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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
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    The Fan Fic 
The fic is on hiatus because the author is busy working for Bioware.
Lets see... Earth is abandoned to a superior enemy with no hope of winning -Mass Effect 3. A Hive Mind created to end a war between machines and organics which has Gone Horribly Right and is corrected later - again Mass Effect 3. A low rank officer rallying the remaining fleets - check. A superweapon is prepared, and someone mentions that when the first nuclear bomb was made, there was a risk of it igniting the Earth's atmosphere - likewise. An Emperor wants to destroy everything for power and godhood, to wait until everything dies and is reborn - present in Star Wars: The Old Republic and strongly implied in the fic. Yeah, same author seems likely.

    The TV Series 
The Preservers from Star Trek transplanted a branch of humanity to Atria
How else to explain the fact that Atrians and humans apparently have similar enough chromosomes to produce a viable child?
Emery joining the "New Red Hawks" is a feint
Emery has no intention of actually helping Greyson in his Knight Templar anti-Atrian campaign; she simply wants to misdirect him into something ultimately harmless while at the same time feeding information back to Roman.
  • While never formally addressed in-series, this appears to effectively be the case as Drake and Roman grudgingly form an anti-Trag based truce with Grayson.
Roman will survive, become the next Iksen, and marry Emery
. Because having this series end like the actual play did would just be too unbelievable and sad.
  • Jossed, damn it.
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