[[WMG: When Chuck gets around to reviewing [[Recap/DoctorWhoS31E3VictoryOfTheDaleks "Victory of the Daleks"]], he will include a Linkara ShoutOut...]]
...by playing "Go, Go, Power Rangers" when the new, multicolored Dalek designs appear. This would reference both the new design's FanNickname and Linkara's WebSite/{{SF Debris}}-inspired History of the Power Rangers reviews.
* WebVideo/DiamandaHagan already did that.
* As did MrTardis, all the way back in 2010. He even made the Doctor Rita Repulsa.

[[WMG: The secret review 27 september will be a Mass Effect Review]]
In his latest podcast on Moonhawk Studios he admited on doing a videogame review (though not as a game but as a work of science fiction). This will be a review on Mass Effect. This will work due to its storydriven nature (with actions and consequenses) and the deep and expansive universe which plays on his strenghts as a reviewer. Also he has had several Mass Effects references in his reviews so he is obviously a fan of the games.
** Hopefully it will be a retrospective of the Original Trek series, which debuted 45 years ago this september. Also TNG premièred 24 years ago on the 28th of September, and the immediately preceding video is the last original Trek movie. It would be the perfect time to do a retrospective of TOS and the original movie series.
*** Franchise/StarTrek: {{Jossed}}
** Franchise/MassEffect: confirmed.
** I had thought that the review was going to be [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic MLP: Friendship is Magic]], for some reason. And now Chuck is actually doing the review of it.

[[WMG: "Code of Honor" will get the "0" for ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'']]
This first-season episode, which features a strife-filled world [[UnfortunateImplications populated solely by black people]], has been referred to by Chuck as being an utter disgrace to the entire series several times in the past.
* More likely with the revelation that it will be the 2011 Christmas Review. Why would an ordinary TNG episode be the big Christmas Review unless it were meaningful in some other way? And, of course, the 2010 Christmas Review was "A Night In Sickbay", another "0" episode.
* Confirmed

[[WMG: The secret review on September 27th will be the updated review of "[[Series/StarTrekEnterprise Unexpected]]"]]
The secret review is listed as "surprised". So maybe it will be an ''[[IncrediblyLamePun Unexpected]]'' suprise.
* {{Jossed}}

[[WMG: The secret review on September 27th will be of the of the "[[StarWars original trilogy]]".]]
While he said he wouldn't do episodes I-III, he never said anything about the originals.
* {{Jossed}}

[[WMG: Chuck is doing MLP because someone paid him a large sum of money for it. And the fact that its WTF Week.]]
Hey it works! And I asked him, hasn't replied but I asked!
* Potentially, but possibly not. Keep in mind that WebSite/SFDebris is a father.
* Confirmed, sort of. He did say it was requested. And remember MLP:FIM has a large adult male audience. Like WebSite/SFDebris.

[[WMG: The remaining zeroes for ''[[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries TOS]]'', ''[[WesternAnimation/StarTrekTheAnimatedSeries TAS]]'' and ''[[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Deep Space Nine]]'' will be "The Way to Eden", "The Infinite Vulcan" and "Profit and Lace".]]
Pure speculation, but these are regarded to be some of the worst episodes of these series...
* WebSite/SFDebris hasn't done a review of a ''WesternAnimation/StarTrekTheAnimatedSeries'' episode yet.
** The door was officially opened to TAS in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJ8hGHC-qy4 this video]]. The speculation for it is premature, but valid.
*** And so it begins... WebSite/SFDebris is now doing TAS!
* "Profit and Lace" is ''de facto'' confirmed already; in his "Let He Who Is Without Sin..." review, Chuck explicitly says that the ''only'' way to go lower than that episode is to "give Quark boobs", which refers to this one.
* And "Profit and Lace" is totally confirmed as the 2012 Christmas review.
* And now "The Way To Eden", while abysmal, has been Jossed as the original series' worst - my money's on "The Savage Curtain", or "And The Children Shall Lead".
** Yep. "And the Children Shall Lead" it is.
* "The Infinite Vulcan" theory confirmed, as he does it for his 2016 Christmas Review?
[[WMG: Chuck will do ''Profit and Lace'' for the Christmas 2013]]
* Jossed, he did ''Profit and Lace'' for Christmas 2012.

