[[WMG: Shredder's mom was TokyoRose.]]
Miyoko was the right age and was just mean enough.
* [[FridgeBrilliance That would explain why she was in a retirement home for villains.]]

[[WMG: Shredder has a VillainousCrush on April.]]
[[FridgeBrilliance Why do you think he was always kidnapping her?]]
* He does try to make her his queen in one episode...
** He also openly flirts with her in a few episodes.
* Who could blame him?

[[WMG: Krang is a [[Series/DoctorWho Dalek]].]]
He was a refugee from the Time War who ended up transporting himself to Dimension X, and then because of his xenocidal tendencies got himself banished to 1980's New York, where he met Shredder. He also prefers operating within a robot, like a Dalek.
* This troper always thought [[DoctorWhoS30E12TheStolenEarth Dalek]] [[DoctorWhoS30E13JourneysEnd Caan]] reminded him of Krang. Alternatively, Krang could be a [[NewSeriesAdventuresEnginesOfWar Skaro Degradation]], which is essentially an umbrella term for various alternate evolutionary forms of Daleks from alternate timelines.

[[WMG: Zack is lying about his age in order to seem cool]]
Come on, like you've never done that before.

[[WMG: The Shredder would have returned had the show been renewed for another season.]]
Lord Dregg may have replaced old Tin Grin as the main villain in the last two seasons, but the theme song still had the lyric "When the evil Shredder attacks". Either they were too lazy to change the theme song or they really intended for Dregg to be an ArcVillain. Also, Dregg appeared to be KilledOffForReal in the final episode "Divide and Conquer", so it seems possible that the Shredder would have gone back to being the BigBad along with Krang had the show continued.

[[WMG: Neutrinos are the Dimension X equivalent of humans.]]

[[WMG: Lotus ''is'' Karai]]
''WesternAnimation/TurtlesForever'' proved that all versions of the turtles are part of TheMultiverse. Lotus is Karai's counterpart in the 1987 universe with an AdaptationNameChange.

[[WMG: Casey Jones is/was a cop]]
He is obsessed with the law and tried to arrest Krang instead of just beat him up. He could be a cop moonlighting as a vigilante or he could have become a vigilante after being dismissed from the force.

[[WMG: Someone working at Murikami-Wolf-Swenson must have ''really'' liked Jeanette from ''WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunks'']]
MWS animated/co-produced eleven episodes of ''WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunks'' for the 1988-89 season - the same year Irma was introduced on TMNT. Someone at MWS who worked on both shows must have ''really'' liked Jeanette enough to basically ripoff her design to incorporate into a regular character on TMNT. It's a double-edged sword; on one hand, the very obvious similarities between the two characters' designs (pulled-back brown hair, yellow hair accessories [[note]]Jeanette's hair ribbon has usually always been purple, however, in the MWS-animated episodes, her hair ribbon was yellow[[/note]], the large pink glasses, the oversized blue turtlenecks, the purple skirts, both being really clumsy characters) just screams, "We wanted our own Jeanette," yet on the other hand, the noticable differences (Irma having square frames as opposed to Jeanette's round frames, and Irma being boy-crazy as opposed to Jeanette being shy and withdrawn) speaks volumes as, "This character is not quite the same."

[[WMG: The Turtles are actually responsible for the sky turning red for the last three seasons.]]
Well, it's never stated or something, but it could be possible. At the end of "Shredder Triumphant" when the Turtles (again) open the Trans-Dimensional portal to Dimension X and sent the Technodrome through it, a massive amount of energy (which cannot be seen by normal eyes) escaped from Dimension X and came into our world. It's not dangerous and toxic though, but it does scramble up the sky, giving it's permantly red colour. Don't forget whenever we see Dimension X it is mostly drawn with a pink-red background.
* You might wonder how the sky eventually got blue again.
** Perhaps it wears off, but only after a long time.

[[WMG: Hamato Yoshi was a survivor of Hiroshima.]]
He was a small child when it happened. The leader of the Foot Clan of the time found a half-starved boy with radiation burns in the wilderness, nursed him back to health and took him in when it was clear his parents were killed in the bombing. Having no familial ties to the Clan and being from Hiroshima caused Yoshi to be a target of prejudice. Unfortunately, the man who adopted Yoshi died just as he was entering manhood and a less understanding master took over. This made it easy for Saki to turn everyone against Yoshi.

[[WMG: The above WMG explains where the ninja weapons came from.]]
The former leader of the Foot Clan left Yoshi all his worldly possessions in his will. The new leader didn't agree with the old leader's decision to adopt Yoshi, but he respected him enough to obey his final wishes before he decided to "throw the bum out". The old master was not a wealthy man. By the time Yoshi got to New York, all he had left was a couple of katana, a pair of sai, a pair of nunchaku, a wooden bo and a folio of Italian Renaissance art.

[[WMG: All the Neutrinos we've seen so far are related.]]
Kala and Zak are fraternal twins. After their parents were killed in a bombing raid (a good reason to hate war so much) they went to live with Aunt Gizzla, Uncle Zenter and their cousin, Dask. Tribble was a change-of-life baby. (Neutrinos don't show their age quite as quickly as humans.)