[[WMG: Both the three core teams and their Buddyroid will form a [[FiveManBand five/six man band]]]]
With Red Buster as TheHero, his buddyroid Chida Nikku as TheLancer, Blue Buster as TheSmartGuy, his buddy Gorisaki Banana as TheBigGuy, Yellow Buster as TheChick and her buddy Usada Lettuce as the TeamPet.
* As of Beet and Stag Buster's debut, this is jossed.

[[WMG: At least one of the future [[SixthRanger Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Ranger's]] Buddyroid will transform into an aquatic vehicle]]
With Red and Blue having a [[CoolCar Cool Car and Cool Truck]] respectively, and Yellow piloting a helicopter, that just leaves some form of [[CoolBoat Cool Boat]] for water-based missions; most likely a speedboat owing to the spy/espionage theme.
* Semi-confirmed! Recently revealed was FS-0O Frog, a [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin frog-based mech]] that can transform into a submarine, and combine with [=GoBuster-Oh=] to form [=GoBusterKero-Oh=].
** Seems to be Jossed - FS-0O isn't specific to any one Buster, and there doesn't seem to be any more extra Rangers coming after Jin & J.
*** Yeah, jossed.

[[WMG: The [[SixthRanger Fourth and Fifth Rangers]] Will be Pink Buster and Green Buster]]
On the recently-released toy scans, it blocks out releases by color; we have Red, Blue, Yellow, corresponding to Red Buster, Blue Buster, and Yellow Buster, as well as a green-colored block and a pink-colored block. These ARE two of the more common Sentai colors, and in fact it would make the Gobusters have the most common color layout for Super Sentai teams.
* Jossed. The 4th and 5th are Beet Buster, colored gold, and Stag Buster, colored silver.

[[WMG: The [[SixthRanger Fourth and Fifth Rangers]] will have 'odd' or 'new' colors]]
Due to the fact that both post-Anniversary teams, [[Series/NinpuuSentaiHurricaneger Hurricaneger]] and [[Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger Gekiranger]] started with a traditional Red, Blue, and Yellow, but the later members of the [[ThreePlusTwo Three Plus Two]] [[FiveManBand Five Man Bands]] were of odd colors; Crimson and Navy for the Gouraiger, and, while Geki Chopper's White is a pre-established color, Geki Violet was the first ever Purple Ranger. Perhaps an [[Series/PowerRangersSPD Orange Buster...?]]
* Jossed. The 4th and 5th are Beet Buster, colored gold, and Stag Buster, colored silver. Maybe the genuine SixthRanger?
** Not Jossed so much in the 'odd' category. From early scans, Beet looks to be an orangish-gold and Stag is a bluish-silver, which are both different from the "standard" gold and silver shades. Also, these are fourth and fifth Rangers, whereas Gold and Silver are Sixth Ranger colors.
*** Jossed, they are indeed gold and silver.
*** Interestingly enough, [[Series/ResshaSentaiToQger the next series Yasuko Kobayashi]] ended up writing did have an orange sixth ranger.

[[WMG: This season will be one big ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' homage]]
[[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Morphin' Brace]], [[Series/PowerRangersJungleFury sunglasses as a henshin device]], and a [[Series/PowerRangersRPM a sentient AI as the]] BigBad have already been revealed. The season will have a lot of {{Shout Out}}s to American Exclusive things for ''Power Rangers''. Guesses as to what (feel free to add your own):

* The SixthRanger will be [[Series/PowerRangersLightspeedRescue Titanium Buster]]. Alternately, he will be [[Series/PowerRangersJungleFury Shark based, while the other two core Go-Busters will be a Black Bat and a Green Elephant]]
** Jossed. The SixthRanger of this season seems to be a pair (ala Go-onger), as Beet Buster (gold) and Stag Buster (silver). They're set to come out in June, pretty much the time every team's sixth ranger shows up, though there are possibilities for [[EleventhHourRanger late arrivals]].
*** Jossed even further - the series is over, the team ended with 5 members (ironically enough, they did have a wannabe Pink ranger, something that has yet to be adapted into Power Rangers), although if Dobutsu Sentai [=Go-busters=] is anything to go by, they probably would have gotten a Green Buster if fate had played out differently (although said buster was Hippo-themed instead of Elephant themed - somewhat amusingly, there was a green elephant themed ranger and a shark themed ranger [[Series/DobutsuSentaiZyuohger 4 series later]].
* There will be [[ThoseTwoGuys two civilian]] [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers comic relief characters]] who do things like try to uncover the Gobusters' identities or become Gobusters themselves, and go from being jerks at the start to actually doing heroic things by the end.
** Jossed
* The Gobusters will at one point [[Series/PowerRangersDinoThunder watch an American TV show based on their own adventures]]. (Though Toei will have to shoot the "American" footage themselves since Saban won't have made the adaptation yet, unlike the Dino Thunder episode which could just use the Sentai straight.)
** Jossed
* There will be a SuperMode, and it will either be referred to as a Battlizer, or as [[Series/PowerRangersSamurai Mega Mode]].
** There is Powered Custom, which is accessed by the original three Go-Busters and more like an average Super Mode than a Battlizer.
* [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Their mentor will be a floating head.]]
** Possibly inverted as Messiah seems to be a floating, head-like image.

[[WMG: The SixthRanger will be a Buddyroid himself]]
* And just a few more mechas, and he can turn into a HumongousMecha all by himself - just like [[Series/TensouSentaiGoseiger GoseiKnight]]!
** Confirmed. One of the two new Busters, Stag Buster, is actually a Buddyroid who can turn into a Ranger.

[[WMG: There will be a secondary trio based off non-human food.]]
Much like the main trio's edible-by-people picks, the next faction could incorporate animals whose diet isn't shared by humans. The following would be examples:
* Green Buster with Teruma (termite) Woods.
* Violet Buster with Vam (vampire bat) van Blood.
* Orange Buster with Aardon (aardvark) Ants.
* Jossed. The fourth and fifth ranger are Beet Buster (Rhino Beetle) and Stag Buster (Stag Beetle). Stag Buster is a Buddyroid named Beet J. Stag that turns into a ranger.
* Really depend on how one considers it since Beet J. Stag reveals the [[PlayedForLaughs J in his name stands for tree juice AKA sap]] and while edible, sap in it's natural form isn't eaten much by human kind

[[WMG: There will be a {{Crossover}} with ''Franchise/PowerRangers'']]
What? With all the {{Shout Out}}s, someone had to say it! It'd be with whatever season is the present one at the time of its production, the explanation being Franchise/SuperSentai doesn't just exist in Japan, but other countries have their own teams. ''Series/SportRanger'' and ''WebVideo/FranceFive'' may also be refrenced. On the Power Rangers side, they'll have an easier time since they'd already established ALIEN Ranger teams, Rangers in other countries isn't that difficult. As for why they're identical, the morphing grid is Zordon's attempt to replicate the Super Sentai Soul to fight evil on this side of the pacific, so it has a habit of coming up with the same suits and power set. Also, one of the Rangers will be ticked off the Go-Buster MonstersOfTheWeek are called Megazords.
* Jossed, although two of the Sentai Megazords used in the mecha Gokai Change in the Gokaiger team-up were two that became two of the Power Rangers most famous Megazords.

[[WMG: The Gobuster's SuperMode will have them wear the Buddyroids as PoweredArmor]]
Related to the 'Super Mode will be called Battlizer' above. It would be one thing to slap some gold chest armor onto the suits and call it a SuperMode, but any PR fan will tell you it's not a "Battlizer" unless the guy's wearing twice his body weight in heavy machinery. As for the Buddyroids forming the armor, recall that the SPD Battlizer, which eventually came to Japan for Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, functioned the exact same way.
* What will Stag Buster do then, as he is a Buddyroid himself?
** Easy, be PoweredArmor for Beet Buster.
*** Like [[Series/KamenRiderDenO Deneb to Zeronos form?]]
* Confirmed! ...sort of. The buddyroids become data in order for the buster's to use their PoweredArmor. Its just the original three Go-Busters and Buddyroids, neither Beet nor Stag Buster have Powered Custom.

[[WMG:The team's WeaksauceWeakness will be found out and exploited by the villains.]]
And afterwards, they won't be as funny.
* This was actually done in #5 to Hiromu, but, if anything, was just pure bad luck. This happens again in #7, where the Metaroid exclaimed "Lucky!" and ran off.
* Done again when Enter uses Ryuji's overheating against him... although him going [[AxCrazy AxCrazy]] wasn't much played for laughs in the first place.
* Done again during episode 28 with Enter actively looking for Hiromu's weakpoint.
* Enter finally reveals he knows Hiromu's weakpoint in episode 47, having taken his data. Hiromu manages to overcome this though, with [[GetAHoldOfYourselfMan help]] from his friends.

