[[WMG: This special is testing the viability of a anime version without [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Ash]].]]
Animes can have multiple versions going on at once: see Shippuden and Springtime of Youth with Naruto

[[WMG: This anime will have Green/Blue's Raticate die between the fight on the S.S. Anne and the fight in Lavender Tower]]
Because AscendedMeme. In fact, Red might have to deal with some of his dying, too.
* {{Jossed}}.

[[WMG: Charizard will Mega Evolve]]
It really shouldn't even be a question. Pokémon is ''always'' eager to advertise. Not to mention [[http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/9070/zpa3.jpg this scene]] practically screams it.
* [[spoiler:Confirmed, and it's a second mega evolution form at that!]]
* [[spoiler:[[http://serebii.net/origins.jpg See here.]]]]

[[WMG: Missingno.]]
Again, AscendedMeme. Plus, with all the fanfiction that's been made about it, the story ideas are pretty much infinite.
* {{Jossed}}.

[[WMG: The green-haired Rocket who killed Marowak is [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Executive Proton]]]]
This makes a lot of sense. Kinda makes him a retroactive KnightOfCerebus though. All his appearances in that game will become ''much'' HarsherInHindsight.
* Apart from the fact that they sorta look alike, Proton ''does'' self-describe as "the cruelest guy in Team Rocket," or something along those lines. It would make a [[FridgeHorror scary amount of sense]] if that was him.

[[WMG: Possibilities for a [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Johto-based sequel]]]]
* It will be called "Pokémon: Rebirth", referring both to its being a sequel and also to the rebirth of the legendary beasts.
* The main character will be Kris from Crystal version, rather than Ethan or Lyra.
* A new game mechanic for the next games in the series will be revealed in the battle against Red, similar to [[spoiler:Mega Charizard X's appearance in Origins]].
* The main character will choose Chikorita or Totodile, so that the Grass starter will appear after Bulbasaur was not picked in Origins. Most likely, it'll be Chikorita, thanks to the underdog factor caused by its weakness to Flying making the first gym tougher, as well as the fact that the Red Gyarados will probably end up on the main character's team.
** I like the idea, but this might bring about some problems with Giovanni and Silver's relationship since Giovanni reforms pretty obviously here while if Silver was to be brought in, then he loses his motivations at the start.
** If the main character has a Chikorita, it will stay as a Chikorita, being the TeamPet. Instead, he or she will have two signature power houses: Houndoom and the Red Gyrados. Both are a TakeThat to Typlosion and Feraligatr, respectively.

[[WMG: The English dub will apply NeverSayDie censorship to the Marowak part.]]
* And it will cause InternetBackdraft the likes of which have never been seen before.
* For those who say "the death is a plot point in the games, they won't censor it", that didn't stop them censoring [[VideoGame/SonicAdventure2 Maria's death]] in Anime/SonicX. (True, that was 4Kids, which Pokemon isn't dubbed by anymore, but my point still stands)
** As it turns out, this is nominally correct (at least the first bit). The words "die" are never said in conjunction with Marowak's death. However, the only other censoring is some toning down of Marowak's death scream.
[[WMG: It is going be so well liked that it will become a full anime series]]
* ....What? It can happen.
** Or much of its battle and plot dynamics would incorporated into the [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} current anime.]] If the anime influences various parts of the Pokémon Origins (Charizard vs Blastoise, Seismic Toss, Haunter etc.), who isn't to say that Origins could do the same for the former.

[[WMG: There will be a game based on Pokémon Origins released.]]
* [[DontExplainTheJoke It was released over 15 years ago.]]

[[WMG: Subsequent dubs will replace the weapon used to kill Marowak with a plant stick.]]
[[DontExplainTheJoke Because Grass types are super effective against ground types, while electric types have no effect.]]

[[WMG: Green's jacket will have changed its color.]]
To make it blue.
* {{Jossed}}; even in the English dub, Blue's jacket remains green, somewhat invoking LostInTranslation.

[[WMG: The Pokémon [[spoiler:Giovanni was holding at the end of his battle with Red is his OWN Charizard]]]]
Because what's more symbolic of his change than his [[spoiler:own (implied) starter, Charmander, evolved and back to him? Also it was a normal Poké Ball, so it's not the ones he used in the match against Red (those were Ultra Balls).]]
* Additionally this will be added into the possible Johto sequel. [[spoiler:In the Celebi time event, set right after he reforms!]]

[[WMG: Some of the voices in the English dub will be voiced by some of the cast from 4Kids]]
* Though it's a long shot, it would be nice to hear the original Pokemon speak from how they did in the 4Kids dub, and some of the characters be voiced from 4Kids.
** {{Jossed}}: The dub uses an entirely different, LA-based cast-- the only actor who had previously been on Pokemon was Lucien Dodge. This is arguably better to an extent, though-- since the dub of the mainstream Pokemon anime had been restricted to New York for so long, lots of great voice actors never got a chance to be on it. The special, on the other hand, has popular talent like Creator/BrycePapenbrook, Creator/JohnnyYongBosch, and others who'd probably never get to be on the main show.

[[WMG: "Red" and "Blue" are nicknames]]
Their actual names are Redmond and Blutarch, respectively.
* [[EmbarrassingFirstName And that explains why they go by nicknames]].

[[WMG: After successfully capturing Mew,]]
Red will encounter a Chikorita and register it as Pokemon number 152. ''Then'' the rest of the non-Kanto Pokemon all pop up at once.
* {{Jossed}}.

[[WMG: There ''are'' more then 150 Pokemon for this series.]]
Prof Oak forgot to mention that the 150 is only in Kanto.
* [[spoiler: Confirmed. Mew is seen at the end]].

[[WMG: There was another Dex holder.]]
Oak gave another kid a Pokedex and the remaining starter. And for the sake of inclusion, let's say it was Leaf / Green.

[[WMG: This is what really goes on in Nintendo HQ Japan when no one is looking.]]
Red is an {{expy}} of Creator/SatoshiTajiri and Blue is one of Creator/ShigeruMiyamoto. They been Pokemon Battling ever since.

[[WMG: Red was playing with gen 6 mechanics.]]
It explains why he can raise so many pokemon so easily: every pokemon in his party gets experience from the gen 6 experience share. Having the experience boost from Pokemon Amie couldn't hurt, either.
* It also explains why Haunter/Gengar knows Shadow Punch, and Jolteon could have had Quick Feet instead of its usual ability.

[[WMG:The Anime based off of ''[[Videogame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Omega Ruby]]/[[VideoGameRemake Alpha Sapphire]]'' will be a sequel to ''Origins'']]
...as opposed to a FillerArc in [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} the regular Anime]].

If the games are a full-fledged remake, then ''Origins 2'' will feature characters that were grossly underserved (Teams Aqua and Magma, the Elite Four and Steven) or cameo-only/not-appearing (Brendan, Wally) in the original Anime. Conversely, characters whose counterparts were focal characters in the classic Anime (May) won't appear at all or, at best, be TheGhost. In fact, I'll go on further to say that Wally will be a {{Composite|Character}} of his Game form and May (as rival).