[[WMG: Ziro the Hutt wasn't saved by Cad Bane for altruistic reasons.]]
Jabba the Hutt hired Cad Bane and his crew sometime after the Clone Wars movie to go after Ziro for playing a major role in kidnapping his son for the Hutts to ally themselves with the Separatists, so when Bane arrives back at Jabba's palace, it's Rancour feeding time!
* Confirmed: Ziro had incriminating evidence against the Hutts, and they wanted him to give them the evidence. He didn't...He wasn't fed to a Rancor, but he did bite it.

[[WMG: The series is a continuity reboot.]]
Of the Clone Wars. It seems impossible that this series could fit with Episode III, and that's just ignoring the other Clone Wars series. What I think is happening is that George Lucas felt the Clone Wars arc needed some improvement. And, by extension, Anakin's ultimate fall. For this reason, he felt the need for a MoralityPet. Or rather, a MoralityChain. This show will end with an edited, alternate Episode III. In this, the cause of Anakin's turn to the dark side will be due to Ashoka's death. It will make him more vulnerable, and explain his determination to save Padme at any costs. In short, this is Lucas's plan to make a better FaceHeelTurn for Ani. [[XanatosGambit Even if no one buys it, the Clone Wars themselves are fleshed out.]]

[[WMG: The ''Clones'' are going to kill Krell by the end of the Umbara arc.]]
Come on, Rex isn't going to take Krell's attitude forever. He ''pulled a lightsaber on Fives'' for crying out loud. I could actually see a Clone Trooper axing him and everyone just instantly agrees not to talk about it in the future. It also sets up Order 66 nicely, considering this IS the 501st. Alternatively, Anakin shows up to find Krell doing something similar to what he did to Fives and flips out, engaging Krell in a lightsaber duel that either ends with Anakin killing Krell or a Clone Trooper stepping in to save Anakin via blasting Krell, and again everyone just tacitly agrees not to talk about it. Seriously, Krell acts like Traviss' stereotype of a Jedi commander. Only so long before he crosses the MoralEventHorizon.
* '''Order 66''': ''In the event of Jedi officers acting against the interests of the Republic, and after receiving specific orders verified as coming directly from the Supreme Commander (Chancellor), GAR commanders will remove those officers by lethal force, and command of the GAR will revert to the Supreme Commander (Chancellor) until a new command structure is established.''
Krell does something way too bloody, which qualifies as acting against the interests of the Republic in Rex's book. Rex requests Chancellor's confirmation to execute the Order, Palpatine gladly gives it. Troopers kill Krell, the Jedi Council is given the explanation about Krell joining Dooku or something.
* As of "The Carnage of Krell", [[spoiler:This has been confirmed, done in by a blaster bolt from Dogma.]]

[[WMG: Grievous will have a comeback.]]

After several episodes of losing, and many VillainDecay moments, he'll start to come by again. Maybe the directors will realize he needs to be more menacing or frightening, when it suits them. Like, the character himself will be enraged by his own ineptitude and irrelevance to the Separatist cause and face a bunch of RedShirt Jedi and KillEmAll.
* He gets one in "Massacre", which is exactly what it sounds like: Grievous and the droid army actually get to inflict some damage for once.
** YMMV on that one. He can't even deal with Ventress alone and has to call his troops for help. He really needs to finally win a lightsaber fight by himself again.

[[WMG: Palpatine sent Krell to Umbara to get him killed.]]
Krell had a vision of the events that would happen in ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith'', and thus if the Jedi found out what he had seen, they might decide to take chances and start working out on how to bring down Darth Sidious. Sidious learnt about Krell's knowledge, and decided to send him to command the 501st on Umbara. As it is a very dangerous battleground, he figured that the clones would be more likely to question Krell (of course, we don't know what other battles he has participated in, and how dangerous those worlds were - maybe Palpatine has been trying this on many hostile worlds for a while), and thus turn on him. If they succeeded in capturing him (which they do), he figured that such a great threat to the clones would lead them to decide to kill him, thus benefiting the clones and Sidious. Krell's views on the clones only would've helped his plan.
* That was actually somewhat confirmed [[WordOfGod Word of Filoni]] in a Forcecast interview. According to him, Palpatine did notice that Krell was drifting towards the Dark Side, and sent him to Umbara to see if he was strong enough to replace Dooku or even Anakin in his plans. If Krell got killed by the clones, Palpatine'd have had a problematic Jedi out of his way, if Krell defeated the clones, he'd have gained a new apprentice.

[[WMG: Gregor's alive.]]
I mean, c'mon, Dave Filoni himself outright states that he thought Gregor was too cool to kill off, and that he added the ambiguity of his final scene specifically to have an "out" in the case that he could be brought back. He probably jumped into cover just as the spaceport went up in flames, then hijacked a CIS transport to take back to Coruscant.
* Makes sense, given that clone commando armor is tough stuff. If Fi from the books can sit on a grenade then Gregor can live through a little explosion like that.
* Plus, no body = no death.
* [[spoiler: Confirmed as of [[WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels Rebels]].]]

[[WMG: Maul will survive the show.]]
So the Maul/Vader later fights in the comic referenced above could be the real deal.

[[WMG: Season Six will be the last season.]]
Because they're gonna have to end the show at some point, ending it possibly with what happens to Ahsoka. It'll also make sense to end it on Season six because then it will have two seasons for each year of the CW (three years). And if the writers want to continue with the stories of the characters that have been introduced (Ahsoka, Lux Bonteri, Cad Bane, Hondo) they could make a sequel series which covers the gap between ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith'' and ''Film/ANewHope''.
* [[spoiler: Now that Ahsoka's left the Order, this seems likely.]]
* [[http://www.comingsoon.net/news/tvnews.php?id=101412 This article.]]
* Confirmed, but it was supposed to go to Season Eight.

[[WMG: RX-24 from ''Star Tours'' will make an appearance.]]
Either as an EasterEgg cameo or as a character in an episode.
* Confirmed -- for ''Rebels''.

[[WMG: The hooded assailant is Barriss.]]
Everything just points to Barriss. She was the only one who knew about the warehouse and that Ahsoka was there. The assassin shares a very similar model and appears to have green hands.
* [[spoiler:Confirmed.]]

[[WMG: Ahsoka will become a Gray Paladin, a Fallanassi, or some other kind of non-mainstream Force-user.]]
Seeing as she [[spoiler:has left the Order of her own volition]], but at the same time, is clearly still a good guy and opposed to the Separatists/Sith, it's easy to assume that Ahsoka will try to continue fighting the good fight in her own way, free of the Council's obstructive influence.
* Seems to me that Onderon or Kiros would be the natural choices for her, but she may want to wipe the slate cleaner than even that.
* [[spoiler:Basically confirmed in the season 2 finale of ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels''. When Vader mentions that Jedi don't seek revenge, she snarls that she's "no Jedi."]]

[[WMG: The series will end with a different perspective of ''Revenge of the Sith''.]]
It'll be through the perspective of characters introduced/developed in the series, especially Ashoka. [[TheBadGuyWins Given what happens in Episode III]], it will be one of the darkest episodes, if not ''the'' darkest. It'll be a SequelHook to Star Wars: Rebels, where you can expect a battle between Vader and Ahsoka. Considering the ForegoneConclusion, [[NightmareFuel it will be even darker.]]
* It was ''supposed'' to end on an arc showing what Ahsoka and Rex were doing during the events of ''Revenge of the Sith'', fighting in the Siege of Mandalore.

[[WMG: The series will end in some ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith'' reenactment TV Movie.]]
Well the series does take place in between, and it make a badass finale.
* Maybe it could be Revenge/Order 66 from Ahsoka's point of view?
* That would be ''awesome!''
* It was ''supposed'' to end with an arc about the Siege of Mandalore, starring Ahsoka and taking place at the same time as ''Revenge of the Sith''.