[[WMG:The team will find ways to make their WeaksauceWeakness useful.]]
Maybe at one point the villains build a robot chicken ([[WesternAnimation/RobotChicken not that kind]]) and it turns out to be the only chicken Red Buster can look at without freezing. Blue Buster could use his overheating to redirect a heat-seeking missile or something (then have to find out how to get it away from him!) ...Not sure how Yellow could get any use out of her weakness though.
* [[Series/PowerRangersRPM Blue could vent the excess heat through a giant post-henshin explosion that takes out a group of Mooks.]]
** Jossed on that part given that it's a different type of overheating

[[WMG:Yōko Usami will be a GenkiGirl]]
* Possibly down the road. Right now? Not likely.
* Somewhat confirmed but it seems more [[SlidingScaleOfSillinessVersusSeriousness played for laughs]] or as the plot demands, example being 13 in which plans a surprise party to celebrate the Buddyroid's "birthdays".

[[WMG: [[SixthRanger Beet Buster and Stag Buster]] will show up in Super Hero Wars]]
Last year, Gokai Silver made an EarlyBirdCameo in Super Sentai 199. Exactly one year later, they'll keep the new tradition strong by debuting these two early in the Super Sentai Kamen Rider crossover.
* Jossed

[[WMG: This season [[MilestoneCelebration celebrates the 20th anniversary]] of ''Franchise/PowerRangers'']]
If ''[[Series/PowerRangersSamurai Samurai]]'' had been the 2010 Rangers season and we had gotten a [[Series/TensouSentaiGoseiger Goseiger]] adaptation in 2011, then we would have a [[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Gokaiger]] adaptation this year for the 20th anniversary. Since that's not the way things happened, Japan is doing a 20th anniversary celebration of their own.
* The twentieth anniversary of Power Rangers isn't until next year (MMPR premiered in August of 1993). And it's looking like we're still going to get an adaptation of Gokaiger to celebrate the milestone. So. Jossed?
** Jossed. Meet the REAL 20th Anniversary series, ''Series/PowerRangersMegaforce''.
*** And ''Series/JyudenSentaiKyoryuger'': it's running alongside Megaforce and uses dinosaurs as a gimmick, just like Zyuranger/MMPR.

[[WMG: When they make a ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' equivalent it will replace all of the ''Power Rangers'' references with ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' references]]
Fair is fair.
* Jossed. It's being skipped in the US.

[[WMG: There will be a SixthRanger]]
With the color Copper or Bronze.
* Considering there hasn't been a Brown-colored Sentai Warrior ever since Ninja Captor was revoked from Sentai status in favor of J.A.K.Q., having one would definitively shake things up.
** Jossed, there is FS-0O, which is just an auxilary mech. LT-06's designation would suggest it would be a Sixth Ranger's mecha, but it is acutally a sentient Buddyzord.

[[WMG: Beet Buster and Stag Buster's Mecha will combine into a seperate mecha]]
While Gekiranger skipped it, its successor Go-Onger had this as well as Hurricaneger, and considering their basis, it seems likely. It can combine with Go-Buster Oh to form a bigger mecha though.
* [[spoiler: Confirmed! Magazine scans have show Buster Hercules, the combination of BC-04 and SJ-05, the beetle Buster's mechs!]]
** [[spoiler: Further confirming this is the combination of Go-Buster Oh and Buster Heracles, Great Go-Buster.]]

[[WMG: There is a spy among the Gobuster team]]
And he is responsible for the hero's secret weakness!
* I think it's implied they had their Weakpoints from the start...
** Jossed - they've explained that Weakpoints were pretty much part of the vaccine program the Busters were given that Christmas night.

[[WMG: Later on in the season, around episode 25-30, we'll get another SixthRanger: the violet-colored Lady Buster!]]
This season, in addition to a lot of tributes to ''Franchise/PowerRangers'', also was originally intended to pay tribute to ''Franchise/MetalHeroes''. Beet Buster and Stag Buster are obviously references to other gold kabuto and silver kuwaga themed heroes, the Series/BFighterKabuto. However, as you may see, there is 1 of the B-Fighter Kabuto who are missing a representative: the purple ladybug warrior.

Japan loves using the Ladybug (or Lady Beetle) as the final of the trio [[JapaneseBeetleBrothers made by the Rhinoceros Beetle and the Stag Beetle.]] So, if they include those first two, it makes sense if they were to bring in Lady Buster to complete the trio. However, it's based on more than just speculation that they'd want to pay tribute to a Metal Hero series.

1. There hasn't been a team with only 1 female hero (if you count Mele in Gekiranger) since ''Abaranger''. Adding in a second female adds a bit more dynamic to the show. Since we only have Yellow Buster so far, another female warrior would be good to balance it out.

2. There seems to be a bit of a lack in merchandise this year. There are no unique individual weapons, just a sword, gun, and morpher for each Ranger. Nor is there any kind of gimmick like Ranger Keys, Gosei Cards, Hiden Disks, or Engine Souls like in previous years. Plus, we have mechs confirmed to appear up until July, and how many do they have? Five. Just one for each Ranger. Auxiliaries seem to be straight up absent for a while. So, what could they be saving all this money for? Another ranger coming down the line seems likely.

3. The last show to have a violet colored Ranger was the last post-anniversary, ''Gekiranger''. We could use another one.

4. Post-anniversaries are usually about rocking the boat and trying new things. Not only with the suit designs, but with elements that are core to Sentai. This could be the first standalone female Sixth Ranger we're looking at here.

* I declare this theory JustForFun/MadeOfWin.
** Jossed, unless you count "Pink Buster" from Mission 41.

[[WMG: When they adapt it for Power Rangers, it will be a sequel season to [[Series/PowerRangersRPM RPM]]]]
Given how RPM ended, and the content thus far revealed for THIS season, it would be fairly easy to adapt a "venjix surival/contingency plan" plot based off this material.
* Or they could adapt it as the main PR Universe's version of RPM with the Rangers trying to stop Venjix from taking over the world instead of him already controlling it.
** Not happening as Go-Busters was skipped in favor of a Kyoryuger adaptation, [[http://amitbhaumik.tumblr.com/post/78152321594/power-rangers-cyber-corps-aka-power-rangers-21 but Amit Bhaumik had the same idea]].

[[WMG: The series after Go-Busters will start out with three rangers.]]
I'm starting to sense a pattern here, as every series after a post-anniversary series I've see so far (Abaranger, Go-onger) started out with three initial rangers.
** Go-onger was marketed with five heroes from the beginning. The opening theme to the first episode showed Green and Black as Rangers before it had happened in the show. They were Rangers from #2 onwards and were very much part of the story even at the start. So it could really go either way.
*** Jossed, ''Series/ZyudenSentaiKyoryuger'' has five from the beginning, with a SixthRanger coming up.

[[WMG: Enter will be redeemed and become the Sixth Ranger]]
Why not? A lot of people spent a long time expecting Sid or Basco to be a Seventh Gokaiger, why not give us the Heel Face Turn Villain-turned-Hero this year instead?
* And his "habit" of repeating a word 3 times is like a corrupted audio file so he has the computer weakness.
* He already has the sunglasses
** Semi-jossed, Enter does not get redeemed, instead he actually becomes the BigBad. However, after copying data he does assume a new form, an evil version of Red Buster called Dark Buster, which later starts to use Blue and Yellow Buster's abilities too.

[[WMG: There will be a Gobusters Vs [[Series/HikoninSentaiAkibaranger Akibarangers]] special]]
Given there is already a Gokaiger crosover with Super Hero Taisen.
* Even though Akibaranger isn't for kids, it could still happen. I mean, ''Series/DoctorWho'' still managed to crossover with ''Series/{{Torchwood}}''.
** Except that Torchwood was a direct spin-off of Doctor Who, featuring one of the earlier main characters from Doctor Who. These don't appear to be connected at all.
* Isn't Akibaranger scheduled to be on TBS or TV Tokyo? Sentai airs on TV Asahi, and if Japanese networks are anything like US ones, they don't want to promote another channel's programs.
** Tokyo MX, actually.
*** And BS Asahi, which is TV Asahi's equivalent of Creator/ABCFamily in the US, or [=ITV2=] and BBC Three in the UK. A digital channel owned by a main network - the same network which airs Sentai. Cross promotion is a non-issue.
* Given how Akibaranger seems to have ended (for now?) I'd say jossed for the moment.
** Akibaranger has a second season recently, but ''[[Series/ZyudenSentaiKyoryuger Kyoruger]]'' is on now, so a crossover with Go-Busters is increasingly unlikely.

