[[WMG: The cheese is ''not'' the best character on the show.]]
Sal Ami is.
* No, Sandra Bullock is ([[Series/TheBigBangTheory because she's great in everything]]).

[[WMG: Sal Ami has a crush on Betty Baloney.]]
It's [[LoveMakesYouCrazy driven him to madness]], which is why he beats up on her a lot.

[[WMG:Mr. Cheese had his life ruined by Sal Ami, turning him into what he is today]]
Perhaps due to constant attacks from Sal. Mr. Cheese had once been named Lester Roquefort and had a more realistic design compared to Sal and Betty. The change in design in name is rumored to have been made by Heffer Wolfe, creator and voice actor of Sal, who forced it upon Lester's creator and voice actor, Filbert Turtle.