[[WMG:Regarding Jay's appearance on ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''..]]
Jay was a guest star on TheSimpsons. Jay exists in TheSimpsons universe, hence why no else one from ''The Critic'' appeared. Jay's not a ButtMonkey in his appearance which was probably made after he met Alice or is a case of inverted AdamWesting.

[[WMG:Jay's boss Duke Phillips is a DepravedBisexual]]
He's the one who has a crush on Jay and makes jokes about Jay to cover up his insecurity. He's from the South where homosexuality isn't as tolerated.

[[WMG:Doris really is Jay's Mother.]]
The DNA Test results were switched or of poor quality.

[[WMG: Every movie in Hollywood since 1994 has taken a page from the show.]]
[[HilariousInHindsight Many jokes on the show came true in real life.]] The show had a bigger cult following than we know and any bad movie that's come out or [[Film/TheLostWorldJurassicPark sequel they predicted]] was due to this show.

[[WMG: Duke knows Noah Webster is dead.]]
A famous scene in this show involves Duke making the word "quyzbuk", and when Marty calls him out for it, phoning Noah Webster to bribe him to make it a word, supposedly ignoring Noah being dead for who-knows-long. However, it's entirely likely that Duke knows this, and was just playing so that way Marty (who's young and gullible in this scene) will shut up about it.