[[WMG: One of the Go-Busters will commonly use their Sōgan Blade as a ReverseGrip]]
It looks small enough to be used as one.

[[WMG: The "4-2-3-1" in the theme song is a dial combination, either for the transformation, gattai, or something else.]]
Hence why the numbers are in the wrong order.
* Additionally, they may be related to [=BeetBuster=], whose transformation item has a cellphone mode. Which probably means the theme song was {{foreshadowing}} his arrival from the beginning.

[[WMG: A ranger will turn out to be a cyborg.]]
Probably not Yellow, and of course not Stag, but Red, Blue, Beet, or any SixthRanger could be it. Their story could parallel Dillon from Series/PowerRangersRPM as well as referring to one of the more spy-ish early Franchise/SuperSentai series, Series/JAKQDengekitai (where all the heroes were cyborgs).
* With episode 2, it seems quite probable that ''all'' the rangers are somehow cyborgs, since their powers and weaknesses are the result of a computer program being installed on each of them.

[[WMG: If Ranger Keys are made after the series...]]
Cheeda Nick will be included too as an extra ranger.
* Confirmed, sort of. Nick does eventually get a key, but isn't an extra ranger. The are keys for the five Go-Busters which are toy-exclusive (released with a key for both J and Stag Buster), but then there are the Buddyroid keys that appear in ''[[Film/TokumeiSentaiGobustersVsKaizokuSentaiGokaigerTheMovie Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger]]'', which also appeared for the toyline (however they're [[NoExportForYou webshop exclusive though).

[[WMG: Yellow Buster hates sweets]]
All we know is she needs to eat them to keep her energy up.
* #1 shows her eating sweets without any sign of lament of it, so it is most likely jossed.
** But Yoko is shown to frequently skip eating her sweets so Up in the air.
*** Jossed, she does actually like sweet food, when her weakpoint strikes its either because she's found she's run out of sweets or has lost access to them.
[[WMG: The Go-busters need to suit down manually]]
They can take the helmet off, there is a zipper in the front, why not.
* Jossed in ep 3.

[[WMG: There will be a henshin sequence]]
But it wont be used until all 3 busters transform together
* Thus far, this seems to be Jossed.
** Finally happens in #10.
But it wont be used until all 5 busters transform together
* Jossed, that stock henshin sequence did not last for long.

[[WMG: Go-Busters will have a {{Downer Ending}}]]
The show takes inspiration from [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Evangelion]] (three main characters, the lead protagonist only now joining the conflict, giant monsters attacking the city in order to reach some special structure, the heroes being deployed to fight through disguised hatches, the use of countdown timers though for different purposes). Then, as mentioned before, this season has a number of shout-outs to Power Rangers, including an enemy similar to [[Series/PowerRangersRPM Venjix]]. But since the idea of Super Sentai adapting from Power Rangers is a reversal of things, this might mean that the plot will be RPM in reverse. So, where Venjix was an AI who first destroyed the world before being defeated, Messiah will be an AI who was first defeated (at some point in the past, as alluded to in the first episode) before eventually destroying the world.
* Jossed, [[spoiler: its a BittersweetEnding instead. The people trapped in hyperspace, including Hiromu's parents and Yoko's mother, having been the Go-Busters goal to find them alive and rescue them, are sacrificed to defeat Messiah in the in Mission 30. Then Jin does a HeroicSacrifice so Hiromu doesn't have to die for Enter to be defeated permenantly. But at the end of the day, the Earth is saved, and the team move on with their lives.]]

[[WMG: The next season will be a direct continuation of Go-Busters with the same characters]]
Go-Busters takes a lot of cues and is making a lot of shout-outs to Power Rangers. And what did Power Rangers used to do at the end of each season? Also, in relation to the WMG above, the season will end with Messiah winning by destroying the Enertron Tank while the Go-Busters lose their old powers. However, in the first episode, they will gain new powers along with new vehicles. This would also explain why we have [[Series/HikoninSentaiAkibaranger Akibaranger]] this year. Next season's crossover will feature the Go-Busters team (now equipped with their new powers for the season) with Akibaranger. Also, the new season will take place [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace IN SPACE]]!!
* Jossed. [[Series/ZyudenSentaiKyoryuger The next season is dinosaur themed.]] Also, Messiah died in episode 30.

[[WMG: The team's weaknesses were caused by events in their childhood]]
Hiromu- Used to be called a chicken by bullies and would freeze up when they did so.
Ryuji- Caught a case of heatstroke as a child.
Yoko- Had a hyperactive metabolism?
* Jossed. The weaknesses are a result of the program implanted in them that gave them their special abilities.
** I know that, I mean those could be why they ended up with those specific weaknesses.
*** It's specifically mentioned that Hiromu freezes when he panics, and chickens cause him to panic, making it sound like two separate issues. It's possible that the freezing is part of the program, but ''what triggers'' a freeze is based on Hiromu's own psychology.
*** Ryuji's AxCrazy alter ego may be a direct response to his normal NiceGuy persona, bringing to the surface all of the negative and childish emotions he had to lock away in order to become a proper BigBrotherMentor to the other two.
*** It may just be how kids at that age look, but Yoko appears to have been a slightly chubby child. Her needing to eat candy may be less about the calories and more about an emotional connection with food.
* Semi-confirmed, the circumstances behind Ryuji and Yoko's weakpoints don't come up, but it Hiromu's weakpoint is known to have stemmed from a childhood trauma involving him being trapped in a chicken coup as a kid.

[[WMG: Messiah is the ComicBook/RedSkull]]
Giant, malevolent red head floating between dimensions in agony? It makes sense.

[[WMG: Enter and Messiah are Megarangers or INET gone Bad.]]
Or a secret branch of INET/Megaranger program gone rogue. Either way, they are connected to Megarangers in one way or another.

[[WMG: The series will tie in with ''Series/SeijuuSentaiGingaman'' more deeply than we imagine.]]
The first episode mentions 'Our 13 years of darkness will be over'. ''Gingaman'' ended THIRTEEN YEARS AGO.
* ... Even if this is jossed, it is still one hell of a coincidence.
** Given that no connections were made to ''Gingaman'', it's more likely a reference to how that was the first Sentai she was the head writer on.

[[WMG: This is the start of a new tradition]]
From now on the year after every anniversary team, there will be a ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' shout out season.

[[WMG: It will soon be revealed that they're on a [[Series/PowerRangersLostGalaxy Terra-Venture]]-like ship]]
What a better shout out to a Power Rangers season than homaging the one that was an adaptation from Yasuko's earlier Sentai works?
* Jossed

[[WMG: Hiromu is still severerly traumatized by the events of 13 years ago.]]
He ran away from home and joined what is essentially a paramilitary organization based on a promise he made to a toddler 13 years ago. One might call that heroic, but one might also call it dangerously obsessed. He seems unusually serious for someone his age, and Nick meantioned in episode 2 that he doesn't smile very often. He has a habit of bluntly saying what he's thinking without regard for the other person's feelings. These may be simply personality traits, or they could be indicative of some more deep-rooted emotional problems.
* According to their bios Hiromu is 20, Ryuji is 28 and Yoko is 16. That would mean that 13 years ago they were 7, 15, and 3 respectively. Ryuji was probably old enough to properly process what happened, and Yoko was young enough that she might not remember all the details. Hiromu would have had neither of those luxuries. Add in the fact that he lost ''both'' parents (as opposed to Yoko who apparently only lost her mother), and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Hiromu is the most traumatized of the three.
** Episode 4 pretty much confirms this.
** With Episode 20 serving as icing on the cake.

[[WMG: Beet Buster's powers will be related to a beetle]]
Since all the other Go-Busters have powers related to their animal motif its only fitting that Beet Buster has the same. The only question is which one? Swarming [[Series/KamenRiderOOO maybe]] burrowing, SuperToughness, WallCrawling, flight, dermal armour, the list goes on...
* Technically speaking [[spoiler: due to being an avatar Jin is practically immortal as he can just send another avatar if one gets destroyed meaning the link could be like a cockroach's fabled immortality too.]]

