WMG / Ruddigore

The events depicted in Ruddigore take place before those in The Sorcerer, H.M.S. Pinafore, and The Pirates of Penzance.
Zorah, Ruth, and Dick appear elsewhere in the G&S ‘verse! As older characters with lower voices!
  • Zorah moves to Ploverleigh and marries Mr. Partlet. By the time of The Sorcerer, she’s a middle-aged widow with a young daughter (Constance).
  • As Ruth starts to go a bit deaf, she finds it increasingly difficult to keep up with all those three-part harmonies in the bridesmaid chorus. So she finds a new job as a nurserymaid… and accidentally apprentices Frederic to a band of pirates.
  • Dick Deadeye of H.M.S. Pinafore is an older, uglier, and more jaded version of Dick Dauntless.

Castle Ruddigore and its chapel are later sold off by Robin, and bought by Major-General Stanley.
  • The new baronet’s first crime? “Telling a terrible story” to some “easily deluded pirates”. Lack of a ghostly presence in Act II of Pirates suggests that Roderic and friends find this satisfactory.
  • The Major-General has unwittingly survived his first day as a bad baronet, but he is clearly unaware of the curse (“I don’t know whose ancestors they were…”), so Robin must have hugely misrepresented the property when he sold it.
  • Consider the lyrics to “Henceforth all the crimes” (a version of Robin’s cut song). Robin probably viewed the Major-General as one of those ignorant social climbers who aspire to a baronetcy for status without thinking about all the implications.
  • Draw your own conclusions about what happens the day after the Pirates Act II finale.