[[WMG: Ahsoka, Ventress, and Maul will all three make appearances in the upcoming ''Star Wars: Rebels'' series]]
I simply cannot imagine that they'll just abandon these characters, especially considering just how likely it is that they've all survived.
* Confirmed for Ahsoka and Maul, who played major roles in ''Rebels'' season 2. [[spoiler:Ventress, on the other hand, died during the Clone Wars.]]

[[WMG: ''Star Wars'' has alternate universes and there are two main versions of the Clone Wars.]]
The films are in both universes. One universe includes the events of the TV shows and post-2008 Clone Wars comics and novels. The other universe contains the events of the pre-2008 Clone Wars comics and novels. In the former, Anakin is knighted within a year after the war begins and he has Ahsoka as an apprentice. Mace Windu smiles four months into the war during the Battle of Dantooine in ''Star Wars: Clone Wars.'' Even Piell dies during the war. Adi Gallia is killed by Savage Oppress. The Battle of Coruscant happens as it is depicted in the show ''Star Wars: Clone Wars.'' Boba Fett blows up his father's helmet. In the latter, Anakin is knighted thirty months into the war and has no apprentice. Mace Windu has not smiled in years, as stated in ''Star Wars: Shatterpoint.'' Even Piell survives the Clone Wars but dies in ''Coruscant Knights: Jedi Twilight.'' Adi Gallia is killed by General Grievous. The Battle of Coruscant happens as it is depicted in the novel ''Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil.'' Boba Fett uses his father's helmet. The fate and origin of Asaj Ventress differs in each universe.
* "Confirmed". From 25th April 2014, the old Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse is officially labeled as "Star Wars Legends", and official canon includes only the six movies, "The Clone Wars", and every future entry.

[[WMG: Some of the 501st members who originated in this series may have discovered their inhibitor chips and removed them some time after the Order 66 arc.]]
Considering how touched Rex (and possibly Commander Fox) was by [[spoiler: Fives' death]], he may have looked further into his claims more secretively and warned some of the 501st members closest to him (such as Jesse and Kix). It could explain why we don't see any of them in ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith''.
* Operation Nightfall: the 501st Legion under the command of the newly christened Lord Vader march on the Jedi Temple. They were technically in Episode III, they just weren't named and didn't have any lines, because honestly slaughtering younglings probably leaves most people without much desire for conversation. Also they are incredibly loyal to Anakin, if he said the Jedi had to die, and he led the charge, they would follow. Since the wording of Order 66 specifically refers to "Jedi Officers" this series actually explains why they would follow Vader on a child killing spree, children are not officers Order 66 had nothing to do with that slaughter, that was pure Sith. Though I doubt any of those good clone could sleep at night afterwords.
* [[spoiler: Seemingly confirmed - images of Rex and Wolffe from Season 2 of ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels'' show scars from where the inhibitor chips are located, suggesting that they were removed at some point, presumably by the final story arc which would've shown where Rex was during Order 66.]]



[[WMG:In season 3, the show goes OffTheRails]]
Based solely on a comment from Yoda in the s3 preview:
The series isn't a midway between [=AotC=] and [=RotS=].Instead it's set in its own alternate timeline.
This will be shown by the clear onscreen no doubt about it death of someone who was still alive
in RotS.
* I really hope this happens. Right now (as of ''Altar of Mortis'') the series is in a '''VERY''' good spot to break away from canon. The next episode's teaser even questions whether or not we can trust our ForegoneConclusion.
** Jossed, since the Father seems to think Anakin becoming Vader will bring balance.

[[WMG: There will be massive a downer-ending episode where every inmate of the republic prison(s?) will break out.]]
* Wat Tambor, Poggle the Lesser, Bossk and Boba are under arrest by the republic. Through the appearances of Poggle and Tambor in Revenge of the Sith they somehow have to get out. Why not let the droid army infiltrate the prison and stage a mass-breakout to free their leaders and damage the Coruscant and Republics citizens lives.
** A corollary to this is that Ahsoka will either die or be crippled to the point of retirement trying to combat the breakout, which is why she was MIA by the time of Revenge Of The Sith.
** Perhaps as a direct lead into the start of RotS; free the prisoners, attack Coruscant, kidnap Palpatine.
*** That's my headcanon until the Mouse Overlord declares otherwise. While attacking Coruscant with the intent to kidnap Palpatine, a second, smaller strike force was dispatch to release Wat Tambor, Poggle the Lesser, and any other Separatists who'd been captured along the way. Due to their importance to the cause, they were quickly put on a shuttle to Utapau while Grievous overwhelmed Palpatine's security forces. Thus, the Separatist leaders were able to escape before Obi-Wan and Anakin's reinforcements arrived and cut off Grievous from retreating with his valuable hostage.

[[WMG:In a [[TwistEnding shocker ending,]] Grievous kills Ahsoka in her sleep.]]
In the last episode, Ahsoka ends up [[SavingTheWorld saving the galaxy]] in some way, shape, or form. The screen fades to black with everyone cheering for Ahsoka, leaving the viewers with a grin on their faces... [[TheStinger but it's not over.]] Suddenly, a scene starts showing Ahsoka sleeping in a dark room for a few seconds. Then, a dark figure slowly walks in, and [[OhCrap a lightsaber turns on.]] You know the rest.

[[WMG: This show is an AU of the main Franchise/StarWars universe.]]
Specifically, an alternate timeline. The Clone Wars lasted for three years, and I doubt this series could fit into the timeline with the animated Clone Series and all the EU stories. Plus Grievous has his cough, and he didn't get this until Mace Windu Force Crushed his chest. In this timeline, the Clone Wars went on longer.
* Jossed. The canon policy says The Clone Wars is in the T-canon which means it overrides basically everything except the movies.

[[WMG: [[spoiler:Darth Maul]]...is not really alive.]]
Mother Talzin's revelation of Savage Opress's [[spoiler:surviving brother]] may very well be just another in a long line of deceptions. After all, she was quite clear about him being a "pawn"; it's entirely possible that when Savage makes his way to the Outer Rim, all he'll find is a Nightsister assassin squad waiting to take him out, his [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness usefulness]] having long since expired.
* If she wanted him dead, it would have been easy enough to do while he was laying heavily wounded at her feet. Furthermore, Mother Talzin almost seemed to sabotage the Dooku assassination plot on purpose - telling the Jedi where to find Savage and demanding that Ventress strike prematurely. It's hard to say what game she's playing at this point, but she probably has a use for him yet.
* That, and the fans will crucify the writers if they pull a bait and switch like that.
* Or more than likely, what Savage finds is just a force ghost of Maul.
** Or Maul is active, [[CameBackWrong but]] [[OurZombiesAreDifferent not]] [[CyberneticsEatYourSoul alive.]]
* [[spoiler:{{Jossed}}]].

[[WMG: The series will end with Ahsoka's death.]]
With all the focus on her character ever since the PilotMovie, she'll likely go out in a massive HeroicSacrifice and be posthumously given the rank of Jedi Knight by the entire Council. The last few minutes will also directly lead into the beginning of ''[[Film/RevengeOfTheSith Episode III]]'', followed by a FlashForward to the very end of ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi'' in which Ahsoka meets Anakin again for the first time in over twenty years (as Force Ghosts) and says that she always had faith that he'd come back.

[[WMG: The series is an AlternateUniverse from the end of ''Episode II''. Anakin will ''not'' fall and Palpatine will ultimately end up being defeated.]]
Ahsoka Tano is nowhere seen or even mentioned by anyone in ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith'', meaning that she has either died by this point (see above), or was never assigned to be Anakin's Padawan. She is assigned to someone else, or never becomes a Padawan at all, and most likely perishes in Order 66. Aside from seeing her training in the Temple from time to time, neither Anakin or Obi-Wan knew her.

Ahsoka's presence will end up changing everything, and in fact might have done so already. Battles that were once lost are now won (and vice-versa), but overall she will be the one that will tether Anakin to not fall to TheDarkSide and succeed in fulfilling his destiny.

