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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Tommy is an alternate version of Pink from The Wall.
In Tommy's version of events, the father survived the war in a POW camp and returned, only to engage his wife's new husband in a fight to the death, which traumatized Tommy and made him enter into a near-catatonic state. When cured of this state, he briefly becomes a quasi-religious figure, protected by guards that assault Sally Simpson when she tries to get up on stage with him. In Pink's version of the events, the father died, and Pink's many negative experiences led him to build a "wall" around himself to keep others out. As he descends deeper into psychosis, he imagines himself as a fascistic dictator. This sequence grew out of Roger Waters' concern at having once spit at a disruptive fan at a concert, similar to the incident with Sally Simpson depicted in The Who's rock opera.

Tommy is Jesus and Frank is L. Ron Hubbard.
Tommy represents the traditional religion and its more philosophical aspect while Frank represents the corruption of religion to be rip out of soul, packaged and sold as another good. And what better example for it that making him L. Ron Hubbard?

Cousin Kevin and Uncle Ernie are from Frank's side of the family.
There is no way in HELL that Kevin and Ernie are Nora Walker-Hobbs' blood relatives!

The Local Lad/Champ is from a rich family and doesn't have a real job...But he's not an idiot.
It would explain how he had enough time and change to become the best pinball player on every machine "from So-Ho down to Brighton".

Cousin Kevin is Uncle Ernie's son.
Kevin ended up the way he is because Ernie has been molesting him all his life.
  • When I first listened to Tommy I subconsciously assumed this was the case. The parents are in the habit of leaving Tommy with Kevin, but they're not sure if it's alright to leave him there when Uncle Ernie is home drunk.

Cousin Kevin and Uncle Ernie are the Lover's surviving family.
Kevin was the Lover's little brother and Ernie was the Lover's uncle who was stuck raising them both after their parents died. Naturally the mom knows them, since she had been with the Lover for a while before Tommy's dad came back. Plus, remaining close to them and calling them "cousin" and "uncle" keeps the town from finding out about the murder. Ernie is far too drunk and apathetic to either make the connection or care either way if he did. Kevin perhaps suspects that Tommy's dad killed the only person who protected him from Uncle Ernie's abuse, but he can't do anything about it, which is why he takes his anger out on Tommy. Note that Pete Townshend claimed Uncle Ernie was no relation to either of the parents.
  • That is a good theory, but that wouldn't work well for the movie adaptation since the lover is the one that lives as opposed to Tommy's father.

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