[[WMG: Roland Emmerich and Creator/UweBoll are the same person.]]
They're both German. They both consider themselves to be geniuses. They both make bad movies. However, one man makes an obscene amount of money, while the other has never even broke even. I suspects "Uwe Emmerich" is the victim of a Two-Face like personality disorder. Whatever movies he makes (and how he makes them) depends on the flip of a coin.

Since when does he consider himself a genius? Did he say something like Boll's "''I'm ze only genius in ze whole fucking business''" recently?

[[WMG: Roland Emmerich has something against Canada (and possibly Australia).]]

Of all his movies, has he ever filmed one scene there? Most everywhere else has been included in his films (Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Antartica, etc); but apparently Canada wouldn't notice another [[Film/TheDayAfterTomorrow Ice Age]] nor are there any [[Film/IndependenceDay landmarks]] to [[Film/TwoThousandTwelve destroy]].
* This logic is flawed. By this reasoning, Steven Spielberg has something against Turkmenistan, Coppola doesn't like Bhutan, and James Cameron dislikes Liechtenstein; none of those countries appear in any of their films.

[[WMG: Roland Emmerich is an OmnicidalManiac.]]
His disaster movies are simply part of this plan. Roland is aware of TheMultiverse, and is using his movies to exploit the infinite realities. 2012 is just the first step. The final movie he'll do (in 2012 of course) will be on the largest scale possible-[[ApocalypseHow Class Z, the destruction of the entire multiverse.]] And he'll do it in a way that ensures it can't be stopped, in the slightest way. That way, he can fufill his ambitions of annihilating the multiverse(sans himself), waiting for the remains to reform, and then, after becoming an EldritchAbomination on the levels of ''God'', sell the most epic disaster movie to the new realities.

[[WMG: Roland Emmerich truly believes that the world will end in 2012.]]
After filming ''Film/TwoThousandTwelve,'' he announced that he would retire from filmmaking.

He makes large-scale disaster movies. A little math would determine that, after the film ''2012'' was released, there wouldn't be enough time for him to make another big-budget blockbuster disaster movie before the year 2012. Emmerich is one of the best at this sort of GuiltyPleasure, and so he cannot be rushed...

* {{Jossed}}. He's working on another movie, this one based on the mystery of who wrote Shakespeare.

[[WMG: Roland Emmerich loves Canada and Australia.]]
He doesn't include scenes of them in his films. His films are disaster films. Thus, it's better this way.

He doesn't love Canada unconditionally, mind you. It's very clear that Canada is snowed in in ''TheDayAfterTomorrow.''

[[WMG:Roland Emmerich is the opposite of of a [[SelfFulfillingProphecy Self Fulfilling Prophet]].]]
By making his films he prevents these disasters from happening.
* This is because of quantum physics. By making these films he observes the future and changes it in the process of observing it.
* Emmerich is aware of this, and is secretly saving the world one bad movie at a time