[[WMG: Grodus is a powerful [[SummonMagic summoner]].]]
* This would explain why he thought he could get away with controlling the [[SealedEvilInACan Shadow]] [[EvilIsNotAToy Queen]], he was used to controlling things stronger than himself. She just happened to be FAR stronger than he anticipated. Oh, and he didn't summon anything bigger than his Xs when facing Mario because 1) he underestimated the plumber and 2) if he called anything else he'd risk collapsing the Palace of Shadow.

[[WMG: The X-Naut Fortress used to be a spaceship, and landed on the Moon to avoid the conflict on the planet below.]]
* The X-Nauts were probably looking for a new home and intending to land close to the Mushroom Kingdom, but then Grodus got a good look at the place via orbital scans. Princesses getting kidnapped? Magic users on par with him? Plumbers stomping on every baddie in sight? Of course he'd decide the moon was a better place to prepare for a full invasion.
** At least he had more foresight than the [[VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiPartnersInTime Shroobs...]]

[[WMG: The Shadow Queen is the same species as the Shadow Sirens.]]
* They have the same basic design.
* Further supported by the fact that Queen Jaydes, mistress of The Underwhere (the Marioverse's Hell) follows along a similar design track, thus implying that the Shadow Queen is just one of the Underwhere's less scrupulous entities.
** Isn't this pretty much canon? The Shadow Sirens seemed to be sent out to make sure the Thousand Year Door was opened one way or another. (That's Beldam in the opening cutscene giving the map to Peach, by the way.)
*** That logic would imply that goombas are the same species as Bowser.
*** The koopas on the other hand are the same species as Bowser though.

[[WMG: Count Blumiere and Timpani are in the Mushroom Kngdom]]
* After their marriage they end up in a place with 'regular' (as close to it gets, anyway) looking trees and such. In the context of ''SPM'', there is only one place that looks like this, the Mushroom Kingdom.

[[WMG: Flavio is a JustForFun/TimeLord.]]
* After losing his precious heirloom at Keelhaul Key, he's going to go back to Keelhaul Key to steal it back from Cortez. Paper Mario 3DS will have a Flavio storyline following said plot after you beat Mario's.
** Jossed.

[[WMG: Ms. Mowz is the wife of Rowf, the badge shop owner from the first game.]]
* Someone in the original Paper Mario mentions that Rowf's wife used to sell badges with him. Ms. Mowz in the sequel is a badge thief/salesmouse, and their names are somewhat similar.
** Probably ex-wife then.

[[WMG: Dimentio is [[VideoGame/SuperMarioBros2 Phanto]].]]

* Similar sounding names? Faces look alike? Both inspire NightmareFuel? Do you see where I'm going with this?

[[WMG: Mimi is a [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Homonculus]].]]
* Those aren't rubees...She was a Homonculus who could shapeshift (a prototype of Envy?). And her true form is a monster, who spits red stones...

[[WMG: Mimi is a [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 Spy]].]]
Wut? The disguising? The smoke effect when she does? The tricking you into StupidityIsTheOnlyOption? Boys, it's a spah!\\
Mimi probably somehow got a Spy's disguise kit (or a [[KillAndReplace Your Eternal Reward]]) and uses it all the friken time. My guess is she (somehow, for some reason) lived in the world where [=TF2=] takes place and her 'father' (if she had one) taught her how to use the disguise kit, making her the first ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV9ywSgKmB4 or second]]) female Spy, which explains why she uses the tricks an experienced Spy would use. She probably also has the Invisibility Watch and uses it when she chases you in Chapter 2-4. I mean, she suddenly appears when you stay somewhere too long (the Invisibility Watch works for a short time and has to reload each time you turn visible). The explosion in 2-3? Dead Ringer.

[[WMG: The four legendary heroes of black chest fame are cursed to be incarnations of the fourth wall.]]
* When they are released, what do they do? They specifically cover the front of the screen, serving as a wall that blocks off everything except for Mario himself. In addition, they are the only characters who know that everyone is paper-thin, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage. Now, are they truly forced to keep up bad publicity, or is their "evil" nature a side effect of [[GoMadFromTheRevelation knowing too much]]?
** Possible, but it's unlikely their "evilness" was from insanity (at least insanity induced by meta-knowledge). My bet is that acting "evil" while laying the curse was a condition to breaking their own curse.
[[WMG: Dimentio is responsible for Count Bleck]]
* Tippi somehow recognizes Dimentio when seeing him in Chapter 1. Dimentio was the assassin Blumiere's father sent after Timpani all that time ago. It's also sort of implied that Dimentio wrote the Dark Prognosticus.

[[WMG: The Chaos Heart ''wasn't'' destroyed!]]
* As it was never established what the Pure Hearts do, this is plausible. The Pure Hearts only ''suppressed'' the Chaos Heart.
** If so, when it was suppressed, it went straight to the only suitable host: Luigi.
*** It follows that this will manifest as a SuperPoweredEvilSide later on, and may in fact be responsible for his creepy [[LimitBreak Final Smash]] in ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBrosBrawl''.

