WMG / Warbot In Accounting

When Clevinger decides he's caused enough anguish, he won't just end Warbot in Accounting . . .
  • He'll end Warbot in Accounting. Because he's evil, that's why!
    • Surely it would be more cruel to let him live? He is probably immortal. So every moment would be a living hell. No, the only way he can end this is with a 'To be resolved with a happy ending the next strip...' And then never do that.

I found a happy ending!

Warbot screws up the Yutani account for the Weyland company. This causes a relations disastor that prevents the companies merging. This means that the company never exists to do it's devious deeds in the Alien movies. So Warbot's pain is worth it so Weyland-Yutanti never gets the chance to screw up everything. It's my happy ending and you never it take it from me. Never!
A very likely ending...

The final storyline of the comic will involve Warbot getting fired, and the poor, distraught mechanoid finally snapping, and deciding to reassert his original programming as a war machine. He will kill everyone in Accounting, and finish his rampage by triggering his self-destruct, blowing up the building.
  • Or even bigger, massacring the entire city
    • Or attempting to do this, but being unable to cause any damage because his weapons are disabled.
  • Ah, but this would require him to triumph at something.
  • Alternately, he attempts suicide but kills one of his coworkers in the attempts, resorting in a government-ordered, completely unwarned thermonuclear strike on the city for the purpose of "destroying the killer robot", which kills millions of people... and still leaves Warbot alive, trapping him in an And I Must Scream situation where he can't even be near people because of his intense irradiation. Worst ending I could think of, glad to help.
    • Let's melt his legs as well.

Warbot will never be updated again

After a certain member of the Nuklear Power forums commented on the similarities to Nana's Everyday life, and got an overwhelming reaction, and one from Clevinger himself, the writer lost all interest in the project after seeing exactly what kind of comic he was making. Or got writer's apathy because it'd already been done.