In effect, this series is the result of ''What if Anakin Skywalker had a Padawan?'' The final scene may show an aged Luke Skywalker coming out of some sort of trance, having been shown by TheForce the results of that question. Whether it was AllJustADream or if he indeed was shown another universe [[GainaxEnding will not be made clear]].
* It probably won't be made clear, since Lucas seems to want this to be the canon Clone Wars, instead of the original. The existence of Ahsoka Tano has triggered a ForWantOfANail timeline.

[[WMG:The show takes place in an alternate timeline]]
Specifically, there's a reason Ahsoka is never mentioned in any of the movies or anything taking place after ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith'': She didn't exist in the "main" timeline. The show is a huge WhatIf, and she will end up being the major turning point that ''prevents'' Anakin from becoming Darth Vader. The final episodes of the show will be a mirror of the end of Episode III, only with Ahsoka there to act as Anakin's MoralityPet.

[[WMG: Jabba's son Rotta will die and that leads him to an extreme amount of guilty eating]]
It seems in the prequels he and other members of his species are fat but able to move by themselves and since he's never mentioned in the original trilogy and Jabba is massive in "Return of the Jedi" (excluding appearance in the digital remastered "New Hope"). Rotta was probably killed in a rival criminal clan's plot against Jabba and so after getting his revenge he just ate and ate until he was morbidly obese.

[[WMG: Ahsoka Tano will survive, and will swear vengeance on the Skywalker bloodline after Anakin's betrayal.]]
I don't know about you, but I just can't see them killing off Ahsoka in a kids' show. Perhaps she'll die in the comics, but my theory for if she survives will be that she sees Anakin's massacre of the Jedi Temple, learns about his relationship with Padme, then goes to her homeworld of Shili to perform the Togrutan blood oath ritual. A Togrutan blood oath is a promise that cannot be broken, and is carried down through the bloodline of the person performing the ritual. This means that any descendants of Ahsoka are condemned to fulfill this promise. Ahsoka will swear a blood oath to wipe the Skywalker bloodline from the face of the galaxy, leading her to try to kill Luke and Leia at certain points in the GCW era.

[[WMG: The series will end with two separate endings]]
A "Light Side" Ending and a "Dark Side" Ending. The Dark Side would lead into the canon ending, the Light Side would explore what would've happened if Anakin never fell to the Dark Side. All the games have been doing it, and it'd be pretty awesome. Not only that, showing what would've happened had Anakin never fell to the Dark Side would make the real canon even more tragic.
* You know, that would be pretty flipping awesome. I support this theory. The sad thing is that the only people who are likely to get it are the gamers, those familiar with KOTOR or the games that explore what you've said. However... you could establish it in nice context for those unfamiliar if crafted right. A surviving main character later on (Ahsoka? Rex? Fives?) is telling the canon/dark side ending to someone in the future (assuming they survive), then one of the people they're talking to asks, "What could of happened?", leading to this. Even play it like some of the games like Galactic Battlegrounds did for some of the battles (IE, Grassy Plains, Endor, etc.) where it's explored alternative paths the battle could of taken.
I agree this is a great idea! It makes me think of this comic ''Darth Vader and the Lost Command'', set a month or so after Episode III, which contains a few thoughts Vader has of what could have happened if things had gone differently: he saves Mace Windu from Palpatine, becomes the leader of the Jedi, and about 10-ish years later Padmé is Supreme Chancellor and (hopefully) brings peace to the galaxy. An important point is where to make the split between the two endings (it would have to happen near the end in any case). I’m thinking it could happen at Ahsoka’s death (if that happens). Anakin has to make a choice between murdering the killer in cold blood (like he did with the Tusken Raiders in Episode II) or using an alternate approach that uses the light side (such as Luke in Episode VI), which is the branch into the two endings.

The first choice has Anakin kill the killer shortly before the others show up (so they don't know he did it). Anakin tells everyone afterwards to never speak of Ahsoka again, as her loss is too painful for him, and the episode ends immediately before the start of Episode III.

The second choice would have Anakin realize how he’s moving towards the dark side, and makes a decision to not continue to do so. Sometime afterwards the Jedi find out that Palpatine = Sidious, then the events of Episode III happen, some of them similarly (Obi-Wan defeats Grievous, Padmé gives birth, etc.), but others differently, with Anakin defeating Sidious, Order 66 never happening, etc. Finally the episode cuts to about 10 years later, with Anakin leading the Jedi, Supreme Chancellor Amidala, and a closing narration along the lines of "they brought peace to the whole galaxy."

[[WMG:The show isn't Republic/Imperial propaganda, but it is Palpatine's pet project.]]
Remember, it's canon than he wrote a play called 'The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise', which is essentially autobiographical. These films are things he does to relax, instead of sleeping.

[[WMG: The Father, Obi-Wan and Yoda all faded into the force because...]]
They were all embodiments of the will of the Force, guiding Anakin to his true destiny. When they "died", the returned to the Force, because they are essentially The Force anyway.

[[WMG: Palpatine recalling Anakin from Umbara and replacing him with Krell is part of his ongoing strategy to push Anakin towards the Dark Side.]]
Palpatine is already no doubt aware of Anakin's attachment issues, he's no doubt aware of Krell's record for highest clone mortality rate, and he deliberately pulls Anakin away from an important battle that's already likely to have high casualties and replaced him with what has to be ''the'' worst Jedi General the Republic has. There's no way that Palpatine isn't trying to get Anakin's favorite clone commander killed along with countless other clones that Anakin has no doubt grown attached to and give his future apprentice something else to angst about 'not being strong enough' over.
* OR he'll send Anakin back to Umbara at the last moment, so Skywalker could see the Jedi Master's deeds and confront him about it, leading Anakin to another confrontation with the Jedi Order, seeding him with doubt of the Council's wisdom.
* OR it was part of Palpatine's plot to tie the 501st even closer to Anakin, so that they'd be solidly at his back when Order 66 arrived.

[[WMG: Near the end of the series, Sidious will start to lose his faith in Dooku due to his constant failures.]]
Another reason why he ordered Anakin to execute him at the beginning of ''Episode III''. Another factor is him learning that Ventress is still alive, he'll believe Dooku lied to him or got sloppy in killing her.
** Or alternatively, Dooku will lose faith in his master. He could be internally disappointed in his Sidious' cruelty, but it could be for the best.

[[WMG: Near the end of the series, Nute Gunray and Rune Haako will become fed up with the war.]]
They are tired of losing their battles and losing money. They are tired of missed opportunities in capturing Padme. And tired of Sidious' deceiving. In the end, they decided they just want peace and want the war to be done with. This all leads up to their fates at the end of ''Episode III''.

[[WMG: The episodes "Corruption" and "The Academy" are a lead up to the conclusion of Mandalore's story.]]

The Duchess will continue to be completely incompetent at her job while still being insufferable about it. Burning down that warehouse full of evidence even knowing it better wasn´t for having an acceptable special effects/action scene in the otherwise boring episode, it was intentional. When the headmaster of the school said the budget was too small he was right, only because of the tea deal he got enough money for the school and just in a coincidence something for himself. All of "Corruption"s problems are traceable to the Duchess. She just had to give a parade for Padmé when she casually visited the world, which was the reason why there was only one officer at the docks so he could be bribed without any problem. This will be made public through Death Watch spies. They will bring the people to rebel against this incompetent monarchy and after Satines death/exile Death Watch will be a "temporary" government and reinstates the former Mandalore.

As further evidence: We already saw the people from TCW writing illogical things and explaining them later. That Zabraks were from another planet than Dathomir was explained an episode later, General Krells problem with leading clones likewise. Mandalores retcon problem is far too big to be ignored entirely.
* Well, at least they rebelled.

[[WMG: Palpatine is behind the pacifist faction of the Mandalorians being in power.]]

