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The various looks of the King are actually different kings
They're a dynasty. this guy is the father of this guy, who's the father of this guy, who's the father of the creepy king we all know and love.

The King is The First.
After getting his ass kicked he really had no place to go.

The King wrote the song "What Is Love?".
He did so while he was on fire.

The King is cursed.
He doesn't seem to be alive in the regular sense, and he doesn't seem to enjoy his work. So, it's quite obvious that he's some guy who sold his soul to someone, who sold it to someone, who sold it to Burger King. Now that he's dead, they teleport him to some unusual place, and he's not allowed to leave until he advertises their food.
  • This also explains why there are multiple Kings, such as the Klingon King and the Cybertronian King; various people have sold their souls to him.

The King is King Arthur.
Like Arthur, the King possesses powers unlike mortal men. Not only that, but Arthurian legend states that King Arthur never died, but rather fell from power, and now waits for Britain's greatest hour of need. Until then, he just set up a fast food joint to make ends meet and to keep himself busy.

The only way the King can be creepier
Is if he was part weeping angel.

The King was once a Burger King employee
until poor working conditions caused his disfigurement thanks to poorly-contained, sizzling fryer grease. His vocal chords were removed so he couldn't speak out against the company, and he is now paid millions to be their mascot.

The King is Ronald McDonald from a dystopian future
In the future, as the world gets more P.C., fast food restaurants continually get blamed for the fattening of America. McDonald's, desperate to cleanse themselves of this image, completely revamp themselves, the board turns on Ronald McDonald in their anger, and ousts him from the company. But Ronald knows all the corporate secrets, so the restaurant's shareholders hire assassins to eliminate the clown, as well as the citizens of McDonaldland. Grimace, the Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese, and most of the rest are killed in the ensuing holocaust. Although Ronald (and close ally Birdie) survives the assassination attempt, the experience leaves him severely scarred, both physically and mentally. He decides to create a new restaurant, one where he can be in charge again. He travels into the past and adopt a crude disguise of a plastic king mask, and begins to form his own franchise to counter his former restaurant, thus fulfilling the ancient Sumerian prophecy (circa 1950 BC) that "When a clown falls, a king shall rise." Birdie gets extensive plastic surgery, dyes her pigtails red and renames herself "Wendy", but that's another story...
  • Impossible. The Sumerian people were absorbed by their neighbors by the 1800s. How could they possibly write a prophecy in 1250, hm?
The King is the latest in the Burger King family-however, he is simply disfigured from a nasty grilling accident, and is perfectly harmless.
He's wearing that mask that is a direct copy of what his face looked like before it fell onto a blazing hot grill with beef patties on top. He is not evil at all-he is simply a mascot, and only wants to cheer up people with burgers. The mask may look creepy, but at least you wouldn't have to see his grilled face.
Alternatively, The King inside the creepy mask might be so handsome that women chase him relentlessly, forcing him to wear the creepy mask to drive them off.
This was due to a Love Potion mix-up and the Burger King wears the mask to scare off would-be suitors. It works remarkably well...

The King is Hastur the Unspeakable.
Think about it. They are both kings, they're both terrifyingly creepy, they both wear masks that apparently are Not a Mask, and what's the color they both wear the most often? Yellow. I rest my case.

The King is Waluigi's Dad.
Just... throwing it out there.

The King once made Ronald McDonald look like a crybaby
Usually, the Broken Tears trope is associated with someone who has experienced a huge emotional trauma: A close friend or family member dies, they lose a job, their home, ... list goes on. But imagine if Broken Tears were shed for something not that important ... like a customer who orders his McDonald's hamburger without any pickles. So it is in a commercial that was part of Burger King's "your way, right away" campaign. A customer goes into a fast-food restaurant, suspiciously similar to McDonald's and orders a hamburger but doesn't want the pickles. Please hold the pickles. The background noise and chatter immediately become silent, and all the smiles and laughter turn into "Oh My God! What has just happened?" Pan to the cashier, who is dresses suspiciously similar to Ronald McDonald! He immediately bursts into tears and with deep sobs, asks, "Why do you want your hamburger without any pickles???!!!???" And the deep sobs and Broken Tears continues, as the other clerks and everyone in the restaurant sits there either in disbelief or acts like they want to cry. The customer looks disgusted and begins to leave, before the Fade to Black and the words "Your way, right away (without the crying)" appear on the screen, then the then-current Burger King logo.