[[WMG: Chuck will do the "0" episode of "Star Trek: The Original Series" for Christmas this year (2012)]]
Most likely, 2012 will consist of either the bad TOS episode or the bad Deep Space 9 episode and 2013 will be the other one. Someone already suggested Profit and Lace next Christmas.
* Jossed, it's "Profit and Lace".
* Also Jossed for reviewing TOS for christmas 2013, instead it's another awful Star Trek episode: [[Series/StarTrekEnterprise These Are The Voyages]].

[[WMG: Chuck will do the "0" episode of "Star Trek: The Animated Series" for Christmas this year (2016)]]
Considering how many reviews of the Star Trek Animation, he's been doing in 2016 (More in a year, than he has in five years), and how he did a Zero Episode for SG-One by the reasoning of him doing a lot of them in 2014, it would make sense for him to do that one, Eh?
* Confirmed, with him doing "The Infinite Vulcan"?

[[WMG: Chuck will end up doing another My Little Pony review at some point.]]
Although he stated in his MLP review that he was not a watcher of the series, he has recently started putting more references and nods to the series. This could be a hint at a future review or that perhaps he's views about the series has changed from the time of the review and the present.
* It's pretty much a given, considering how [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E1TheReturnOfHarmonyPart1 Q made it]] [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E2TheReturnOfHarmonyPart2 to Equestria]].
* Semi-confirmed when he gave My Little Pony it's own slot under animation despite having only reviewed one episode.
* And he did!

[[WMG: Sooner or later, Chuck will take a look at the plotlines of WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall.]]
Ignoring the review parts, Chuck has enough [=AT4W=] plotline material to pull together a review. After all, as said on his own site, "any science fiction, fantasy, or horror show or movie can be requested".

[[WMG: If there is ever a remake of TNG, SF Debris will use the 2009 version of 99 Red Balloons for it.]]
You know it to be quite in line with what he would do.

[[WMG: Somebody will make a WebSite/SFDebris Star Trek fic or he will be referenced if they do another television show in the next five years]]

This idea came from a comment I saw saying the Children of Tama tech support where from the: Debris!Trek-verse". Chuck often points out the weird or out of place, or UnfortunateImplications of this franchise and takes them to the next step in his jokes. If he gets or is big enough somebody will write a star trek fic where everything he said is true. So the entire verse pretty much happened exactly except: Janeway is a crazy dictator, Picard literally laughs when children die, the 2009 Kirk is literally the universes biggest douchebag even more so than Q, the children of Tama run tech support [[FridgeBrilliance explaining why everything tech problem iso poorly handled in the future]] etc...

Alternatively if he gets big enough one of the first five episodes of a new trek show will make a reference to him in a season one episode. I say five years because that is how long I imagine it would take for him to get to the level to be noticed by any producer besides one who was already a big fan.

* He's already been referenced... He created the term "[[Series/StarTrekEnterprise Future Guy]]," which is still canon even in New!Trek.
** Doesn't count. He was being sarcastic when he coined that term.
*** Not true anyway. Star Trek fans were using that weeks before he picked it up in his wonderfully Trek-slamming reviews. See September 2014 note at http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Talk:Humanoid_Figure#Lack_of_origin_citation with links to them.

[[WMG: R2 is going to have a HeroicBSOD when he finds out he helped kill the Death Star computer.]]
He's going to be very sad.

[[WMG: Chuck will appear again on Atop the Forth Wall or Linkara will make an appearance on an WebSite/SFDebris Review at some point in the future]]
* Chuck appearing on [=AT4W=]: confirmed as of episode 200. No word yet on the other half though.
* Chuck also appear in a Review of a Voyager Comic, providing the voice of Parod Janeway?

[[WMG: The Stone of Gol is what served as the template for the Mind Bomb.]]
It's a psionic resonator that uses emotions as a weapon. It works somewhat differently, but you can probably hack it with sufficient imagination and lack of morals.

