[[WMG: From a Meta standpoint, VideoGame/ProjectZomboid will be a YinYangClash.]]

If you look at PZ's website, they make it ''clear'' that FailureIstheOnlyOption. Most of their features-to-be-added are ones that ''add'' to that inevitability. One of the [=NPCs=] you're with might [[HeroicBSOD decide to snap]]. You get infected... not with TheVirus, but with [[ThePlague some disease that will get everyone you're with sick]]. Food will spoil and go bad. It's as if EverythingIsTryingToKillYou, and it's WorkingAsIntended.

So what seems to be the problem? The gamers. We're told something is impossible, [[{{Determinator}} and we will not accept it]]. [[SequenceBreaking We find the path that the developers didn't think about.]] [[DungeonBypass We're looking at your carefully planned route behind us as we skipped it.]] [[TakeaThirdOption Given Die-Via-X or Die-Via-Y, we'll choose Live-Via-Four.]] [[{{Padding}} I'm well aware I've made my point]].

What will happen, according to my Wild Mass Guessing, will be a constant struggle between the developers designing the game for one outcome... and the players who've quickly figured out the [[ComplacentGamingSyndrome existing ways-to-survive]] who maintain other option. Which the developers will [[{{Nerf}} ruin those ways in the name of balance]]. Which will cause the players to adapt, which'll force the developers to nerf ''again''..

[[WallofText Tee-Ell-Dee-Arr]]: FailureIstheOnlyOption only be true in VideoGame/ProjectZomboid for brief (or semi-brief) moments of its life.