[[WMG: Tare Duke killed Varere Blume]]
The evidence: the mysterious party she went to the night he died, and returned the next day with a change of clothes. Telema's missing hair-band, which a sister could have easily stolen. Her reaction to Soji's confession and her certainty that he was lying...
[[spoiler: Jossed. It was Dan!]]

[[WMG: Phillip leaked the scoop of Laide's pregnancy to the press]]
He wants Sheila for himself.

[[WMG: Phillip and Tare are endgame.]]
[[spoiler: And as from Season 5, it is so on!]]

[[WMG: Monica is still alive]]
They [[NeverFoundTheBody never found her body]] after all....

[[WMG: Ene is secretly in love with Soji]]
That is why she is more interested in his love life than in her own.