
* Dashi and Omi do look similar: they share almost identical facial features (BlackBeadEyes and narrow, elongated eyebrows), and both of them are yellow (the only characters to be so). This might have been a ColorCodedForYourConvenience way to indicate a relationship.
* The apple fell very far from the tree.

[[WMG: Jack's hair is actually just orange-red]]
He dyes it a deeper shade of red so that it seems eviller; which is why Good!Jack's hair is more orange than red.

[[WMG: Rai is the reincarnation of Dashi, and Omi is the reincarnation of Chase Young]]
Over the course of the series, Raimundo resembles Dashi's character more and more as a brilliant but lazy badass, and Dashi did use attacks that demonstrated a wind theme. Also, only Rai could open the puzzle box, which may show he simply got over being evil but could also mean he was the only one who ''could'' use the box to trap Wuya's soul (Jack just released her- a much simpler magical task). Meanwhile, Omi is convinced he is chosen to be the most powerful of the monks and on several occasions did anything it took to become stronger than everyone else. This is like Chase Young when Bean used the same desires to get Chase to drink the Lao Mang Long soup. Chase Young spent season 2 going after Omi because a) he knew that with his former soul Omi would be driven to become a very powerful martial artist, and b) he didn't want his soul to influence him through Omi.
* Which could suggest that Dashi was the Xiaolin Dragon of Wind/Xiaolin Leader and Chase Young WOULD'VE been the Xiaolin Dragon of Water if he didn't do a 180-degree turn towards evil - we can blame the Lao Mang Long Soup for that.
* If the above concept is true, then it begs the question of who the Xiaolin Dragons of Fire and Earth were during Dashi's time. I suppose it's all left to speculation - or fanfic inspiration.
* Unless Master Monk Guan ''was'' the Dragon of Earth; he fits the bill, having the same kind and steady personality that Clay has. Which only leaves the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire - if personalities can also be reincarnated, the Dragon of Fire could have been very much like Kimiko: an intelligent, yet ''very'' short-tempered girl.
** Could it be... ''Wuya?''
How can you be the reincarnation of someone who is still alive?
* Simple actually; Omi is the reincarnation of what Chase could and would have been if he hadn't gone evil hence he is the reincarnation of the good in Chase that "died" when he had his FaceHeelTurn.
* I thought that Chase lost his soul when he drank the soup, so his soul would be free to later be reincarnated, even though Chase is still alive.
** He didn't loose his soul he sold it. If Omi was the reincarnation of Chase's soul he'd be working for Hannibal Bean and he'd be evil.

Well, I can't really answer here, but post this question in the discussion forum above and I would be happy to answer your question.

[[WMG: This new ''Redakai'' show is a rip off of ''Xiaolin Showdown''.]]
They come in a group to find mystical objects that evil-doers want to have also. A challenge is issued and the terrain changes slightly.

[[WMG: The BadFuture in "Time After Time" wasn't caused by Omi not being there.]]
It was caused by '''Dojo''' not being there. Without Dojo, the rest of the team had no way of locating Shen Gong Wu, and thus Jack (using the Shen Gong Wu detector he built) was able to get enough of them to turn the odds in his favor and enslave the rest of the world. Why Dojo decided to travel to the future with Omi even though he would presumably have lived another 80 years anyway is anyone's guess.
* Why would Dojo bother waiting 80 years if he could just take the express trip to watching Omi's adventure happen?
* Not necessarily. When Dojo was kidnapped by Chase Young, the monks simply planted a tracer on Jack and followed him to the Wu.

[[WMG: Good Jack is what could have happened if Jack's parents actually paid attention to him.]]
He's dressed in a very stereotypical 'rich kid' way, has a more reasonable hair color (relating to the theory above), and generally sounds [[SpoiledSweet good-hearted, if a little naïve and unaware of his surroundings]]. He didn't offer to fix the Mantaray when it was broken in the Ying-Yang World, even though we all know he would if he could -- he never learned how to use mechanics. It stands to reason that with all the money his family has, Jack probably would have turned out something like this had things gone a bit differently.

