[[WMG: Fubuki is Shinrei's [[LukeIAmYourFather father]].]]
Look at the hair, people. Just look at the hair.

More seriously:
* Poofy, silver hair that no one else has: Check.
* Power(s) related to water: Check.

I know we "saw" Shinrei's father in flashbacks but: 1)We also saw Fubuki pretending ''not'' to be someone's father [[spoiler: ie, Tokito.]] 2) We never saw that guy's face, and 3) nor were he and Fubuki ever in the same room.

[[WMG: Shihodo is Kyo's mother and also possibly a True Mibu.]]
Shihodo could possibly be a true Mibu in hiding, maybe limiting her power somehow in order to keep under the radar. And she might be Kyos mother, the father being either the Aka no Ou (letting Kyoichiro think that he is the source of Kyos true Mibu blood while its actually her) or another true Mibu who somehow died.

She is easily one of the oldest characters in the series. Her age is never specified, but she is stated to be several thousand years old. She obviously knew True Mibu, because they didn't die out completely until after Kyo was born. And it is (or should be) one of the biggest questions of the fandom: where the hell are Kyo's parents? If the True Mibu were so powerful and only one or two remained, how did they die?