[[WMG: Uplink happens before and in the same universe as Darwinia.]]
Dr. Sepulveda is actually one of the head researchers of Darwin Research Associates. [[spoiler: After Revelation succesfully destroyed the Internet, Sepulveda is off to try and restore it as well as recovering their lost investigations, the Darwinians.]]

[[WMG: Uplink happens ''after'' and in the same universe as Darwinia.]]
The "before" theory doesn't make sense; the hardware used in Darwinia, and the dates, place it in the pre-Uplink period.
The Darwinians were [[spoiler: lost in a separate incident, and recovered during the events of Darwinia]]. ARC [[spoiler: attacked Darwin Research to steal the Darwinians' code, or perhaps specifically the red Darwinians' code, which was incorporated into Revelation.]]

[[WMG: Arunmor was supposed to be the BigBad in Uplink 2.]]
After all, at the end of the first game, they do have a program under their control [[spoiler: running, in hidden form, on virtually every computer in the world.]]

[[WMG: There was a gendercide of some sort]]
Why else do only men appear in the world government databases?