[[WMG: Keswick is from another dimension]]
[[FridgeHorror That's why he had to stop Birdbrain from going to the Blue Booby dimension,]] [[TearJerker he lost his home and doesn't want it to happen again.]]

[[WMG: Keswick is a Franchise/{{Digimon}}]]
Perhaps Gizamon, or something new.

[[WMG: Kitty is half-human]]
She's the most human-like character on the show, and Dudley is half goat.

[[WMG:Brian from ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' is Dudley's father.]]
There's a strong resemblance, and Brain has been known to have fathered illegitimate children. [[http://jimcarreydude19.deviantart.com/art/Family-Reunion-195342125 I'm not the only one who's noticed.]]

[[WMG: Butch Hartman is a ''Franchise/HarryPotter'' fan.]]
The main character's name is Dudley. Peg also seems to have a personality similar to Molly Weasley. Also, Kitty has very prominent green almond-shaped eyes like Lily, Harry and Albus Potter have. Also, there are several episodes that focus on invisibility, time-travel and mind-reading. Several minor characters are also similar in character to Luna Lovegood. Zippy also appears to act a bit like Bellatrix at times and Dudley and Kitty's relationship is much like that of Ron and Hermione. There are also hints of this in his other works.

[[WMG: Kitty is part Leafeon (Pokemon).]]
In the first episode, Keswick said that Dudley has "a dash of billy goat", so it may be possible. Also, Kitty does look quite a bit like a Leafeon with a similar build and color scheme as the Grass-type evolution.

Kitty: [[http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101121194909/tuffpuppy/images/6/69/Kitty_Katswell_8.JPG]]

Leafeon: [[http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/pokemon/images/a/a7/470Leafeon_BW_anime.png/revision/latest?cb=20140315222422]]

[[WMG: Dudley and Kitty will eventually be paired up.]]
Of this I am certain, especially due to the possible opposites attract factor.
* Turns out to be true thanks to WordOfGod.
** Where did Butch say that?

[[WMG: Dudley being part billy goat will a ChekhovsGun.]]
I have a feeling that will become important later.

[[WMG: Kitty is a former [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb O.W.C.A.]] agent because shut up.]]
* Alternately, T.U.F.F is a splinter group of O.W.C.A.

[[WMG: "The Third Dimension" from "Toast of T.U.F.F" is [[WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom The Ghost Zone]].]]
* Just look at it.

[[WMG: The Chameleon's sister Camile (who was referenced in "A Doomed Christmas") will appear]]

[[WMG: TUFF is the equivalent of the FBI on their world.]]
And their world is the same one seen in ''Kevin & Kell''. That's why humanoid animals eat meat, they've got predation laws, and Herd Thinners Inc. provides it.

[[WMG: The Chameleon will become a T.U.F.F. sometime in the future]]
Or maybe a D.O.O.M. member. Who knows?
* He went to help D.O.O.M. once. Considering he found Snaptrap ''completely and utterly insane'', it's unlikely.

[[WMG: Kitty and Dudley are the biological parents of WesternAnimation/CatDog.]]
People do theorize them getting together. Besides, Dog is a lot like Dudley, and [=CatDog=] is the same color as Kitty.
* [[{{Jossed}} Nope]], because [=CatDog=] and Kitty's colors are highly different. Kitty is light brown, [=CatDog=] is light orange with orange spots.

[[WMG: The series takes place in a future where humans are extinct]]
* They were wiped out in a similar way to the dinosaurs. Then the animals evolved into more intelligent beings and took over.
** In the first episode, Keswick said that Dudley is mixed with every breed of dog known to man. Why else would he say "man" in a world with no humans? Unless that's what the animal kind is known as now.

[[WMG: Katswell's evil sister actually hates their mother]]
The only reason she used her one phone call to call her mom to wish her a happy birthday was so [[ForTheEvulz she'd look better in her eyes and therefore pissing Katswell off.]]