[[WMG: Enter was the one who created the Messiah Virus and was infected by it during the EAB building transport.]]
Someone had to have created the virus, and it would be interesting if Messiah's loyal human agent was that creator.
* Jossed, Enter and Escape are Avatars created from the data of the various scientists.

[[WMG: Messiah is the Y2K bug]]
The original incident that set everything off happened around Christmas 13 years ago; making it December 1999.
* Wrong. That would be 12 years and 2 months - so it's actually Christmas 1998.

[[WMG: Messiah will use one of the parents as a body to escape]]
Or at least as a vessal that acts as it's eyes, ears, and body until it can properly leave itself.
* Jossed, he evolved himself a body instead.

[[WMG: There will only be a Transformation Sequence at the very end]]
Remember the last project Yasuko took on? In that, the Rider Kick wasn't used all that much and was only used about four times. One of those times being in the end of the show. Chances are the sequence will have that same thing happen.
* Somehow jossed as of #10.

[[WMG: Hiromu and Yoko will become an {{Official Couple}}]]
It looks like they can't get along much yet but it might just happen.
* Semi-Jossed, Didn't happen in the show but happened with the alternate Hiromu and Yoko in the ''Returns'' V-Cinema.

[[WMG: Hiromu's sister will accept the fact that her brother is a Go-buster]]
There will be an episode where Hiromu's sister will be put in trouble by a MonsterOfTheWeek, either directly or indirectly, and they will have to rescue her. The events of that episode will then make her realize the importance of her brother's task.
** Confirmed in # 10.

[[WMG: At some point someone will say "It's not time for buster"]]
It has to happen
* Jossed

[[WMG: There will be shoutouts to other Americanized Japenese shows]]
Stag and Beat Busters transformation device will be called [[Series/BigBadBeetleborgs Beetle Binder]] and call out [[BeetleBorgsMetalix Beetle Blast]]
* Jossed. Beet and Stag Busters' henshin devices are the Morphin Phones

[[WMG: The SixthRanger will be a Series/VRTroopers[=/=]Series/MaskedRider Shoutout]]
* Jossed, there is no Sixth Ranger.

[[WMG: There will be a [[Series/SpiderManJapan GP-07 Spider]] Buster Machine as a {{Shout Out}}]]
It would be wonderful if they would have a ShoutOut to the Japanese ''[[Series/SpiderManJapan Spider-Man]]'', which had a HumongousMecha before a Franchise/SuperSentai series did. It could have a Buster Vehicle mode that is a car like the original Spider-Machine GP-7, a mecha mode that vaguely looks like Leopardon, and a Buster Animal mode that looks like a SpiderTank. It could be used by Hiromu as an alternate Buster Machine with Nick still being the Buddyroid (because it's red) or perhaps be used by an extra[=/=]EleventhHourRanger.
* Jossed. The fourth quarter toy catalogues are out, the final mecha is LT-06, a lion based three wheeled motorbike, which is piloted by Hiromu.

[[WMG: Messiah's physical form will use [[Series/PowerRangersSPD Emperor Gruumm]]'s appearance]]
As an inversion of Franchise/PowerRangers' use of stock footage and suits from their Japanese counterpart, this Super Sentai season will adapt an original character's appearance from ''Power Rangers'' instead. The Messiah looks like a floating skull in his data form so it would be likely that he will have a SkullForAHead in his physical form.
* Or they use Lord Zedd instead.
* Grumm and Zedd jossed. SkullForAHead confirmed!

[[WMG: Enter's {{Gratuitous French}} will be a plot point.]]
It just seems unlikely for it to be such a huge part of his character just for kicks.
* Confirmed, the reason for his French is because one of the scientists whose data he was created from was a Frenchman.

[[WMG: Enter will pull an Agent Smith]]
Causing Messiah to HeelFaceTurn.
* Semi-confirmed. Enter pulls an Agent Smith, but this involves Messiah's first defeat then second and final defeat at the hands of the Go-Busters.

[[WMG: Vaglass has a copy of CB-01 Ace in their possession]]
In the flashback in Episode 2, a Go-Buster Ace can be seen behind the rampaging Megazord. Only the children and buddyroids were known to have been transported away from the research facility so it may not be the same CB-01 Ace that Hiromu is using. If it is currently in the possession of Vaglass, they might use it later against the Go-Busters.

[[WMG: Hiromu freezing at [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Scootaloo]] will become a popular meme]]
Hiromu (Freezes at chickens) + Scootaloo (The mimetic chicken LITERALLY) = [[http://starreddust.deviantart.com/art/Hiromu-vs-Scootaloo-290741959 Pure]] [[http://dbzshonen13.deviantart.com/art/Hiromu-s-Fear-287551692 Gold]]

[[WMG: Enter is the real BigBad.]]
A computer virus does not just appear out of nowhere, and Enter seems to know an awful lot about how Messiah and its minions function.

Also, watch how Enter talks to Messiah. His "Majesty" just sort of rants on and on about how he wants to rule everything. When Enter replies, he sounds like he's trying to calm down a child. Enter is always the one who comes up with the plans to fight the Go-Busters. And, he doesn't seem to have any problem with just hitting "esc" and ending his conversations with Messiah whenever he wants - even when Messiah is in the middle of a rant. That's a pretty disrespectful way to treat him, if Messiah is really Enter's superior.

I therefore propose that Enter created Messiah and is actually the one calling the shots.
* Possible. Messiah isn't the BigBad, he's been destroyed.
** [[spoiler: But so has Enter.]]
*** Semi-confirmed. [[spoiler:Enter was originally created by Messiah but after Messiah's defeat, Enter takes his place as the new Messiah.]]

[[WMG:Beet Buster's weakness will be memory problems.]]
* It's another common computer problem, and it could translate into an interesting character.
* Seems to be jossed, since Masato's memory of Ryuji seem spot on after 13 years, it seems his weakness is that he's stuck in hyperspace and is really an avatar... although that isn't much of a weakness compared to the others.

[[WMG:Gorisaki, Usada, and Stag Buster will also have weaknesses.]]
* Even though he's not a Go-Buster, Cheeda Nick has his own weakness- a bad sense of direction. So maybe the other Buddyroids have their own weaknesses as well, but they're more like human weaknesses than the computer-themed ones of the Go-Busters.
** In a way Gorisaki and Usada already do. Gorisaki gets overly worried about Ryuji and Usada is a rude little rabbit.
** And not very effective at all to defend himself. #9 is all about Usada [[spoiler:getting kidnapped.]]
** One could consider Stag Buster's weakness being that [[CloudCuckooLander he isn't as obedient as the other Buddyroids]] and he can sometimes come off as a jerk to the other characters.

[[WMG: Beet Buster is already infected by Messiah]]
* Another common computer problem is being infected by viruses and it would be a nice shout out to Dillan from RPM as well.
** Episode 8 has Enter successfully stealing the blueprints for Buster Machine BC-04, which we know from toy catalogs will be Beet Buster's personal mecha. So the idea that Beet having some connection to Vaglass is looking more likely every day.
*** Jossed, Jin's true body is in stasis in hyper space, having been half-way transported. He created BC-04 as well as SJ-05 independent of Enter's corrupted design.

[[WMG: There will be another SixthRanger or Extra Hero after Beet & Stag Buster]]
Because it's getting formulaic for first 'post-anniversary' series. Compare with Series/NinpuuSentaiHurricaneger whereas after getting the Gouraigers, they still got Shurikenger. And then with Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger, after getting Gou and Ken, they eventually get Rio & Mele. Beet & Stag Buster won't be the last additions of Gobusters.
* By that logic after [[ThoseTwoGuys Beat and Stag]] there will be [[PowerTrio three]] more busters
* Um, how? That logic suggests that Beat and Stag are the equivalent of either Gouraigers or Gou & Ken. They either get one more (Shurikenger) or two more (Rio & Mele)
** No, the logic is sound. The first post-anniversary season had three primaries, with two non-traditional colors coming later, and a single odd-man-out ranger coming last (Shurikenger). The second post-anniversary season had three primaries, with two non-traditional colors coming later, and TWO odd-man-out rangers coming last (Rio and Mele). The logical progression indicates the third post-anniversary season will have three primaries, with two non-traditional colors coming later, and THREE odd-man-out rangers coming last.
*** And they'll be the three Buddyroids.
*** Jossed, the closest we get is the "Pink Buster" who is even less of an actual ranger than [[Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger Abare Pink]] who was at least an (albeit crude) attempt to imitate the Abaranger costumes. There's also Enter's Dark Buster form, but he is purely an evil ranger.