[[WMG: The group of Dragons that cam before Omi and Co. consisted of Dashi (Wind), Chase Young (Water), Guan (Earth), and Wuya (Fire).]]
Dashi and Chase are easy enough to explain; Dashi is free-spirited, lazy, yet knowledgeable, like Raimundo, and we've already seen the comparisons in character, personality, and such between Chase and Omi that it bears no explanation. Guan has a strong will, able body, and a calm demeanor belying a fierce warrior not unlike Clay. Wuya was most likely a Dragon of Fire, because of how easily she seems to create and manipulate it to her needs, like trapping Jack and Omi in floating rings of fire. Her turn to evil could easily be explained as her being unable to control her rage and fiery temper, unlike Kimiko, and ended up falling to the side of evil all to easily as a result. As to how she can summon Rock creatures, it'd be no far stretch to imagine that the fantastical powers she garnered through her transition to evil allowed her to steal elemental chi, in this case, Guan's, allowing her to manipulate Earth as well as Fire.

[[WMG: Dashi didn't create ''all'' the Shen Gong Wu of his own volition.]]
Some of them were created as [[SealedEvilInACan cans to contain various evil forces]]. The Shadow of Fear, the Heart of Jong, the Moonstone Locust and the Sapphire Dragon come immediately to mind as Wu that an ostensible good guy wouldn't create, unless he needed to defeat a threat and [[WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer object magic is his best weapon]]. Mala Mala Jong was a particularly bad one, which is why he needed multiple cans. Dashi probably hoped that at least ''some'' good come of them.

[[WMG: The nature of Shen Gong Wu]]
My theory is that all Shen Gong Wu ARE cans for evil spirits as shown whenever they gain minds of their own, they are VICIOUS. 1500 years ago, there were lots of these evil spirits around reeking havoc and destruction. The Xiaolin Warriors sought a way to contain them, the special abilities were a bonus. But the process took time to develop and the initial results were not pretty. Case in point, The Heylin Seed. It was a failed prototype.

[[WMG: Based on the preview, the new series will be about collecting upgraded versions of the Shen Gong Wu]]

[[WMG: Chronicles is a reboot]]
I just got that kind of feeling from the preview
* BroadStrokes may be involved.

[[WMG: Chronicles will be nothing like the "preview."]]
Because that three-minute clip was not a preview. According to Hui herself, it was a work-in-progress clip that was accidentally leaked and has thus gone viral. If this ''is'' the preview, then Jack is completely derailed, Chase looks like a girl, and all of the Wu have different names... thus, among other reasons, cue massive InternetBackdraft that even Hui may not be able to curb before the Spring release.

[[WMG: If Chronicles ''is'' like the "preview"...]]
The dragons will have split up to find more Wu, because according to a French article the Xiaolin Temple has somehow been destroyed. Meanwhile, evil will have matured in the form of Jack Spicer, and Chase Young will be NotSoStoic... and call Wu "doohickies." New and unnecessary characters will be added, with heaping helpings of CharacterDerailment for and perhaps a DarkerAndEdgier storyline if they don't RetCon half the episodes. The Fan response will be somewhere between reactions to the animation changes to ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDragonJakeLong'' and the general reaction to [[EpicFail New Coke]], with a heaping helping of TheyChangedItNowItSucks.
* After the three-part preview, it looks like this theory is surprisingly accurate to at least some degree. Only time will tell just what degree that may be.

[[WMG: The preview/WIP of Chronicles is just to test the fan reactions]]
They made a short video that had concepts the XS crew are playing with, they are just trying to see what fans like and what they don't like to make a good XS sequel.

[[WMG:Jack Spicer is actually [[WesternAnimation/KimPossible Dr. Drakken's]] son.]]
They are both wanted be evil geniuses whose ambitions outshined their talent. They both make pretty good robots and they both relied mostly on other people's work the difference being Dr. D steels inventions and Jack steals Shen gong Wu

[[WMG: Jack actually has no idea what his hair color is: ]]
"I just have trouble with my reds and browns!"

[[WMG: Wuya and Jack are somehow related, but they may not know it]]
It explains why the two always come back to each other...Wuya senses a small blood bond between Jack and her.

