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Karen's boyfriend is really a British spy, and the show shares a universe with Spooks
  • Which would make Karen's boyfriend's real name Zaf, and his employer Adam Carter and whoever he answered to in MI-6, which would make the show set in 2003 or earlier, so as not to interfere w/ the canon of Spooks. Think about it, he seems very interested in dating a waitress who happens to be an understudy in a random play about Marilyn Monroe. What if he's investigating it for ties to terrorism? He also looks EXACTLY like Zaf, almost as if they share the same actor.

    And then there's the real reason why he won't be on next year, which is because he's been recalled to Britain to join MI-5 with Adam.

Ivy will eventually die due to drug overdose and pressure.
  • Isn't it kind of obvious?

"Ivy Lynn" is a stage name.
  • She doesn't have the same surname as her mother, and "Ivy Lynn" sounds fake. So she invented it, just like "Marilyn Monroe".

Leo is Tom's son.
  • Tom was just as upset as Julia and Frank when Leo went missing. So obviously he's Leo's biological father, having had an affair with Julia.

Karen will quit Bombshell to star in Hit List.
  • With Tom taking over as director of Bombshell and Derek as director of Hit List, the obvious choice for Karen, Derek's "Muse" is to leave Bombshell and star in Hit List. This leaves Ivy whose show is tanking anyway, to take over as Marilyn.

Sean Hayes's character was created as a Take That! against Theresa Rebeck, the show's creator.
  • Hayes's character is presented as a person who is unintentionally ruining the show he is starring in, Dangerous Liaisons, and seems to be too much of a primadonna to think he is doing anything wrong. Considering the horrible time this show was having because of the writer's and show creator Rebeck's feud about the show, it seems a little too convenient that this character came on after Rebeck was fired.