[[WMG: Kereellis is behind everything]]
The reason he knows things before they happen? He's planned it all.

Why? That's a matter for another WMG (which I haven't thought of yet).

[[WMG: Sasaki is psychic like Karatsu]]
She summoned Yaichi and noticed his presence at the end of the ears case, and he saved her twice. Once from the 'suicide song' case from volume 3, and from the ghost in the bride case in volume 8. She even thanks Karatsu for saving her again the second time.

[[WMG:All the main characters are Expies of the main cast of ''{{Series/Angel}}'', minus Angel.]]
Karatsu: Self-hating psychic with ChronicHeroSyndrome - Doyle

Sasaki: Sexy, money-grubbing JerkWithAHeartOfGold and unwilling TeamMum - Cordelia

Numata: Tough working-class guy with a secret very soft centre - Gunn

Makino: Cutesy nerd with surprisingly macabre interests and abilities - Fred

Yata: Geeky loser with traumatic past - Wesley