[[WMG: Jigsaw is descended from Ladd Russo]]

Jigsaw's real name is Billy RUSSO, is a member of the mafia, and was very handsome before Frank got his hands on him. Ladd from ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'' is also a handsome mafioso. Obviously, Jigsaw is Ladd's son or grandson.

[[WMG: The Punisher doesn't kill Kingpin, because of lingering mental controls.]]

When the Kingpin had third rate psychic The Persuader brainwash Frank Castle, he had the guy place into Frank's mind subtle commands to avoid going after the Kingpin. While Frank broke with the overt control, he never did overcome the subtle commands. And so, he justifies reasons not to go after Kingpin.

[[WMG: The Russian ([[Film/ThePunisher2004 movie version]]) was the result of a Soviet effort to duplicate the Super Soldier Serum]]

For which he was a partial success: it gave him extraordinary strength, reflexes, and durability... but also gave him significant psychological problems.

[[WMG: What to expect in the Netflix series...]]
* Punisher will still have the dog.
* Microchip
* Martin Soap, first as the SympatheticInspectorAntagonist then a FriendOnTheForce.
* Joan the Mouse, Spacker Dave, and Mr. Bumpo.
* Carlos Cruz
* Jigsaw will be the BigBad.
* The Russian will be Jigsaw's [[TheBrute hired muscle]].
* Mickey Fondozzi is one of Jigsaw's henchmen, until [[MistreatmentInducedBetrayal he gets fed up with his abuse and willingly helps]] Punisher take him down (but not before Punisher [[TortureForFunAndInformation persuade]] him).
* Harry Heck
* Olivier/Frank Costa will be the BiggerBad. He might be given a [[AdaptationNameChange different first name]] so as not to be [[OneSteveLimit confused with the Punisher]].
* G.W. Bridge