[[WMG:Gwen Stacy is already in Peter's life]]
At one point, Peter is seen chatting with an instant messenger client. His friend has a username called "[=GS122=]". Gwen Stacy originally died in ''Amazing Spiderman'' issue 121, implying that she would have eventually joined the series and survived.

[[WMG:If there was a second season, ThePunisher would make an appearance.]]
Thanks to Creator/GarthEnnis the character had really taken off, and with the DarkerAndEdgier storyline and New York wanting Spider-Man's head he would be a good way to not only kill off the original villains; forcing Peter to become Spiderman again, but to resolve the character conflict at the end of the series.

[[WMG:Silver Sable may have survived and would have appeared in the second season.]]