[[WMG: There's a reason sunglasses are disposable!]]
.... I have no idea.

[[WMG: The Buddyroids will latter serve as Battlizers.]]
* Well, it wouldn't surprise me, given all the other Power Ranger nods. Plus, it'd give Gorisaki and Usada something to do besides being steering wheels.
** Confirmed. Powered Custom has the Buddyroids transform into data and become armor for the Gobusters.

[[WMG: Messiah will eventually run out of Megazords]]
It actually has a limited supply of them, only the ones that were present when the facility was transferred to Hyperspace. Later in the series, it'll run out and have to find some way to either get more or find a replacement.
* Jossed, Vaglass never seemed to run out of Megazords.

[[WMG: Messiah was created by a previous Super Sentai villain group as a backup plan in case of their defeat.]]
The most logical choice would be the Evil Electric Kingdom Nejirejia from ''Megaranger'' who originated from cyberspace, or RoboticPsychopath Gien from ''Timeranger'' due to being active the same year Messiah first appeared.

[[WMG: At first, Gobuster-Oh will be reserved for dealing with Type Gamma Megazords]]
Gobuster Ace is capable of dealing with the other types without backup, but the first Type Gamma Megazord was nearly impossible for it to defeat without some insane risk taking. It's been established that, without an upgrade of somekind, the other two Buster Machines can't transform without their pilots, who half the time need to be fighting the Metaroid at the time. Gobuster-Oh, due to practicality, will only see use at first if a Type Gamma Megazord is deployed. After Beat and Stag show up with their own Mecha, they'll be able to use it more often because they have more members who aren't needed to be present for the combination. As an addition, Beat and Stag may be the answer to Messiah beginning to deploy more and more Type Gamma Megazords.
* This theory holds more credence since the end of #5 reveals the Type Gamma Megazord they recovered was NotQuiteDead...

[[WMG: The government will try to ban chickens from the country.]]
Of course, they won't explain why to the public so as to not expose Hiromu's weak point, but if that weak point starts to cause too many problems they might go to that sort of measure for the sake of public safety. Hiromu would end up opposing the law for the sake of people's freedoms, and instead work to overcome his weakness.
* Would they really ban chickens from the entire country? They'd probably just evacuate all chickens and chicken imagery from whatever area the Go-Busters go to on a mission.
* Jossed

[[WMG: If there is a true SixthRanger he will be a Cyborg]]
Part human, part Buddyroid.
* Jossed, there is no Sixth Ranger.

[[WMG: Beet Buster's weakness will be related to Stag Buster]]
As the result, this resort to a buddyroid morphing up and fight against the enemies.
* It could be that Beet Buster cannot be a measured distance away from Stag Buster.
** Not impossible; as noted under FridgeBrilliance, the current teams' various weaknesses can be equated to computer problems. Not being able to break certain distances, is comparable to a wi-fi hub and receiver relationship.
** Partially confirmed: It's not as much a weakness as it is a restriction, but Masato needs J as a marker to download his avatar into Earth. It is not yet known if they have a distance limit from each other in order to keep the hologram running.
* Whether it is related to Beet Buster's weakness or not isn't clear yet, but their first known quirk seems to be based on pop ups, one of the older evils of the Internet.

[[WMG: Enetron will turn out to be PoweredByAForsakenChild]]
And it would be the reason why Messiah is as pissed off as he appears.
* Yeah, jossed.

[[WMG: The true SixthRanger will use his/her Buddyroid as his/her TransformationTrinket.]]
* Jossed, there is no Sixth Ranger.

[[WMG: Hiromu will gain a smaller version of Go-Buster Ace's sword later on.]]
Go-Busters is using references to past Sentai as much as Franchise/PowerRangers, so why not one of [[Series/NinjaSentaiKakuranger Sasuke/Ninja Red]] using the sword of his team's primary mecha? Plus, they could use more weapons then just the ones that transform from binoculars and cameras.
* Jossed

[[WMG: Messiah will have Enter create a Chicken Zord]]
To exploit Hiromu's fear/weakness. The episode will have CharacterDevelopment for Hiromu that would help him overcome said weakness.
* Jossed, Enter does discover Hiromu's weakpoint and it does result in Hiromu [[GetAHoldOfYourselfMan overcoming his weakness], but it doesn't involve a Chicken Zord.

[[WMG: Each Gobuster (or at least the initial three) will receive an additional buster machine that can replace their original mecha on Gobuster-Oh.]]
The upcoming frog buster machine can replace the RH-03 Rabbit in the combination, so it stands to reason that there will be another two that can replace Gobuster Ace and the GT-02 Gorilla. As an addendum to this, the new buster machines can combine together into an all new configuration, or for that matter in any possible combination with the older mecha.
* Additionally each extra Machine will have the trait of their civilian powers.
** Falcon (The fastest bird) for Red Buster and an Ox for Blue Buster
** Tategami [=RaiOh=], a Buster Machine with a lion animal mode, a motorcycle vehicle mode and a humanoid warrior mode with the capacity to replace Gobuster Ace in all the combinations has been announced. All that is left is a replacement for the GT-02 Gorilla, and this theory is fully confirmed.
*** Two thirds confirmed, there is no replacement for GT-02.

[[WMG: Cheeda Nick will eventually join the team in battle]]
He may or may not also have a suit form. When he does, he use one of the alias:
* Crimson Buster
* [[Series/PowerRangersTimeForce Quantum]] Buster
* [[Series/PowerRangersLostGalaxy Magna]] Buster
* Fire Buster
* Rose Buster
* Cheeda Buster
* Apple Buster
* Nick Buster
* Bloody Buster
* Motor Buster
* Bike Buster
* Race Buster
* Leo Buster
** All jossed. Nick does not become a Go-Buster but instead becomes part of Hiromu's Powered Custom SuperMode as do Gorisaki and Usada for Ryuji and Yoko respectively.

[[WMG: Usada will be broken, and thus is the reason why the Frog Zord replaces it]]
* Confirmed. However, this also applied to Nick and Gorisaki.

[[WMG: Enter will become an evil Ranger]]
And he'll use his computer as a henshin device
* Confirmed. [[spoiler: In the final episodes, he becomes Dark Buster, an evil version of Red Buster accessed through data he has taken from Hiromu, he then later copies abilities from Blue and Yellow Buster. However, he simply changes to this form instantaneously rather than using a TransformationTrinket]].

[[WMG: Enter will be converted into Stag Buster/Buddyroid]]
Look at his usual attire then look at the images of Stag Buster. The patch of white on his jacket matches that of Stag Buster while the poncho thing can pass for the chest armour on the buddyroid form.
* Jossed. That was just coincidence.

[[WMG: Enter is a computer virus in a dead body]]
Messiah has brought a dead person to life? Well, he CameBackWrong.
* According to 14 he doesn't have a heartbeat.
* Jossed as he is an avatar. No human corpse was used at all. Now, the real question is whether the [[ManBehindTheMan man]] controlling Enter is a human or a robot.

[[WMG: The Vaglass will get the new [=MegaZord=] finished]]
As of #10 Enter has the BC-04 blueprints and the key material needed to make it. I would be surprised if he failed. Because then the next WMG couldn't happen.
* Confirmed, the blueprints are used to create Megazord Type Delta.

[[WMG: The first Type Delta (follows Gamma in the Greek alphabet) [=MegaZord=] will be destroyed by Beet Buster in Go-Buster Beet.]]
Even if the Busters retrieve the BC-04 plans, Enter would have copied them anyway by then. This would put it on course to appear around the time that the second mecha usually debuts (around ep 17-19).
* Confirmed. Despite the new [=MegaZord=] not being explicitly called a Type Delta, it was defeated by Go-Buster Beet nonetheless.

[[WMG: The engineers Messiah spoke of in #10 are]]
* The scientists that got sent to subspace, including the parents of the Go-busters.
** Confirmed.

[[WMG: Whenever a Gamma megazord appears, Vaglass will win a victory.]]
* In #4, Vaglass managed to get a ton of Enetron.
* In #10, Vaglass managed to get a {{Unobtainium}}-like metal.
* In #15, Vaglass managed to get a little bit more Enetron.
* In #19, Vaglass managed to get nothing.

