WMG / Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth

There will be a "Sakura Explains Stuff" Episode.
Chibi-Sakura was first introduced in Part I as Ms. Exposition. Since this series makes all the characters chibis, it would make a good Mythology Gag. Of course, Rule of Funny dictates that no one will actually care about what she's saying, and she'll be the episode's Butt-Monkey.

There will be an Anger Management episode
Neji, Tenten, Sakura, and Kiba would most likely get stuck there after one-too-many outbursts, but Hilarity Ensues because Gai and Lee are the instructors.

Neji will die.
Just like the source material.

This series takes place after the original manga.
and Neji will be revived before this manga starts.

This series is the Infinite Tsukuyomi
Obito's plan succeeded to a degree, but instead of his reality, Rock Lee had created the world with his mind.