And likely on several other ProudWarriorRaceGuy planets too. After all, we wouldn't want non-Clone soldiers mucking up the scene or replacing the Jedi as generals, now would we?
* Doubtful, given the work Palpatine puts in to depose Satine and her government. Plus, I don't see how they would have 'mucked up' the scene more than any other soldiers coming from other planets.
* Actually, that has a lot to do with an attempted purge of the Mandalorians perpetrated by the Republic some 700 years before TCW. The New Mandalorians took power during restructuring in the centuries after that. They had originally existed as a faction that wanted to have Mandalorian Space join the Republic to instantly become one of its most influential members, but were shouted down because that would lead to fewer wars and the belief that a Mandalorian not in combat is not a Mandalorian. This was covered briefly in ''The Essential Guide to Warfare''.
** That's not to say that the Sith as a whole had nothing to do with it, though. Darth Bane's order played a ''very'' long game, and the Mandalorians were a wild card. Certainly they didn't want some Mando warlord starting a major interstellar conflict ''too soon'' for the Sith to capitalize on it. But once the Clone Wars were in full swing, the New Mandalorians [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness had outlived their usefulness]].

[[WMG: Mother Talzin is not truly an ally of Ventress or Savage.]]

She's just a sociopath who is enjoying [[TheChessmaster setting various people and groups against each other]]. Ventress against Dooku, Dooku against the Jedi, the Jedi against Savage, Savage against everybody; No one benefits from all this, except possibly Talzin herself, for whatever goal she has in mind ([[ForTheEvulz if she has a goal at all]]).
* It turns out that Talzin's goal is simple enough: [[spoiler: revenge against Palpatine for a previous alliance that ended with him betraying her and stealing away her son, the man who would become Darth Maul]].

[[WMG: Ventress will come crawling back to Dooku.]]

Her first attempt at finding a new place for herself clearly didn't work out very well; while she got her money, she still failed to find her niche and ended up on her own again by the end. Eventually, facing the harsh galaxy alone, with no sisters or friends to support her, will prove too difficult, forcing Asajj to swallow her pride and try returning to Dooku. He'll surely punish her for her betrayal, but since his prospects with Savage have long since dried up and there are no other apprentices available for him, he'll grudgingly take her back under his wing...just long enough to send her to fight in the [[ForegoneConclusion Battle of Boz Pity]], where she meets the [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere fate we all knew was coming to her]].

[[WMG: "Old Wounds" is now canon.]]

It was mentioned that Darth Maul would survive into Season Five, right? If that's the case, who's to say that he can't survive the whole Clone Wars, go into hiding after the rise of the Empire, and show up on Tatooine to attack young Luke a few years down the line? For further proof, take note of how Maul's second pair of cyber-legs in "Revenge" is identical to the ones he had in the comic.
* Jossed. The Death Watch gave Maul human shaped legs. It´s just a shout out apparently.

[[WMG: [[Literature/FateOfTheJedi Abeloth]] will appear in Season Five.]]

As revealed in ''Apocalypse'', the Force-wielders from the Mortis trilogy originally came from Abeloth's planet where for a time, she lived with them as The Mother. The show's creators stated that some further "answers" about the trilogy would be revealed in Season Five and this seems like a pretty important topic to cover.
* And when Abeloth makes her CW debut, odds are that the Lost Tribe of the Sith (or at least an ancestor of the Khai family) might show up as well.

[[WMG: Maul will die at Dooku's hand.]]
Think about it. Aside from Maul's goal for getting revenge on Obi-Wan, Maul would want to reclaim his place in the Rule of Two. He confronts Dooku, and the two have a duel for Sidious' apprenticeship. As Maul gains the advantage, Dooku reveals the fact that Maul was never a true Sith, as Sidious was apprenticed to Plagueis throughout Maul's Sith career. This causes Maul to lose his composure, and Dooku makes a comeback and kills Maul. Maul's dying realization that his whole life was a lie is also a great way to create sympathy for the character.
* It can't work. According to ''End Game'', a short story by James Luceno published in the re-edition of ''The Phantom Menace'' novel, Maul [[spoiler: has already figured out that his master and him weren't the only Sith and that Sidious' master was still around.]]
** Then perhaps the two still fight, Dooku tries to pull off that trick, and Maul says he already knew that? But Dooku still manages to win.
** Also, Maul apparently knows that Sidious is Palpatine. If the Jedi capture him and interrogate him, they will learn that vital fact. Palpatine, as Sidious, does not want the Jedi to learn this, so he has Maul killed.
*** Jossed. Palpatine leaves Maul alive. For now.

[[WMG: In line with the previous entry, Dooku wants revenge for Qui-Gon's murder.]]
I'm thinking a three-way battle between Maul, Dooku and Obi-Wan. The latter two might have an EnemyMine moment and gang up on Maul. Maybe something as a shout out to the battle in Ep.I. And given Dooku's grandfatherly feelings for Obi-Wan it might work. Dooku and Obi-Wan over-power Maul, and Dooku offers Obi-Wan the killing blow because he wants him to cross over to the Dark side and become his apprentice, so he uses Qui-Gon's death as a trigger. He'll refuse and Dooku will kill Maul before the Jedi can get any information out of him about the identity of Darth Sidious.

[[WMG: Kycina, Maul's mother, was a part of the [[VideoGame/TheForceUnleashed Marek family]].]]
It explains why both Maul and Galen are voiced by Creator/SamWitwer. They're third cousins!

[[WMG: The narrator of the SW Battlefront II campaign is Captain Rex.]]
Anyone who's played VideoGame/StarWarsBattlefront II knows that the 501st legionnaire who provides the narration for the campaign missions [[OurClonesAreIdentical sounds exactly like]] [[CaptainObvious Captain Rex.]]
* So do all the other clones, since they're all cloned from the same person.
** Actually, each clone is voiced slightly differently. Play ''VideoGame/StarWarsRepublicCommando''. It throws 'all clones sound the same' right out the window.
*** Funny thing about that: "Boss" (the player character) was voiced by Creator/TemueraMorrison, "Scorch" and "Fixer" had different voice actors, and "[[ColdSniper Sev]]" was suggested to be a little... off from the standard. All clone character sound different, even the clone [=NPCs=] not in your squad don't sound exactly the same.

[[WMG:Bossk will drive [[Creator/MCChris a segway]] at some point.]]

[[WMG: The FinalBattle with Maul will take place [[WhereItAllBegan on Naboo]].]]
And Maul will even state how fitting it is that he and Obi-Wan's final battle takes place there.
* It will actually happen on [[spoiler: Tatooine]] in ''Rebels'', during the Empire's Reign. But Maul pretty much says the above statement in regards to it.

[[WMG: There'll be an episode or a MultiPartEpisode featuring the Gray Jedi.]]
The Jedi will encounter them during a battle against the Seperatists. Things will be pretty intense between the two groups. The Gray Jedi are as much the good guys as the traditional Jedi, but unlike them, the Gray Jedi aren't bound to the rules the regular Jedi follow. For instance, some of the Gray Jedi are mentioned to be married, or at least there'll be a Gray Jedi BattleCouple among the cast. Perhaps a Gray Jedi warrior was originally a Jedi who left the Order. The Gray Jedi tell the regular Jedi that the Jedi Code is becoming a liability and keeping the Jedi from ending the war sooner. Like in "Citadel Rescue", Obi-Wan tells them they must follow their Code, and shuns the Gray Jedi for their unconventional methods. Anakin (and maybe Ahsoka) will mostly be neutral to the arguments, but secretly prefer the Gray Jedi's methods.
* Bonus points if Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson voices a Grey Jedi who's a descendant of [[VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic Jolee Bindo]].
* [[spoiler:Ahsoka would likely join them after leaving the Jedi Order.]]

[[WMG: Savage was plotting to betray Maul]]
In "Revival", the way Maul was putting down Savage was not too different from the way Dooku was treating Savage in Season 3. He betrayed Dooku then, he was probably plotting to betray Maul during the Shadow Conspiracy arc.

[[WMG: Sidious plans to keep Maul as a glorified lab rat.]]
Partly to try and figure out how he managed to cheat death (that, of course, being one of his overarching goals), and otherwise so he can exploit his powers and abilities for future use, probably extracting his DNA for either the doppelganger that Vader eventually fights or the [[VideoGame/TheForceUnleashed Maulkiller clone]] and downloading his saber style into a database that will eventually become PROXY.