[[WMG: The new show is a sequel]]
It'll take place (maybe a year or two) after the original when all the monks villains arrived at their temple.
* [[spoiler:The fight resulted in Wuya being imprisoned in her ghost form again. Also during the gap, Omi found his little brother Ping Pong, who was a street urchin. Though Master Fung may have been aware of his existence but kept it a secret until the time is right to reveal him. And Dojo's skin changed color.]]

[[WMG: The new character "Ping Pong" will not be a permanent Xiaolin Dragon]]
Supposedly, Ping Pong's desire to become a master dragon causes animosity between him and Omi. Omi is still the main character. As time goes on, Chase Young, or another villain, would convince Ping Pong to make a FaceHeelTurn which, unlike Raimundo's, is permanent.
* [[spoiler:A possibility, with Willow (really Chase's [[TheMole mole]]) joining the Xiaolin monks.]]

[[WMG: Jermaine will become a Xiaolin Dragon]]
Related to the above, he may join in Ping Pong's absence and get his own element to control.
* Given that he comes from a large city, [[ExtraOreDinary Metal]] would be a good fit for him.

[[WMG: Kimiko is not completely Japanese.]]
Her American accent could mean she didn't live in Japan for her entire life. She also has bright blue eyes. We never see her mom, who could very well be white.
* While the American accent is a good point, that could simply be because she traveled with her father so much she didn't develop a Japanese accent. And the blue eyes don't prove that her mother was white; human genetics are among the most complicated in existence so there's really no rhyme or reason to appearance inheritance.
* This troper assumed her blue eyes meant she belonged to a subculture which liked using colored contacts, although if she wears them to sleep that shouldn't be pretty...
* Her mother could even be blonde, since when we first see Kimiko she died her hair. Plus her clothes in the first episode makes her look like an American cheerleader.

[[WMG: There is no future in which Jack Spicer doesn't take over the world.]]
Whether out of intelligence, skill, or dumb luck, Jack is meant to rule the world. I mean Dojo and Omi being gone might have made a difference against the other warriors, but They beat Jack before when it was only one of them, and when he had Sheng Gong Wu, so that shouldn't affect him against the warriors that much, even if he won all the Wu, Chase or Hannibal can beat the Wu easily(except maybe the sphere of yun). So there must just be something about Jack that he managed to rule the world, that is there regardless of whatever the monks or anyone else do, even if he isn't evil, like when he isn't evil he is super annoyingly sweet, so he could take over the world as a "good" well intentioned extremist. So good evil, monks, no monks, regardless of Wuya, Hannibal, or Chase,Jack is meant to rule the world.
* This is certainly supported by the existing cannon. I'd like to point out that he was quite competent in Season 1 and occasionally afterwards like the Army of the Green Monkey. He's the only character shown to be capable of using the Ring of the Nine Dragons with no ill effects as well. The only problem with Jackbot is loyalty, if Jack could fix that he could easily have three of him. Apparently he's sufficiently powerful in one reality that he appeared to be using Wuya as a dress up doll.

[[WMG: The Puzzle Box.]]
Master Dashi said that the puzzle box would only open in the hands of the person chosen to open it, so why do villains seem to be able to do so? Dashi most likely built the puzzle box as a means of capturing Wuya, so he would not make it possible for a villain to open it while it was empty and trap a good guy inside of it, so the box is only capable of being opened initially by someone on the "good" side. However, because you can't let an artifact that any good guy guards could open it by accident, he must have made it so that only a villain could open the puzzle box a second time, due to never expecting a box he guarded to fall into the hands of Heylin.

[[WMG: After going through this small WMG page, I just have to say this...]]
WHAT THE HELL was that [[http://38.media.tumblr.com/2a693b19efcbe872de163fde424035cd/tumblr_mg4okog1PC1s242kso1_500.png suit of armor]] [[http://38.media.tumblr.com/3e249bfa3d981553f005b06b6fa1c6e6/tumblr_mg4okog1PC1s242kso2_500.png that passed by Dojo]] during the cosmic timeline continuum pileup after the two alternate versions of Omi touch each other in the finale.