[[WMG: Enter is TheStarscream]]
And when he gets the chance, he will put Messiah under his control.
* Confirmed; in fact, he eventually becomes the new Messiah.

[[WMG: Enter will notice when Ryuji overheats]]
Causing him to force him to pull a FaceHeelTurn by having the Overheated!Ryu take over. In the end, it will lead to an IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight moment.
* Sort of happens in #11. Enter watches footage of Ryuji overheating from the previous episode and notices that he passes out afterwards, so Enter deliberately tries to get it to happen again so he can finish off a helpless Ryuji.

[[WMG: The Gobusters will have a team up movie with a B-Fighter Kabuto]]
Like the Gokaigers before them there is a movie that can take the place of a team up with last years team, and since this is a homage season to Power Rangers, why not team up with another show that was localized in America?
* Jossed, but they teamed up with Series/SpaceSheriffGavan instead.

[[WMG: Beet Buster will be a character that wasn't introduced before.]]
Because it was the same thing with the previous {{Sixth Ranger}}s.
* Confirmed! And he will be played by the same guy who played [[Series/MahouSentaiMagiranger Tsubasa Ozu]], even.

[[WMG: Enter is the Commander's son]]
The ending of episode 13 where he went into a room alone for an un-explained reason may mean that he has some personal connection with Enter.
* It might not be his son (at least while he was a human); The Tubaroid stated that he can distinguish Hiromu's disguise as Enter because he has a heartbeat.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Some guesses for future Metaroids]]
* [[SelectiveMagnetism Magnet]]roid
** Episode 23, though it's given the Japanese name Jisyakuroid. Which means the same thing.
* [[WeaponsThatSuck Vacuum]]roid
** Confirmed
* [[ChainsawGood Chainsaw]]roid
** Jossed
* [[DuctTapeForEverything Tape]]roid
** Jossed
* Mixeroid (A Metaroid made from a cement mixer)
** For more comedic value, maybe a hand-mixer, aka blender.
* Controlleroid (made from a video game console joystick)
** Jossed
* Dinoroid (from a dinosaur fossil, Episode 25 shown that Metaroids can be made from implausible objects such as a candle)
** Jossed
* Manroid (Metavirus in a human, we've already had humans infected with Bungler metavirus]]
** Confirmed if you count Messiah Card #13 being inside Hiromu.

[[WMG: The commander has secret ties to Vagrass]]
* Why else would he be viewing the Vagrass world in episode 13?
** ...To see what moves they would make?
*** Jossed, he was contacting Beet Buster in hyper space.

[[WMG: Nick will be the SixthRanger]]
He'll be jealous of Beet J Stag so he'll try to prove his worth by becoming a ranger too.
* Jossed

[[WMG: The Go-Busters will gain a team cannon later on.]]
Why not?
* Confirmed wtih the Lio Blaster and then Lio Blaster Final Buster Mode

[[WMG: Look at the designs of the armor placements on Beet Buster and Stag buster. Then think about all the "super modes" that sentai teams usually get. ]]
I mean, think about it. Beet buster has armored legs. Stag buster has armored upper arms. Legs + arms = "perfect" buster.
* Shouldn't something like this be in the FridgeBrilliance category?
* As I have not gotten any information on a "super mode" I guess this will have to remain here for now. ~ Malice
* New scans show the Busters getting an armored SuperMode called the "Powered Custom" .So far however, there are only shots of Red, Blue and Yellow.

[[WMG: Instead of a SixthRanger, Hiromu and Nick will need to be upgraded into a new Buster]]
Go-Buster Ace will be destroyed in battle, Nick critically damaged, and Hiromu's Morphin' Brace destroyed, but Nick will be rebuilt in a new body while Hiromu is given new powers and a new Mecha.
* Not exactly sure if this will pan out like that[[spoiler:, but there is new magazine scans of a lion-based Buster Machine, [=LT-06=], who can do all of the things Ace can do.]]
** Jossed, LT-06 can take CB-01's place in a new combination but Ace itself still operates. There is no Sixth Buster, Hiromu manages to use Nick's power as part of Powered Custom along with ryuji and yoko with Gorisaki and Usada respectively.

[[WMG: LivingProp Operator Tōru Morishita will be the SixthRanger]]
Bonus point if he get more characterisation ever since.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Enter will be replaced at some point.]]
* [[spoiler:Recent scans have revealed a female Vaglass spy named Escape will be joining the show. Whether she's a replacement or simply a reinforcement is too soon to call, though.]]
** [[spoiler:Jossed, Enter and Escape co-exist, but their relationship is a rivalry at best. In fact Enter ends up surviving past Escape.]]

[[WMG: Masato Jin was the one who has given the Gobusters their WeaksauceWeakness]]
He insists that imperfections make things better and as an engineer on the facility 13 years ago, it is likely that he deliberately placed it on the Gobusters as part of his personal touch.

[[WMG: The real Masato Jin will join the Go-Busters mid-way through the series.]]
* Jossed

[[WMG: Enter uses the Metaroids to send his Avatars to earth]]
Just like Masato uses J. The first Metaroid that likely appeared off screen and was used as his beacon to let his avatar get there and was destroyed. He was only able to easily send an Avatar to Earth to replace the one Masato destroyed because a Metaroid was present. If there AREN'T any Metaroids presently on Earth, he'd have to send a Metaroid there before he could return, something that is likely not easy. A future plan will revolve around destroying the Metaroid then Enter's Avatar to slow him down.
* He may be able to get back if a Megazord is present

[[WMG: Enter and Masato are DeadAllAlong.]]
* Considering that it is very tough to even BREATHE in Hyper Space, it would not be shocking.
** Masato jossed as seen in episode 30 - he's just comatose in hyperspace.

[[WMG: Enter will die]]
He's going to pilot a giant mech. [[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Let's go ask Warz how well his experience with Great Warz...]] OhWait.
* It is very possible, as recent sources state that Enter becomes "Obsolete" around the time that Escape appears.
* Jossed on him being dead around Escape's debut. [[spoiler:Enter is alive around her arrival.]]
* [[spoiler: Confirmed as of Episode 30. He piloted another Epsilon to fight Hiromu and...well, history repeated itself.]]
** [[spoiler: Now it's been Jossed, as he appeared in episode 31 pretty much alive.]]
*** [[spoiler: Eventually confirmed, he seemingly died again in episode 43 then came back in the next episode. He soon becomes the BigBad and is taken down in the finale.]]

[[WMG: One of the Buddyroids (except J) will be told to StayInTheKitchen]]
Bonus points if it's Yoko telling them to stay in the kitchen.

[[WMG: There are small parts of Messiah's code in the Go-Busters]]
The program that was injected in Ryuuji, Hiromu and Yoko's bodies was contaminated right before them and the Buddyroids were teleported away from the research center, or during the teleportation (maybe a desperate attempt of Messiah to not be sent to hyperspace). That code is too small to take them over, but has caused the development of their weak points. Ryuuji has probably the largest portion of Messiah's code, given how dangerous his weak point is, and for this reason he may become essential to Messiah's plans once his minions find out about this. Also, somewhere in the future, in particular dramatic situations, the Go-Busters may become able to overcome the weak points, overriding if not destroying the malicious code in them.

[[WMG: The next buddyroid will not talk]]
At most, it will growl or make sounds.
* LT-06 is referred to in supplementary materials as a Buddy''zord'' and seems to be incapable of speech, so...semi-confirmed?

[[WMG: Ryuji will make a HeroicSacrifice by the end of the series.]]
Making Episode 21 a FunnyAneurysmMoment.
* Jossed

[[WMG: One of the buddyroid [[ShesAManInJapan will be a Female in the US]] ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' counterpart]]
All to avert TheSmurfettePrinciple.
* Though that would still cause the Smurfette Principle for the Buddyroids.
* If it does happen, they will probably do it to Usada.
** While this one is Jossed on the grounds that there won't be a ''Power Rangers'' counterpart (blame Bandai's insistence to skip it [[{{Hypocrite}} not one year after they told them to not skip Goseiger]]), if there had been one, this one would have been confirmed - in Amit Bhaumik's proposal for ''Power Rangers Cyber Corps'', Beet Buster's PR counterpart would have been a 23 year old pop star named Kaya.

[[WMG: Jin is Yoko's [[LukeIAmYourFather Dad]]]]
Either birth or step, episode 23 hints at this
* Jossed, Yoko's mother is the single mother.
** Neither Confirmed nor Jossed, as the identity of Yoko's father is never addressed. Jin being Yoko's birth father could still work. If Jin and Yoko's mom dated or had a one night stand.