[[WMG: Durge will show up at the end of the season finale]]
Perhaps a brief cameo at the end where you see him walk into Palpatine's office escorted by Mas Amedda, asking the chancellor about who he wants him to kill.
* Didn't happen five times in a row.

[[WMG: The hooded assailant is Aurra Sing.]]
She was a former Jedi, after all. The {{curb stomp|Battle}}ing that the assailant delivered to Ahsoka may very well have been Aurra finally going all out and unleashing her Force abilities.
* [[spoiler:Jossed.]]

[[WMG: Sidious is behind the attack on the Temple.]]
And thus, the blame being put on Ahsoka. He may have been able to turn the former Jedi to his side (be it Barriss or someone else), asked them to cause the explosion, then asked them to frame Ahsoka. His motives? At the moment, Ahsoka is Anakin's MoralityChain, and is keeping him from turning to the dark side. With Ahsoka falsely accused and out of the way, Anakin will blame the council for what happened and be lured in by the Chancellor. Alternatively, Palpatine could betray the rogue Jedi and give Anakin vital information which captures him or her; this way, Anakin will have more trust in the Chancellor and still lose faith in the council for not acting. Ahsoka will still be around, of course, but Sidious can dispose of her another way.
* [[spoiler: Probably jossed. Unless Barriss is covering for him, she acted alone.]]
* Jossed by WordOfGod. Filoni said in an interview, that while Palpatine ''might'' had been aware of what was going on behind the bombing, it's not likely he got himself involved in it.

[[WMG: Ahsoka and Maul's fates will be left forever unresolved due to Disney's cancellation of ''The Clone Wars'' and dissolution of the show's team]]
[[ExecutiveMeddling Exactly what it says]].
* At least for a while. Then the writers will filter back in through comics and books, and we'll get {{Word of God}}s.
* Actually, related to this, what if...

[[WMG: Darth Maul will be the villain in Episode VII]]
Palpatine mentioned that he has "other uses" for Darth Maul. Aside from more realistic explanations like using him to learn how to cheat death or use him to find Talzin, what if Palpatine decides to use him as a plan B if the Sith fail with their current plan (which we know happened in ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi'')? Palpatine might put him into stasis, and when the force tips in favour of the Jedi, he will be awakened. A rumour that was reported was that thirty years after [=RotJ=], a disciple of Palpatine would try to rebuild the Sith and destroy the jedi. What if this turns out to be Maul? Disney maybe [[ExecutiveMeddling deliberately intervened]] in the production of ''The Clone Wars'' so they could have a say in the storyline (with Palpatine's other uses being a sign of potential for them), and they decide that Maul will survive because of his marketability to the public (of course, they have to explain his survival to people who haven't seen TCW though).

[[WMG: The Green Force techniques used by the Nightsisters are Light Side not Dark Side]]
Mother Talzin clamed her Green Force techniques come from the Winged Goddess which according to sources is the Daughter who is a embodiment of the Light Side. Of course that means that Green Force Lightning, Reanimation of the Dead, Body Shaping, Metal Shaping, Object Forming and of course becoming Green Mist are all Light Side techniques. It seems Yoda was telling the truth when he said the Light Side was stronger than the Dark Side. It would be easier to learn the full power of the Light Side if you could get your hands on a Nightsister Book of Law or Book of Shadows. The only benefit of the Dark Side is ''speed'' from what has been seen.
* Potentially Jossed. Talzin in Season Six states that she's "not a natural Force user," but uses "magic." This may be an indication that Nightsister "magic" is indeed something completely different from the Force. Or that Talzin just doesn't know what the hell she's talking about.

[[WMG: The planet Yoda is going to in the Heart of the Galaxy in "Destiny" is Tython]]
It makes sense.
* Jossed, it's called the Wellspring of Light.

[[WMG: Ahsoka's dark side brought out by the Son is a previously-dormant separate personality.]]
Ahsoka was born with a severe multiple personality disorder where her mind is essentially split into two separate personas--one the innocent Padawan, the other a demented and sadistic psychopath. Her training at the temple helped her keep her psychotic other half dormant, but the Son's interference on Mortis set the wicked side of her free. After she left the Jedi she started getting plagued with unexplained blackouts and strange messages on her holocom from someone who sounded almost exactly like her. She managed to get into contact with her other half through meditation, and the two initially were at odds with one another, but after Order 66 happened they both decided they needed to learn to coexist to survive.

[[WMG: Moraband is the Sith homeworld only on the spiritual plane of existence.]]
The Yoda arc's writer, Christian Taylor, has said this arc will be similar to the Mortis trilogy. It will be only a spiritual journey and like Mortis, Moraband is physically cut off from the rest of the universe (probably explaining why we see Yoda fighting Darth Sidious) while Korriban (or whatever planet they decided to call home) remains the ancient Sith homeworld in the physical realm.

[[WMG: The entire series was being observed by a Flow Walking Luke and Ahsoka]]
Who are working to determine at what point the question of Anakin's fall changed from 'if' to 'when', and when the best period of time to change the past is. They will eventually come to decide that it is Obi-Wan's mentorship of Anakin, and go back in time and kill him in Qui-Gon's place

[[WMG: Moraband is the Burial site for all the RuleOfTwo Sith]]
With the revalation that the evil Sith Spirit faced by Yoda in the finale(other than Sidious) is none other than [[spoiler: Darth Bane]]. It is very likely that Moraband is not the homeworld of the Sith per say, but rather, the Burial site for all the RuleOfTwo Sith such as Darth Cognus and Darth Zannah. I can see why [[spoiler: Bane]] would want to be buried in some random planet with lots of Dark Side energy and not Korriban---to separate the Rule of Two away from the rest, which [[spoiler: Bane]] accuses of "diluting the Poison and making it less potent".
** Partially JOSSED. Filoni specifically stated in an interview, that all Sith-illusions, with the exception of Sidious, were created by Priestesses. He also added, that according to Lucas, Sith can't AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence on any way, because they seek physical immortality. It's been also stated that Moraband ''is'' Korriban. It's only the name it was known by the time of the Clone Wars. This was introduced, because Lucas found that the name "Korriban" didn't sound like what he'd write. However this doesn't mean that the Rule of Two Sith were not buried there.



[[WMG: Satine and Obi-Wan had an illegitimate son.]]
* And that son would have his own family in the coming years. Really, this is just to feed into the theory that Rey is Obi-Wan's granddaughter.
* Unconnected to the Rey is Obi-Wan's granddaughter theory but still interesting nonetheless is that their illegitimate son was Satine's "nephew" Korkie. Look at an image of him from Season 3. His hair color and the shape of his nose looks like a mix of Satine's and Obi-Wan's. He's got Obi-Want's eyes and Satine's chin. There's too much of a physical resemblance to be a coincidence. [[FridgeBrilliance And it makes sense that Satine would pass off their illegitimate child as her nephew so that nobody would question who his father was.]]

[[WMG: Cad Bane has, or had, a MoralityPet.]]
In ''Children Of The Force'', Cad Bane had a minor FreakOut when he overheard Ahsoka telling the Gungan child's mother, "Your daughter is safe now," prompting him to snap, "You really believe that?" Cad Bane may have a Force-sensitive relative hidden away somewhere, in hopes of hiding them from the deadly conflicts of the Clone Wars, and Bounty Hunts to provide for them, or alternately, that same relative may have been ''killed'' in the Wars, which explains Bane's seemingly bitter vendetta against Jedi.
* Let's hope not; the quality of a cold merc character tends to tank when you give them too much artificial sympathy, so let's just say he wants money for its own sake and leave it at that.
** That doesn't mean you can't use it as a reason for his callous nature. As long as it's done in a way to not give sympathy, and just explain.
*** Perhaps he has/had a relative who was taken for Jedi training.

