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Paula is the Unbreakable Huntress
  • There are subtle hints dropped everywhere that Paula is at least not just a normal person. Or it could just be Suda51's style. The game features posters that reveal what the world is like. Notable ones are the posters about the unbreakable huntress which Johnson says is a demon huntress who was made into Fleming's queen and tortured just like Paula was. It's strange how the demon huntress is featured in two posters and declared as 'Fleming's queen' yet never meets Garcia or even mentioned by Fleming. She must have escaped somehow (And death is not an option since Fleming can revive those he kills). My guess is the huntress escaped back into the human world as Paula.
    • It'd explain why Paula was found alive in a dumpster with no real explanation(This is banter between Johnson and Garcia). Even stranger, Garcia mentions she was wearing a long white dress in the dumpster (A very fancy dress, unlikely she was some prostitute or homeless). This is the same white dress Fleming chooses to dress her 'true body' in by the end of the game (Arguably, he could be messing with Garcia's mind as well). He also mentions in the banter that she didnt say anything at first, possibly suffering from trauma of the torture.
    • Also in the same banter with Johnson, Garcia mentions that Paula talked for the first time when his phone rang. She adamently didnt want him to answer it. If she was found in a dumpster, how would anyone know how to contact Garcia to find her? And at the end of the game, Fleming calls Garcia to get his mistress back
    • Garcia also examines another poster and notes that Paula is a better shot than he was. Likely if she were the unbreakable huntress since she also made it to Fleming's castle and therefore is at least equally skilled.
    • Fleming comments that Paula looks great in red yet Paula wears only white clothing in every appearance. Though this could be referring to blood, Johnson notes that the Huntress challenged Fleming while wearing red when examining the poster.
    • And on the side, Johnson and Garcia have a bit of banter in the final level about whether Fleming had ulterior motives for torturing Paula. Garcia shrugs it off. Having revenge on Garcia is one thing but also, he could also be reclaiming and punsihing his mistress for escaping
      • Dont forget in the ending Garcia says Paula is the Mistress of the underworld, and the story of the unbreakable huntress says she became Flemming's wife.
      • This is from Garcia's (Which is the player's) perspective. Both aren't aware if Paula is really the huntress or not. All that we know is that Paula is his mistress one way or another.

Justine is actually mute, and the "singing" Garcia hears whenever she shows up is just a recording of some kind.
  • According to her book, Justine died by ripping out her own vocal chords, and she'd said her voice could go to hell if she could be thin and beautiful. Fleming probably though it would be amusingly cruel to do just that, making her the beauty she'd always wanted to be but robbing her of her beautiful singing voice. The fake voice we hear is probably a duplicate of her voice from when she was a mortal, too, just to rub salt into the proverbial wound.
    • In one of the posters you find early in the game, its mentioned that Fleming likes opera. It's possible that he brought Justine to hell so she could sing for him and made her thin in return. In a sense, her voice (And soul) did go to hell in exchange for beauty.

Justine is Fleming's concubine
  • Which explains why she still looks human, whilst all the others (The Drifter, Stinky Crow ETC) are horribly mutilated.

"Fucking" really is Garcia's middle name
  • This kind of has to be here, also we'll ignore the fact that Mexican tradition is for two middle names.

Garcia died.
Either from falling to enemies in the game or being consumed by darkness in the finale. However in hell, Paula and Garcia can't stay dead otherwise they don't suffer. Garcia did not really kill Fleming, it was a fake death to give him hope, because thinking there MUST be a way to escape torment makes on less likely to resign oneself to it. The last scene was from a fake version of Garcia's apartment made in hell to continue the illusion he had momentarily succeeded but to never truly win. He will just keep battling through Hell(tormenting other souls and demons along the way) storm the castle, save the girl and go home all to have it return again when he thinks he has finally done.