[[WMG: Stefan and Ellen were involved sexually.]]
When these two met in the observatory Cosmo thought he saw Stefan blushing when he and Ellen were catching up.
[[WMG: The Supernaturalist takes place in the "Literature/ArtemisFowl" series' future.]]
At one point, Faustino mentions Phonetix, a company that was in the third book of Artemis Fowl.
* That might mean the "exploding microchips Holocaust" in the last book is responsible for the dystopian state of the world in "Supernaturalist".
[[WMG: The Supernaturalist takes place in "Literature/TheWishList" 's future]]
It is mentioned by Faustino that (paraphrasing) "a Myishi hasn't been at the helm of this company for years", and if it is in the same universe as The Wish List there is at least one Myishi helping to devise Eternal Solutions to Infernal Problems for the forces of Hell.

[[WMG: Other names seen on the roll call at Clarissa Frayne]]
First of all let me say I'm very sorry about [[IncrediblyLamePun these]].
* Archie Gates from St. Louis
* Lincoln Head of Keystone, South Dakota.
* Tooms N. Noughan from Arlington, Virginia.
* Fortune Knox from Kentucky
* Carrie Vieux from New Orleans
* Benjamin Biggis from London.
* Wally from near the US-Mexico border. Okay, no we're done here.