[[WMG: [[ForegoneConclusion What's going to happen to Ahsoka Tano?]]]]
''Option 1: A horrible NoodleIncident'', which will end up being the reason why Anakin hasn't been promoted to the Jedi Council as of ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith''; to the point where ''[[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome nobody]]'' [[RememberTheNewGuy brings her up]] to Anakin's face for fear of him [[BerserkButton flipping out and killing people]]. She may:
* ''Option 1A: Turn to The Dark Side'', resulting in Anakin having to ShootTheDog,
** Nearly happened in the Mortis trilogy after the Son ( Dark Side Incarnate) poisoned her with the dark side.
** It's always a possibility that she could turn. She's not seen or mentioned anywhere in Episode III, and may well die before Order 66. Her death is just yet another building block for Palpatine to eventually turn Anakin to TheDarkSide, who will be revealed (to the viewers) to somehow have been responsible for [[GambitRoulette Ahsoka joining Anakin as his Padawan in the first place]].
** Option 1Aa: Ahsoka founds the Emperor's Hands. For those unfamiliar, the Hands were Palpatine's Force-trained spies and assassins. There's plenty of talk about how "alike" Anakin and Ahsoka are, so it may be possible that Palpatine corrupts and turns her as well, only much more covertly, turning her into the first Hand. The Hands were obliquely mentioned early in the series when Palpatine kidnaps the Force-sensitive children, so this isn't entirely implausible.
* ''Option 1B: Make a critical and fatal mistake in battle'', leaving Anakin with SurvivorGuilt.
* ''Option 1C: [[HumanPopsicle Frozen In Carbonite]]'' or something similar, but in a way where most everyone thinks she's dead, save Anakin, who, by this point, will be widely regarded as highly unstable. She then will get thawed out so as to hang out with Luke, or maybe even Cade Skywalker.
* ''Option 1D: Lose her connection to the Force'', becoming a modern day Jedi Exile.
* ''Option 1E: Reassigned'' Anakin is going to screw up, Majorly. The Jedi Council will punish him by reassigning Ahsoka to a different Master. This will fuel Anakin's resentment of the Council, accelerating his fall to the Dark Side.
* ''Option 1F: Defect or be expelled from the Jedi Order'': Disgusted with what she has seen, both physically and psychically, of her Master's descent down the slippery slope, and Obi-Wan and the Council's tacit approval of Anakin's actions, Ahsoka will lodge a complaint and will subsequently leave or be forced to leave the Order. Anakin will [[IfICantHaveYou not take this well]], and will engage her, or those responsible for her expulsion in a very public lightsaber battle. (Or some other, likewise emotionally volatile display of Force) The council, witnessing Anakin's attachment-based actions, will refuse to promote him to the Jedi Council, while Ahsoka will go into hiding, narrowly dodging the mass execution of the Jedi Knights.
* ''Option 1G: Die particularly senselessly or cruelly,'' or [[OnlyMostlyDead simply]] [[DisneyDeath appear to]]. Filled with memories of his mother's similarly ignominious death at the hands of the Sand People, Anakin will respond to the [[CynicismCatalyst apparent death of]] [[LivingEmotionalCrutch his quasi-surrogate daughter]] by having another [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge vengeful]], [[UnstoppableRage rage-filled]] [[ExtremeMeleeRevenge episode]] that leaves [[DisproportionateRetribution multiple people dead]]. The full circumstances and extent of his rampage are obscured by wartime violence, but Obi-Wan, and by extension, the council, are left with deep-seated suspicions of his instability. Thus, they do not promote him to the Jedi council. If Ahsoka recovers, having likewise suspected or outright witnessed his actions, she'll go into hiding as above, only keeping quiet out of vestigial loyalty. The sudden, suspicious circumstances of her departure will only further the council's reluctance to promote him.
''Option 2: Order 66'' Alternately, if Ahsoka survives or remains active as a Jedi throughout the Clone Wars, she's left with two branching paths to take:
* ''Option 2A: Die during the execution of Order 66'': Self-Explanatory.
** ''Alternately, Discover the truth about Palpatine'' shortly before its enactment, but be killed before she can tell anyone.
* ''Option 2B: Survive Order 66'' and play a role in the upcoming live action series, possibly as a badass ActionGirl.
** It follows that, in this eventuality, she will die at some point in ''that'' series.
*** Heres a thought, in The Force Unleashed series, you (as Starkiller) tie up Vader's loose ends. What if one of those loose ends happens to be another of his former apprentices? They use the same style as of yet, maybe one of them notices etcetera.
** ''Alternatively, Anakin gives her a heads up.'' Bascily, Anakin, still feeling a bit protective of Ahsoka, warns her to get out of there, or invites her to join him. Weither Palpatine agrees or disagrees with ths is depending on if he views Ahsoka as another tool to ensure Anakin's loyalty.
*** Even as Vader, Ahsoka would be the last person still alive that he truly cared about, and he most likely ''would'' fake her death and tell her to go far away out of both his and the Empire's reach. This would reveal that there is still good left in him and foreshadow his ultimate sacrifice to come in ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi''. Bonus points if Ahsoka also had some kind of vision seeing this and tells him that there's still hope for him, right before she leaves.
''Option 3: Survive Order 66, but perish later.''
* She's out of Republic Space, or on a deep cover mission, or otherwise not available during the events of Episode 3. Maybe Rex and crew either don't get the Order 66 memo or have enough development to disobey it. Still, the Purge manages to do a pretty good job of hunting down survivors. I figured that Vader ''does'' have to kill her himself... assuming he can't turn her. ItsPersonal, and he's the type who would want to be hands-on with this. But, there's a witness. He's too young to understand, and he never will get the necessary information to make sense of it because Vader will never speak of it... but the incident sticks in his head, as does the very unorthodox Shien grip he saw Ahsoka using. [[VideoGame/TheForceUnleashed Her sacrifice leaves him with just enough doubts about his master to turn against him later...]]
''Option 4: Quit for [[IJustWantToBeNormal entirely mundane reasons]]''
* One of the safest ways for the writers to ensure that she doesn't die is to have her quit and take up a more safe job or simply go back to her family for whatever reason. Maybe she could fall in love, but then decide that it's more important then being a Jedi?
** This is implied in the Mortis trilogy, when she sees force ghost of a grown up version of herself.
** Perhaps she'll end up like [[VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic Jolee Bindo]] and live as a hermit on a Mid or Outer Rim planet.

And the winner is (drum roll please)... [[spoiler:leaves the Order, but it isn't quite over yet]].

[[WMG: Ahsoka is a distant cousin of Shaak Ti]]
Meaning the "family" kind of "distant cousin", not just being the same species.

[[WMG: The Lemurs from the Dreamworks' WesternAnimation/{{Madagascar}} franchise got hold of the Penguins' tech and migrated en mass to the planet featured in "Jedi Crash" and "Defenders of Peace".]]
The lemurs all gained Irish accents from particles in the air and decided on ways of pacificism and decreed no royal Lemur family.

[[WMG: Ahsoka is closely related to [[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ashla Ashla]]. ]]
Ashla could even be Ahsoka's little sister, their ages match up. The force runs in the family.

[[WMG: The cylinder Asajj Ventress tried to steal from Kamino would have been used to create clones loyal to the Separatists.]]
Clones loyal to the Separatists would essentially make the perfect spies.

[[WMG: Grievous's backstory changed? Nah, he's just an UnreliableNarrator.]]
* The [[BlueAndOrangeMorality Geonosians]] and the [[TheDarkSide Sith]] are responsible for his creation, who's to say they didn't go so far as making him think his alterations were of his own choosing?
* Or, maybe he's just ashamed of being Dooku's pawn and doesn't want to admit that the alterations were Dooku's idea. He's managed to convince himself that he chose the modifications, and he has expended a lot of money to make a shrine to his "transformation" to keep up the act. Wishful thinking, but Grievous doesn't think of it that way.

[[WMG:The dreams Anakin has in ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith'' are remnants of the Son-induced flashforwards]]
The Father may have mostly erased Anakin's experiences with what the Son showed him, but they still remain in his subconsious, though it took a significant amount of time for these remnants to surface, and only then, it's only one particular fragment.