[[WMG: Messiah is like a child and Enter is his babysitter]]
Enter will eventually go rouge but will still be loyal to Messiah. He dissagrees with Messiahs methods and does what he thinks is best for him.

[[WMG: Jin caused the death of Yoko's father]]
Perhaps while testing an imperfect machine designed by Jin something went horribly wrong and Yoko's father was killed as a result. Thus, Jin feels horrible for it and tried to make up for it by helping her mom to see if it's okay, leading to her telling him that she's okay by herself but not outright hating him understanding it was an accident. Now, as he has returned from cyberspace, he is trying to find redemption by protecting Yoko, only to find she is just like her mother.

[[WMG: Something has happened to Masato's body in Hyperspace]]
In episode 23, his avatar was shown to be glitching at times.

[[WMG: Jin created [[BigBad Messiah]]]]
[[LiteralMinded considering]] [[LargeHam how]] [[ItsAllAboutMe J]] [[TheComicallySerious usually]] [[AttentionWhore is]], it's not that hard to imagine. [[TheAtoner Also might be part of the reason he came back and being so secretive about it.]]
* Jossed, Jin is captive in hyperspace and therefore cannot have created the now-destroyed Messiah.
** Actually, I meant the virus, not his body.

[[WMG: At some point Hiromu will freeze up from somthing other than a chicken]]
It was mentioned that Hiromu freezes up when he sees something that he's afraid of/makes him panic. It just happens that chickens freak him out. But at some point he could be in a situation that freaks him out the same way and it will either be played for laughs or drama depending on the situation.

[[WMG: At some point, Hiromu will freeze up from seeing his sister about to die from a Vaglass attack, or being held hostage and put in a life or death situation]]
Since it will cause him to panic. This will cause something dramatic.
* Jossed

[[WMG: The hyperspace is, in fact, hell!]]
Or at least the spirit world of the dead. In that place lies Messiah. He is a soul of an old king who found out about the Enetron technology and learnt how to make use of it.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: The Go-Busters will hijack a special Vaglass Megazord at some point.]]

[[WMG: Enter and Escape are younger version avatars of Hiromu's parents]]
They were infected by Messiah and turned into his relatively obedient servants. Makes sense since Hiromu lost both his parents in the subspace.
* This would also be a neat little reference to Series/PowerRangersWildForce, where it was originally planned for Jindrax and Toxica to be Cole's brainwashed parents. This idea got dropped partway through production.
** [[spoiler: Sort of confirmed. It turns out that Enter and Escape are literal [[CompositeCharacter Composite Characters]], being the avatars of all those taken into hyperspace, with various character quirks being borrowed from different people (Jin being a likely exception).]]

[[WMG: The Go-Buster's new forms, the Powered Customs will be made by those in the Messiah incident.]]
It would make sense, after all, A: It's the 30 episode mark as of this writing, 5 eps later at the most they'll try to ram in another ranger or a power up form as most Sentai have shown.
B: It's an upgrade/add on of the Morphin Brace, so only main designers, the Go-Buster's parents would be able to make such a thing.
c: Now that Messiah has a bodied form, he'll probably go into the cycle of Toku Villains of beating our heroes, [[MidSeasonUpgrade finding the upgraded form]], [[CurbstompBattle completely destroy said villain]], and enter new main antagonist.
* Jossed. Messiah has been destroyed - and with him, all the researchers in hyperspace, who'd been absorbed into him.

[[WMG: Enter will become a DragonAscendant.]]
Considering that Messiah is now destroyed...and somehow he managed to survive.
* As of #33 Messiah has 13 backups of himself, and Enter's hellbent on seeing that they grow. However this might not be Jossed quite yet...
** Then again, Enter has recently been taking to calling himself the new Messiah so this could be pretty much confirmed.

[[WMG: The chief will become a Ranger.]]
Well, it [[Series/TokusouSentaiDekaranger wouldn't be the first time]] the straight-laced chief got a shiny suit. The way Jin teases Kuroki really reminded me of the way Kruger sometimes got treated by the Dekarangers in the end-of-episode comedic moment. Also, having your ranger color in your name is something the series used to do a lot. So, '''Kuro'''ki = Black Buster?
* A good EleventhHourRanger candidate.
** Jossed
*** Not quite. A recent poster of Go-Busters' V-Cinema features an alternate Black Ranger...
*** [[IKnewIt Called it]]! '''[[LargeHam Black Puuuuuu-maaaaaaaa!]]'''[[hottip:*:Just ask the roll call scene background; exact count of Us and As.]] Movie-only funky alternate thing or not, I claim this one as a win.

[[WMG: Enter only threw 12 Messiah Cards.]]
He's holding on to the 13th, and even after the 12 other Messiahroids are blown to bits, he'll activate the last on himself, going OneWingedAngel with an accumulation of all the data the others gathered. Absorbing Escape into himself on top of that may also be on the table.
** Though he has acquired an upgraded form for fighting, using two Messiah Cards he's absorbed, Enter could still go full on OneWingedAngel in the season finale.
* Altenatively...

[[WMG: Enter backed up a piece of Messiah into himself.]]
In addition to the 13 cards, there is another piece of Messiah in Enter himself. And despite his best efforts to control it, it will consume him eventually, allowing Messiah a body... just as he wanted.
* Enter has absorbed two of the Messiah Cards into himself and retained control of his body, but the process seems to have had some side effects: [[spoiler: mainly that he seems to be slowly going insane.]]

[[WMG:''When'' Messiah returns, he'll bring in one last new enemy Megazord model.]]
In terms of power, it will be on par with the [=Go-BusterKing=], and will have to be classified as a Type Omega.
* Confirmed and jossed. [=MegaZord Omega=], said to be Vaglass's greatest [=MegaZord=], will appear in the ''[[Film/TokumeiSentaiGobustersVsKaizokuSentaiGokaigerTheMovie Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger]]'' movie, where it will be piloted by Enter. [[spoiler:While Messiah will return in the form of Messiah Reboot, a combination of [=MegaZords=] Alpha, Beta, Delta and Zeta (Escape's [=MegaZord=]) with an Enetron Tank, and Messiah's essence. It will be taken on by [=Go-BusterRaiOh=], with Nick joining Hiromu in the cockpit, along with [=Go-BusterBeet=].]]

[[WMG:Escape will pull a HighHeelFaceTurn, and possibly [[RedemptionEqualsDeath get killed after doing so]].]]
* So she would go the way of Sally from ''[[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Gokaiger]]''? Possible, Enter did jump in and save her from the Go-Busters FinishingMove in #39, reminiscent of Basco saving Sally in Gokaiger's thirty-ninth episode.
** Jossed: [[spoiler: She stabbed Enter in the back in the name of her papa Messiah in #43, only to be absorbed by Messiah in the next episode. Enter tried to recreate her, bit it didn't turn out well.]]

[[WMG: The last Messiah Card will activate from the city's Enetron Tower.]]
What better place from which to get a heavy and near-continuous supply? And perhaps for a bit of poetic irony, considering the Go-Busters have spent the entire series trying to protect it, and in the end are forced to destroy it!
* Jossed: [[spoiler: the last card is inside of Hiromu.]]
** However, also partly confirmed in that [[spoiler:Enter turns it into his personal Megazord Omega.]]

[[WMG: Enter really did die in Hyperspace.]]
However, when he was backing up Messiah, he backed up his own data on the No. 4 card, with the intention of continuing his work though his copy after his death. Once the second Enter manifested, however, the card's effects allowed Enter to act outside his original programming, [[spoiler: hence why he has decided to take Messiah's place as the BigBad.]]

[[WMG: If this is is adapted in Franchise/PowerRangers, the enemy mechs will be called Negazords.]]
To distinguish them from the heroes' megazords.
* More likely now since they've already brought up a new term, "Mechazord" (to refer to the individiual zords which make up a Megazord), in ''Series/PowerRangersMegaforce''.
** Not gonna happen, since ''Gobusters'' wasn't adapted.

[[WMG: Yoko has no father, her mother had a virgin birth, like [[Franchise/StarWars Darth Vader]], Myth/KingArthur and UsefulNotes/{{Jesus}} himself]].]]
I don't think we've ever heard about Yoko's father, all we hear about is her mother who was lost in hyperspace. We can assume she had a father, but he died as well before Yoko lost her mother, since Ryuji seems to be the closest thing she has to a parent. Then there's the theory that Jin is Yoko's father but that's gone nowhere. So since Yoko's father hasn't been mentioned at all, I'm just going to assume she never had a father. It would be pretty ironic considering this show's BigBad.

