[[WMG: The South is a stand in for the US, Sentan Island for Japan, and the North for China.]]

[[WMG: No, Sentan Island is Japan, but the South is China and the North is Russia.]]

[[WMG: The North and South were once a single country but split due to scientific and religious views.]]

[[WMG: Had Guruichi gestated first, Haru would have fallen in love with him instead of Akiyuki.]]

[[WMG: The Xam'd and human forms are the next step in earth's evolutionary path.]]

[[WMG: Had Akiyuki not given away his armband, Midori would have received the hiroku.]]

[[WMG: Prios is a Xam'd who has obtained full instrumentality with her hiroku.]]

[[WMG: The mainsoul mechas are Xam'd:LoM's equivalent of EVAs.]]