[[WMG: Dengar still becomes a cyborg later in life.]]

His appearance in "Bounty" merely takes place a while before the disastrous swoop race on Corellia that horribly mutilated his head and forced him to become a cyborg. After that, he specifically patterned the bandages he used to conceal his head-circuitry after the mundane headwrap he wore in his younger days, so as to make it look less conspicuous. Taking this to be the truth, it helps make his appearance in ''The Clone Wars'' seem like less of a glaring continuity error. Consequently, though, it also means that he's considerably older than Han Solo. Either that, or Han was into swoop racing at the tender age of 8...

[[WMG: The comic relief scenes with the droids are canon.]]
Some of the droids act the way they do due to a malfunction or bad programming. Not every droid works perfectly, but because the Separatists are engaged in a war and need every droid they can, they are sent into the field in low ranking positions where either their programming will adapt or they will get destroyed.
* This is actually somewhat canon; various appendices state that when the battle droids were modified to work independently from a central control signal, many older models had difficulty adapting and began developing bizarre personality quirks. Presumably, the droids we see saying/doing silly things are pre-Naboo models.
* Alternatively, it's well-established in EU canon that droids that go too long without a memory wipe start developing personality quirks. The B1s are entirely disposable, so maintenance on them is likely minimal, and the Separatist maintenance crews just don't bother memory-wiping them. And the droids get silly as a result.

[[WMG: During the Mortis Arc Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka all had different events happen to them]]
Mortis is a weak point in reality where entering it causes you to be able to get very close to the Force. When Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka entered it they met up with the representations of the Light Side, Dark Side and Neutral side of the Force, then their adventures began to differ. We saw what happened to Anakin, but here is my theory, Anakin only saw what he thought would happen, Mortis creates events based off of the person's mind. Anakin was already slipping toward the Dark Side, so he thought that the prophecy was very literal and that balance could only be brought about through death. That is why the Son, supposedly the Dark Side of the Force was so remorseful when his sister died, Anakin saw himself in the Son and made him more sympathetic by giving him an attachment to someone. What Happened to Obi-Wan and Ahsoka was different. Obi-Wan most likely saw the balance of the Force brought about through the death of the Son and the triumph of the Daughter. His Son would most likely have not been very sympathetic, and the Father would probably act like Qui-Gon Jinn, due to Qui-Gon being a Gray Jedi. Ahsoka, being in between Obi-Wan and Anakin would most likely have the balance be brought about by having the Son, Daughter and Father make peace with each other. The Son, Daughter and Father would most likely all have had good points and bad points, to make them more relatable to her, and would most likely not have a problem with her, so much as a problem with each other.
* That. Is. Awesome.

[[WMG: Huyang the droid has a Jedi holocron built inside his system.]]
Isn't it strange that the Jedi keep a droid for the important task of teaching the younglings how to build their first lightsabers? Not if said droid contains the holocron of an ancient Lightsaber-architect Jedi Master called Huyang, who built the droid for the exact purpose of finding a way to continue passing down his knowledge to the new generations long after he himself died!
* If this is true, it could only possibly be better if there's a flashback in which we see that the original Huyang was a human male Jedi who looked exactly like David Tennant and wielded a lightsaber shaped like 10's sonic screwdriver.
* That ''would'' explain a lot. We've seen that most Jedi are quite dismissive of droids (even Obi-Wan thinks it absurd that Anakin considers R2-D2 a friend, despite friendship clearly being allowed under the Jedi Code), so it would have to be a very special droid indeed that the Order entrusts with a crucial element of training new generations of Jedi.

[[WMG: Bo-Katan becomes the new Mandalore instead of Spar.]]
Thus contradicting Karen Traviss's Republic Commando/Mando-wank novels again, because you can never have too much of that.
* Alternatively, she'll join up with Spar and Shysa, reasoning that they'd at least be better leaders for Mandalore than Maul or Almec, and end up as a leading member of the Mandalorian Protectors.

[[WMG: Ahsoka had a master before Anakin.]]
She was a year older than the maximum age for padawans, so that means she probably had a master before. Specifically, [[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Knol_Ven%27nari Knol Ven'nari]]. She was killed shortly before Christophsis, and her pyrokinesis would explain Ahsoka's knack for surviving so many explosions.
* Looking jossed, as new canon sources seem to have fourteen as the usual age for becoming a Padawan, as opposed to old canon's thirteen.

[[WMG: The hooded assailant manipulated Ventress as well as Ahsoka.]]
The assailant hired Ventress to find Ahsoka and lead her to the warehouse. After Ventress completed her task, the assailant knocked her out and [[MuggedForDisguise took her helmet and lightsabers]] in order to convince Ahsoka that Ventress went back on their deal. All the assailant had to do from there was make sure that Ahsoka fell right where the box of nanodroids was located.

[[WMG: The Father, Daughter and Son were a subtle TakeThat to the concept of the BalanceBetweenGoodAndEvil, and the fans who interpret "balance of the Force" that way.]]
While a lot of fans have interpreted the Dark Side as being an example of DarkIsNotEvil being abused, and that the Sith aren't inherently evil, Creator/GeorgeLucas has been pretty adamant against this. After all, [[BlackAndWhiteMorality good versus evil]] is a major aspect of ''Franchise/StarWars'' along with [[HeelFaceTurn redemption]]. WordOfGod has stated that its the ''dark side'' that's the imbalance, and by extension the light side could be considered balance. Lucas wanted to show how, by the standards of the ''Star Wars'' universe, balancing the dark and light sides don't work, with the Father, Son and Daughter. The family crisis was his attempt to once and for all [[{{Jossed}} disprove]] the "Jedi and Sith need to be in balance."
* The family-crisis actually fits Lucas's claims, about "the Dark Side being the imbalance itself" pretty well. After all it was the Son who started the entire conflict, he was the one who tried to upset the existing power-balance. To me the message here seems to be more like this: naturally the Light and the Dark Side are balancing-out eachother, however the Dark Side always seeks to overthrow this balance. But to do this, it needs outside help, to tip the scales. Tus it will always seek to enslave those who have the potential to be of use in doing so. If you look at the Son's attempts to turn Anakin, (first by the promise of acting for the Greater Good, then by taking away a loved one, and finally by throwing him into despair), these are returning themes amongst the various StartOfDarkness stories in Star Wars.
* Er, no. It was strongly hinted at that the Daughter getting loose would be just as bad as the son.
** Except she never tried to get loose. She might had the potential to cause disasters, but she was well aware of that, and accepted that they must remain imprisoned on Mortis. The Son on the other hand, didn't seem to care about the consicvencies of him being unleashed.
*** The formerly canon Dawn of the Jedi comics show the precursors of both the Sith and Jedi, the Je'daii, balanced light and dark, and considered straying too far towards the Light just as bad as falling into the Dark. They exiled them to different moons of Tython, Bogar for dark, and Ashla for light. So, yeah. She probably would have caused doom, too.

[[WMG: Barriss Offee will appear in the Rebels T.V show]]
It is my opinion at least that there is more to her than meets the eye. Also, I could see Greg Weisman have a field day with her, particularly if she was to meet Ahsoka again.
* She did fall to the Dark Side and WordOfGod said she was not executed... Might she be (despite the VA change) the Seventh Sister?
* Her being Seventh Sister is Jossed.

[[WMG: Ahsoka is a SoulJar]]
When the Son somehow turned Ahsoka to the Dark Side, later we heard her voice taking on the reverbaration of the Son's. Given this, it's safe to assume, that the Son used DemonicPossession, and transfered some of his energy to her. Later the Daughter resurrected and cured Ahsoka by transfering her own energy to her. Is it possible, that a small part of both [[SealedEvilInACan the Son]] and [[SealedGoodInACan the Daughter]] lives on, [[SealedInSideAPersonShapedCan sealed inside Ahsoka]]?
* This is also awesome.

