[[WMG:''Vampire Knight'' takes place in the same universe as ''VideoGame/VampireNight''.]]

[[WMG: Kaname became Yuuki's master after awakening her.]]

It only makes sense. Kaname, despite being one of the oldest and perhaps the most powerful vampire, became Rido's "servant" only by being awaken from slumber by him. He awakes Yuuki from her "slumber" in a similar manner; by giving her blood. Rido, while he's in Shiki's body, even says that Kaname turned Yuuki into a vampire ''before'' re-turning her to a pureblood, because "if she'd drunk Kuran blood as a human she would have gone insane." It explains stuff like why Yuuki narrates she only wants Kaname's blood upon awakening, even though later she confesses to not being sated by him, and otherwise behaves awkwardly submissive and dependent on him, contrary to her human self who was still strong willed and independant regardless her feelings for him. Seeing as the author had to cut her story however, this was something she ended up having to go back on.

[[WMG: The hooded pureblood woman from Kaname's past was an ancestor of Zero.]]

Just look at how they physically resemble each other, as well as both having a white horse. It would also explain why Zero's family was looked upon as a prestigious one, which is never really explained why.

[[WMG: ''Vampire Knight'' is an alternate universe of ''VideoGame/DevilMayCry''.]]

It makes sense if you look at it. Yuuki is Trish, Zero is Dante, Kaname is Mundus, and Ichiru is Vergil. Here are the following events that compares these two.

* Yuuki betraying Zero = Trish betraying Dante
* Yuuki is a Pureblood vampire = Trish is working for Mundus
* Zero points gun at Yuuki = Dante points gun at Trish
* Zero tells off Yuuki for her betrayal = Dante tells off Trish for her betrayal
* Zero calls Yuuki an "arrogant Pureblood" = Dante calls Trish a "Devil"

Coincidence? I think not.