[[WMG: In the GrandFinale Messiah is stopped by... [[spoiler:chickens]].]]
[[spoiler:If he's planted in Hiromu and he's absorbing human data - why wouldn't he get our weaknesses as well?]]
* Very unlikely. Enter is way, way, too smart to let that be his downfall.
** Definitely Jossed. Sadly.

[[WMG: Enter's ultimate goal.]]
In Mission 47 [[spoiler: It is revealed that Hiromu is Enter's SoulJar. But that's not all. Enter's goal is to become a perfect human, and, while he knows about anger and love etc. he still doesn't understand that which has troubled him since Mission 30: the capability and resolve to perform a HeroicSacrifice. That's why he put Card no. 13 in Hiromu, to force him to a point where he'll try to kill himself, thus giving Enter the data he needs. He'll then extract the card from Hiromu, and he will become even more powerful. Hiromu, however, will predict this, and will use this opening to take extract Card no.7 from Enter, allowing Jin to return from Hyperspace. Jin will be very touched by this.]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler:Hiromu WILL (seemingly) die in the final episode, and the V-Cinema will deal with Hiromu's data being transported into another person's body, having that person act like Hiromu, ala Film/StarTrekIIITheSearchForSpock]].]]
* [[spoiler: Awesome theory, bonus points if [[TheKirk Ryuji]] is Kirk and the one who [[TheSpock Hiromu]]'s data is transported into is J, it could also be [[TheMcCoy Yoko]] but Hiromu was sort of already in her body (that episode with the Sprayroid who changed everyone's appearance).]]
** [[spoiler: There is one possible problem though, the V-Cinema is due to be released in June, and considering the premiere date of the first ''[[Film/KamenRiderXSuperSentaiSuperHeroTaisen Super Hero Taisen]]'', ''[[Film/KamenRiderXSuperSentaiXSpaceSheriffSuperHeroTaisenZ Super Hero Taisen Z]]'' will likely be released in April. The Go-Busters haven't been confirmed to appear in that movie but they almost certainly will since they would have just ended ala ''[[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Gokaiger]]'' in the first movie, and if there is a [[MassiveMultiplayerCrossover Massive Multiplayer]] CrisisCrossover.]]
* [[spoiler: Jossed, but it could still work if you replace Hiromu with Jin]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler: The Chief will adopt J]]]]
[[spoiler: Now that Jin is dead Beet Jueki Stag needs someone to watch him]]

[[WMG: Everyone who were trapped in hyperspace will eventually return for real]]
It will be in the VS series with Kyoryuger.

[[WMG: Ever since that Xmas Day, the next invasion was always planned to happen in 13 years]]
And in extension, Enter has been pre-programmed with the key number, 13, the number of years where that Xmas event happened.

[[WMG: [[AlternateUniverse Alternate!Hiromu]] is an IdiotHero]]
Since the tragedy of the transported Energy Management Center didn't happen in this timeline, this Hiromu grew up carefree, perhaps even HotBlooded.

[[WMG: Following on from the previous theory, the alternate universe Go-Busters will be based on the [[Series/ZyudenSentaiKyoryuger Kyoryugers]].]]
The theory for Alternate!Hiromu sounds an awful lot like Daigo, while Alternate!Ryuji's clothing is very similar to what Nobuharu is usually seen wearing.

[[WMG: J will become [[spoiler:the new Beet Buster.]]]]
[[spoiler:As a tribute to his late creator, J will take up the mantle of Beet Buster as a way to continue Jin's legacy. Of course, this will also necessitate finding someone to take over as Stag Buster.]]
* Commander Kuroki may be a possible candidate for either position, since [[spoiler:his alternate self from ''Go-Busters Return'' has no problem as Black Puma.]]
* Heck maybe Toru Morishita or Miho Nakamura can become the new Stag or Beet Buster if they are really are desperate.

[[WMG: The black ranger is an alternate counterpart to J and Stag Buster.]]

[[WMG: If the American version of the show keeps the Enetron angle, J will be voiced by Creator/JohnDiMaggio.]]
[[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} "You've been drinking too much! Or not enough. I forget how it works with you."]]

[[WMG: Messiah is [[Series/DoctorWho the Great Intelligence]].]]
He's taken many forms in ''Series/DoctorWho'', I can easily see him being Messiah.

[[WMG: Peter Dickson will voice the Go-Busters' arsenal when its adapted for ''Power Rangers''.]]
Just to hear him yell "It's Morphin Time!", or "It's time for Buster!" (if they keep the Buster name), he's the only person in the English-speaking world who can do it justice. It also helps that the original voice (which has very good English) and his sound fairly similar.

[[WMG: Messiah was a creation of Mechalius from the ''Returns'' special, that turned against them and conquered them before using their technology to attack humanity.]]
This would explain why Mechalius didn't seem to exist in the original timeline, even though the only thing that was changed was the appearance of Messiah, as well as why all their equipment is the same. There's even some remnants of their [[UnwillingRoboticization original goal]] in Escape, who [[spoiler:near the end of her life begins absorbing animals and plants into herself.]]

[[WMG: The PowerRangers adaptation of this will effectively be an AU version of Series/PowerRangersRPM]]
In this version, Venjix (and the servers containing him) would be trapped in a sub-spatial rift as a result of a fail-safe measure; the original idea was to create a virtual world, but Venjix wound up trying to mobilize its forces to transport into the physical world.

[[WMG: The PowerRangers adaptation will have [[Series/PowerRangersMegaforce Robo Knight]] as Silver.]]
He'll be continuing on his quest of learning about humanity by joining up with another Ranger Team elsewhere on earth, and joining the Go Busters (Or whatever they'll be called) in their fight.

[[WMG: There was also an Atsushi Domyoji in the original timeline.]]
In the ''Returns'' special, after the Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters are wiped out the same way as the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, it's mentioned that everyone died in the same order that year, and thus Nick and J get another chance to change the timeline. Logically, this means that there was an Atsushi in the original timeline who also died at around the same time as the one who became Green Hippopotamus in the alternate timeline. However, this version of him didn't become a member of the team, so it's anyone's guess how he died.
* [[FridgeHorror Perhaps as one of the nameless civilians they failed to save?]]

[[WMG: The Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters weren't erased from existence.]]

Instead, God gave Nick a freebe and temporarily merged the timelines. When they destroyed Azazel, they were destroying ''both'' Azazels at the same time, saving both worlds. This also explains how the Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters managed to summon their mecha from ''another universe''. When the Dobutsu Sentai faded away, they were actually returning to their own, now saved timeline.

[[WMG: The Go-Busters are GenreSavvy in regards to crossovers.]]
Despite ''Kyōryūger vs. Go-Busters'' featuring them, the Go-Busters arguably don't have much personal stake in the story. Sure, the Vaglass return, but the Go-Busters were already shown to be in action against Voldos's forces even before they had any reason to believe that the Vaglass could come back. The first action scene of the movie has them chasing down a truck containing a kidnapped [[Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger Ryōga Hakua]], with Nick noting that the truck is being driven by the minions of the [[Series/ZyudenSentaiKyoryuger Deboth Legion]].
* Logically, the Go-Busters have no reason to know anything about the Deboth Legion and as far as we know, Ryōga getting kidnapped has nothing to do with Enetron theft. From this, it can be inferred that the Go-Busters are aware that they are likely to team up with their successors, as well as other previous teams, so they did research and kept tabs on other heroes. This preparation is why they were aware of Ryōga getting kidnapped, the existence of the Deboth Legion, and the fact the dinosaur motif teams were being targeted.
* Other evidence to support the idea that they did their research is the fact that Hiromu could identify [=AbaRed=] and [=TyrannoRanger=] Geki as the predecessors to the Go-Busters and Kyōryūgers while the Kyōryūgers, who share a dinosaur motif with the other teams, are totally unaware of them.
* Compounding this is how relatively unsurprised the Go-Busters are to see the Vaglass return under the control of Voldos. Hiromu's reaction to him and Daigo being ambushed by Enter and the Buglars is something along the lines of, "I should've known you'd have a hand in this!" Prior to the ambush, there was no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the Vaglass were involved at all, so Hiromu predicting Enter's involvement is most likely due to him being GenreSavvy enough about team-ups to expect that their enemies will return somehow and collaborate with their successors' enemies.