[[WMG: Had Anakin remained on Mortis to replace the Father, the Skywalker twins would have come to replace the Son and the Daughter.]]
Which sibling would embody which side of the Force is an interesting point of discussion. [[YouCantFightFate The Force would have contrived a way to get Padme to Mortis for this purpose.]]
* Yeah, and what happens to Padme? Does she end up as the new Abeloth?
** She probably would've just died of old age, as Abeloth would have if not for doing the things that turned her into an abomination.
** Let's not forget how Anakin is psychologically. If Padme was to age while he did not, he'd probably unintentionally turn her into Abeloth 2.0 trying to save her life. As movie 3 shows, he is prone to doing extremely stupid and universe damming things for good reasons (Trying to save Padme).

[[WMG: ''The Clone Wars'' character who may appear in the ''Lords of the Sith'' novel.]]
It has been announced that ''Lords of the Sith'' by Paul S. Kemp will feature a character from this show. Here are some possible theories:
* Darth Maul will return to prove whether or not he may still be part of the Sith order, or he may try to overthrow Sidious and Vader altogether.
* Asajj Ventress will return to either serve the Sith or duel them.
* Ahsoka Tano will return and duel with Darth Vader, possibly discovering that he is her former master. Vader would feel a bit conflicted and be reminded that he failed training her to be a Jedi.
* All have been JOSSED. It's [[LaResistance Cham Syndulla]]. This may also tie in with ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels'' seeing as he's Hera's father.

[[WMG: In the throne room, the woman that sides with Maul is Rook Kast and one of the men that also sides with Maul is Gar Saxon.]]

[[WMG:Why Rex didn't tell Cody about the control chips]]
We know that, as revealed on ''Rebels'', Fives' death prompted Rex to investigate and find out about the clones' control chips. Thanks to DoomedByCanon and ForegoneConclusion, we know that he wouldn't have been able to warn Cody about them. Thing is, though, that Rex and Cody were good friends, and no InUniverse explanation for why he didn't tell Cody about the chips has yet been stated. It seems that the most likely explanation has to do with the fact that, thanks to what happened to Fives, Rex would know that he had to be ''very'' careful, when investigating, about who he let in on this secret. Therefore, because of this entirely justified paranoia, Rex never found a good opportunity to tell Cody about the chips between when he found out about them and the last time he saw Cody, probably early on during the Siege of Mandalore.

[[WMG: The boisterous narrator is [[VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic Trooper companion M1-4x]], uploaded to the Republic Archives]]
* The ''Knights of the Fallen Empire'' arc shows [=M1-4x=] as being shuttled off to the Republic's propaganda office where his "[[NarmCharm unique]]" enthusiasm and patriotic programming came in handy. Say that even after his skills as a battle droid were obsolete, his enthusiasm for the Republic and knack for propaganda narration were still too valuable to discard. so, he's been uploaded to the Republic historical archives and continues cheerfully recounting the great achievements of the Republic's heroes. Though, if someone asked about Havoc Squad, you'd probably never get the droid to shut up.

[[WMG:When Sifo-Dyas was killed]]
This is a proposed timeline of the events of Sifo-Dyas' death and the ordering of the clone army. (All of this takes place less than a year before the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo.)
* Sifo-Dyas, having heard of the Kaminoans and their expertise in cloning, goes to Kamino and makes arrangements regarding the creation of an army, supposedly on the orders of the Galactic Senate. He then returns to the Republic, and tells his "friend" Dooku (who, while he has fallen to the Dark Side and joined the Sith, has yet to formally leave the Jedi Order over supposed philosophical differences) about what he did on his trip. Dyas believes that he can still trust Dooku. Before he returns to Kamino, he must locate a suitable gene donor for the clone army. It is possible that Dooku offers to help, out of the kindness of his heart, you understand.
* Chancellor Valorum contacts Sifo-Dyas and asks him to secretly negotiate with the Pyke Syndicate to prevent a war between the various underworld factions. The Jedi Master departs for Oba Diah with Valorum's aide Silman. At the same time, Darth Sidious' spy or spies in the Chancellor's office report to the Sith Lord that he has sent a Jedi Master on a secret mission. Sidious informs Darth Tyranus, aka Dooku, of the situation, with the expected instructions.
* Shortly after Sifo-Dyas arrives at Oba Diah, before negotiations can begin, he receives instructions from the Jedi Council to deal with a tribal dispute on Felucia. When he leaves to deal with the situation, his shuttle is shot down by the Pykes, killing him, because a man they know only as Tyranus hired them to do so. The Pykes, on inspecting the crash site on Oba Diah's moon, locate both Sifo-Dyas' body and a still living Silman. They give Tyranus the Jedi Master's body as proof, but stash Silman away in their dungeon as potential leverage.
* Dooku/Tyranus goes to Felucia and uses his Dark Side powers to make the tribal leaders believe that Sifo-Dyas arrived on the planet alive, but was killed in an incident. Dooku, posing as another Jedi (at this point, technically speaking, he still is one), arranges for Sifo-Dyas to be cremated to conceal the true cause of death. At the time, the Jedi find nothing suspicious about the incident. It is probably shortly after this that Dooku publicly leaves the Order under a claim of "philosophical differences".
* Dooku, under his Sith name Tyranus, contacts the Kaminoans claiming to be Sifo-Dyas' representative. He also selects bounty hunter Jango Fett to be the gene donor for the clone army. At this point, the Trade Federation, acting under orders from Darth Sidious, is preparing to blockade the planet of Naboo.

[[WMG: Barriss Offee had strong feelings for Ahsoka]]
We already know that in the Old Republic, Jedi Knights were supposed to avoid personal attachments. This is of course easier said than done.Presumably, this also includes sexual attachments, yet I'd find it hard to imagine that the Jedi, as imperfect organic beings, are able to fully repress biological or sexual instincts. Sexual repression can be a very dangerous situation, and with its enforcement in the Jedi Temple, it is technically hard to know the actual sexual orientation of most of its members.

Now let us suppose for a moment that Barriss was in fact lesbian or bisexual. It is worth noting that her closest relationships in the show were often with other women (in the case of both Luminara and Ahsoka). Prior to the events of season five, it was also established that Barriss and Ahsoka were very close friends. But Ahsoka was committed to her Jedi studies and also knew the rules about personal attachments.

This leads me to an interesting theory: supposing Barriss saw their relationship as something deeper? As in, Barriss started to develop affection towards Ahsoka, and perhaps started to see Ahsoka as something more than just a friend. In short, I'm suggesting that at some point during the events of the Clone Wars, Barriss developed a crush on Ahsoka.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka has never shown any real interest in pursuing romantic relationships. Though she does develop some close friendships in both The Clone Wars and Rebels, she never seems interested in pursuing a sexual encounter. If indeed Barriss had started to develop affection towards Ahsoka, than could she not have perceived the latter's commitment to Jedi values as a form of rejection? To make a long story short, Barriss saw Ahsoka as a lover, and felt betrayed because the latter did not reciprocate those feelings.

This also drives Barriss during the events of Season Five. Although Barriss meant what she said regarding her views of the order and her motives behind the actual bombing, she was also motivated by sexual frustration. After believing she was rejected by Ahsoka, and being unable to express her true feelings, she started to resent her former friend, and eventually this turned to anger. That anger started small, but as Barriss started to distrust the order she began to project some of her own frustrations with Ahsoka on top of it. To make a long story short, Barriss felt betrayed by what she saw as a rejection and having projected her anger onto the Jedi began to feel the need to hurt Ahsoka.

[[WMG:The Empire wasn't able to access the list of Force-sensitive children]]
In the season 2 premiere arc, it's revealed the Jedi have a list of Force-sensitive children, future Jedi, that's stored on a DataCrystal that can only be read by a Jedi Holocron. In ''Rebels'', it's revealed that Jedi and Sith holocrons can't be opened by Force-users of the opposite philosophy. Near the end of "Children of the Force", after the stolen holocron and crystal are recovered, Mace Windu says that there's no evidence that the list was copied. Therefore, it's possible that the Empire may not have been able to access the list, and therefore seize all of the children on it.