[[WMG: The entire "send prawns by clacks" conversation is a StealthPun.]]

Specifically, using an advanced communication system to send prawns... pr0ns... [[TheInternetIsForPorn PORN.]]

[[WMG: Charlie is not only Vetinari's doppelganger but in fact the Anthropomorphic Personification of all the characteristics Vetinari left behind to become what he is now]]
* That, my dear friend, is BRILLIANT.

[[WMG: Some of the members of the Committee to Un-Elect the Patrician are actually working for Vetinari.]]

It's mentioned in other books that many people have tried to depose Vetinari, and that Vetinari was even behind a few of these attempts. It would be quite fitting for [[XanatosSpeedChess a master of improvisational scheming]] like him to keep tabs on a big conspiracy like the one Lord de Worde was running without de Worde knowing.
* Which is why the conspirators' chairs were all positioned so the occupants couldn't see ''each other'': Lord de Worde presumably suspected as much, and arranged things accordingly.

[[WMG: Mr Tulip is Borogravian.]]
Very late in the book, it's explained that he got interested in art as a little boy while hiding from soldiers ("Ours or theirs, it didn't matter when the war had gone on this long") in a snow-bound church, which contained the only beautiful things he'd ever seen. Zlobenia is Borogravia's perennial enemy and, in Monstrous Regiment, not much mention is made of Zlobenia being ultra-Orthodox like Borogravia. Eternal war + church + cold = Borogravia.

[[WMG: Mr Tulip is Uberwaldian.]]
Moist von Lipwig is Uberwaldian, and his family are members of the Plain Potato Church (as opposed to the Orthodox Potato Church).