WMG: Super Hexagon

The normal levels are based on well known astronomical events, the hyper levels are theorical or not so known.

  • Hexagon is a sun.
  • Hexagoner is a black hole.
  • Hexagonest is the Big Bang.
  • Hyper Hexagon is blue star.
  • Hyper Hexagoner is a white hole.
  • Hyper Hexagonest is a supernova.

The game is a visual metaphor for conception.

  • The central hexagon is an ovum.
  • The player triangle represents a sperm attempting to penetrate the outer membrane of the ovum.
  • The rushing walls represent the twisting sides of the female reproductive system, and the masses of other sperm in competition with you.
  • When the game is completed, the disappearance of the player triangle represents successful fertilisation and the formation of a single zygote.
  • During the final animation, walls and colours begin to "grow" from the central hexagon, representing the division and growth of the new embryo.
  • The final, beating hexagon represents the formation of a new heart.

The Hexagon is a black hole.

  • How else would it be bringing all that stuff into it? Maybe the Triangle is trying to escape the Hexagon. If it runs into a wall, it goes with it.
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