Awesome / Smash

  • Eileen telling her investors they are fired.
  • All of the musical numbers, but particularly...
    • "Let Me Be Your Star" in the Pilot. Probably the most thrilling moment in the series.
    • "Let's be Bad" from the episode of the same name. As Marc Shaiman, composer of the number, said...
      "Note to songwriters: always have Megan Hilty and choreographer Josh Bergasse take your song and fly with it. As we filmed this number at a theatre on Staten Island we realized we were watching a number from a made-up musical, which was a song inspired by an actual movie, being performed in a real theatre while being filmed for a TV show. I think my head exploded shortly after having that thought."
    • "A Thousand and One Nights" from "Publicity." To explain, it is a musical number where Dev and Karen are hashing out their relationship problems (it's all in Karen's head, unfortunately) but also ties in the relationship drama of all the other characters in the show. What makes it unbelievably awesome is that the whole thing is an elaborately choreographed, gorgeously costumed, sumptuously shot Bollywood number.
    • "Just Keep Moving the Line", sung by Ivy in Season Two's 'The Fallout.'