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Homura will discover that Ultimate Madoka is the best possible ending.
In the game; Homura will be able to jump from Pre-Anime to Post-Anime timelines upon "unlocking" them, and even if she's able to save all of the cast and beat Walpurgisnacht, the very nature of Puella Magi/Witches means they don't have long to live anyways. Even if she does so and prevents Madoka from becoming a Magical Girl; Madoka will tell her she doesn't want to be alone when they eventually die/go witch in a few short years.
  • Her final ending will be like Halo: Reach, her fighting an infinite amount of spawning Manjuu Demons in the Wasteland until she dies or ascends; and then goes to be with Ultimate Madoka.
    • Confirmed: "After winning the game, you will always end up getting the anime's ending (whether Homura fights alone or with one of the girls as a team). During the wasteland scene, Homura will only have to fight the Demons until the ending music (Connect) ends."

Homura's True End was one of the canon timeloops.
It lasted for a few months, maybe a year... then some catastrophe hit, Madoka was forced to contract and eventually become a witch, and Homura couldn't do anything as her shield was out of sand. Homura had nothing left to do but reset the timeline.

As a Mahou Shoujo, Itzli was a foreigner
This is another interpretation on what an alien is-being from another country.