[[WMG: When Chuck reviews ''These Are The Voyages'', he will "accidentally" play his intro for ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'']]
Or he'll play the intro for ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'' with ''99 Red Balloons''.
* {{Jossed}}. He played his regular ''Enterprise'' intro.

[[WMG: Film/StarTrekIntoDarkness Awards(spoilers)]]
When he does a review of that movie he will give at least one of the next awards:
* [[spoiler: Lazarus of the Week to Captain Kirk]]
* [[spoiler: Burn Baby Burn for the Vengeance crashing on earth]]
* [[spoiler: Ancient Chinese Secret, huh? to calling the stasis pod ancient]]

[[WMG: Captain Janeway really ''is'' Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People!]]
* Come on, megalomaniacal, has those warrior cobalt tarantulas, uses mind control to suppress the will of subordinates, it all fits! I can't wait for him to review ''Bride of Chaotica!''.
* Eh... I'm not sure if this is confirmed or not. Sort of?

[[WMG: There will be an Creator/AllisonPregler [=/=] Website/SFDebris crossover.]]
We will have Darth Phoebe and Captain Insaneway do an evil/insane-off.
* Please, let my dream come true.

[[WMG: WebSite/SFDebris is secretly... CHAD ROCCO of WebVideo/FamiliarFaces]]

[[WMG: The Big Star Trek project Chuck is working on for Christmas 2014]]
At the end of his review of ''Animated Series'' episode "The Tricksters of Magicks-Tu", Chuck said that he was working on a big Star Trek project for Christmas 2014. This will be one of the following:
* A review of ''Film/StarTrekIntoDarkness''.
* A review of (what Chuck considers to be) the worst episode of ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries''.
* A fanfic which Chuck will read involving a crossover between various Star Trek series.
* A review of the ten-part finale of [[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine DS9]] like the one he did for the Dominion war arc.
* A non-Trek review. He's ruled out ever doing the Star Wars prequels, but he hasn't ruled out doing the original films and there are three days of "Surprise Gift". He's doing the original Star Wars trilogy!
* It is the Star Trek Online game review.
** All {{Jossed}}. The Big Star Trek project was a review of ''Series/StarTrekVoyager's'' finale "Endgame" and his other two Surprise Gifts were reviews of ''Series/BlakesSeven's'' first episode and ''Series/StargateSG1'' episode "Emancipation".
*** He did eventually get round to the worst episode of TOS in Christmas 2015: "And The Children Shall Lead".

[[WMG: Chuck is going to review one of the Phoenix Wright games]]

Here's the evidence. There was a TOS episode which involved William Shatner giving us [[{{Chewing The Scenery}} full-frontal Shatner at his most Shatner-iest]]. The tension of the episode turned on a courtroom scene, with [[{{Courtroom Antics}} antics a-plenty]]. And the name of this episode was... [[{{Theme Naming}} Turnabout Intruder]].

And yet, there was ''not a single'' [[Franchise/{{Ace Attorney}} Phoenix Wright]] reference in the entire review. Not a one. Not even the obligatory "Objection!"

That led me to believe that it was simply a game series that Chuck was unfamiliar with. Which was fine.

But then he made a Phoenix Wright reference in one of his latest reviews. So either Chuck passed up the easiest joke ever (not entirely impossible), or he had only recently become aware of the series. Which suggests that he's going to cover it, since it's been a while since a non-Gaidan entry in the series has shown up.

[[WMG: Chuck will give a ''Lazarus of the Week'' award to ''The Alternative Factor'']]

In the same vein as the "Janeway Pie" award in Prime Factors, for the sake of the pun.

[[WMG: Christmas 2017's Worst Episode review will be for either ''Stargate Atlantis'' or ''The X-Files'']]

''Babylon 5'' will probably not get an episode review stamped '''The Worst''' on the grounds that the two most likely candidates for that title (''Infection'' and ''Grey 17 Is Missing'') have already been reviewed.
* Also, ''Full Moon,'' ''Escaflowne,'' and ''Kannazuki No Miko'' are unlikely candidates since they are being reviewed in chronological order, unlike the live action shows Chuck is currently reviewing.

[[WMG: Shoulder Spider is the spirit of Shelob]]