[[WMG: The name requirement for the Twilight Town Warp Pipe was made because of Doopliss]]
* Perhaps Doopliss was banished to the region to prevent him from spreading his sick pranks further across the land. Think about it...a demon who keeps his name secret for his most potent magic to work wouldn't write it down on himself, therefore Doopliss would never be able to use the Warp Pipe to leave. of course, once Mario exposed his name to get his identity back, Doopliss could freely write his name down and flee Twilight Town, and consequently he appears in later chapters.

[[WMG: Merlon's mustache is his arms.]]
* Look at Merlon's mustache. Those little circles at the bottom look suspiciously like fingers and his arms are never shown. His mustache also appears to move unnaturally most of the time.

[[WMG: Dimentio didn't want [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt The End Of The Multiverse As We Know It]] at the end of ''Super Paper Mario''.]]
* OK, he was insane, but he obviously opposed Count Bleck's plans about destroying all worlds. Yet, many say that, after his final defeat, he tried to destroy everything in a TakingYouWithMe attempt. Wrong: what ''is'' said is that he leaved a shadow behind him, so that it could control the Chaos Heart into destroying everything...I add, everything except the Heart and the shadow themselves. Then the shadow clone could have created an universe for himself '''and''' ensured his existance beyond the original's death. Basically: "I'll follow the Count's false plan...or at least another myself will."
** There's also the mindset of "If I can't rule the multiverse, then no one will", which would still equate to wanting to make the multiverse cease to exist. Besides, technically, he left a shadow of his power behind, not a shadow of himself, and it was also explicitly stated that it will last long enough to destroy all existence.

[[WMG: The Dimentio in the game is actually Shadoo]]
* Alright, since this is WildMassGuessing I made, I believe it to be true...Count Bleck mentioned that Dimentio left a shadow of himself. Shadoo is still alive and controlling the Chaos Heart! And why did Shadoo want to be the heroes of prophecy? Well, because he wanted to destroy everybody! And where is the real Dimentio? Somewhere in the Underwhere most likely...I call this idea! It's mine! I made it! If anybody makes a fanfiction like this I'm afraid you can't!
** If you do, don't you dare left it to yourself. Linkitlinkit.
** Can I (HannahHypolita) do this? I wanna try it!
*** Alright, it's on Fanfiction.net and it's called The Contact and the Plan. Username is the same as mine on here, check it out.
*** If Shadoo is a shadow of Dimentio, then how is it that the former can be fought before defeating Super Dimentio?
*** Possibly because Shadoo decided to run to Count Bleck's Castle possibly?
** Original Poster here, and I'll be honest... Anybody can craft the fanfiction because I'm done with that idea.

[[WMG: Alternatively... Shadoo is or related to Doopliss]]
Think about it, who else would mimic heroes and fight them with their abilities?

[[WMG: [[spoiler: Dimentio wrote the Dark Prognosticus.]]]]
[[spoiler: He's actually millions of years old, and wrote his own prophecy...and planned to carry them out himself. But he needed a pawn - Count Bleck - and used him as a tool to carry out the plans of the Dark Prognosticus. When Count Bleck had no further use to Dimentio, he intended to kill him and carry out the rest of the plan.]]
* [[spoiler: Also supported by Super Dimentio, who looks almost exactly like Dimentio.]]
** The game sort of implies this to be true...Then again, there are several pieces that imply a much, much deeper plot at hand. [[spoiler: Dimentio is Merloo, the Ancient sage who is never mentioned outside of the stain-glass picture of him, which when tattled, says had similar abilities to Dimentio and was also involved in writing the Light Prognosticus. If this is the case, Dimentio wrote ''both'' books, plotting things to go exactly how he wanted for many years.]]
** I can believe that. Very plausible. But why would Dimento change his name?
** If Dimentio really is Merloo, then his entire plan would probably ''rely'' on changing his name. Merloo's depiction in the stain-glass picture indicates that he is a recognizable historical figure, meaning that anyone with knowledge about the Tribe of Ancients/Darkness would know exactly who he was once they heard his name. That includes Count Bleck. Dimentio's gambit relied on Bleck thinking of him as an AffablyEvil fool, and that wouldn't have been possible if everyone knew Dimentio had written the Prognosticus.

[[WMG: Charlieton is a great fighter]]
* How else does he make it all the levels in the Pit of 100 Trials? And perhaps he got those rare badges by fighting in far away place...
** He probably knows alternative routes through the pit.

[[WMG: Nastasia has [[Franchise/CodeGeass geass]]]]
* She gives someone a look, a flash of red light appears, and they follow her orders. Sound familiar?

[[WMG: Dimentio is [[VideoGame/EternalDarkness Ulyaoth]].]]
I played ''Eternal Darkness'' first, of course, but just looking at the character sheet for Ulyaoth after having played SPM made me laugh...and then be mortified at the idea. Alternately, he's Xel'lotath after going even more crazy as a result of whatever rites or process turned him into an Eldritch God-figure.
* Xel'lotath is a girl, dude. Unless you think he '''[[GenderSwap BECAME]]''' [[GenderSwap a girl]] after whatever his ultimate fate was at the end of ''Super Paper Mario''.

[[WMG: Dimentio is [[VideoGame/CthulhuMythos Nyarlathotep]]]]
* I'm surprised no one has come up with this one yet. Dimentio posesses strange powers dealing with other worlds, he's a manipulative bastard that subtly brings harm to every living creature, and behind the mask of sillyness his mind is completely alien. Perhaps Dimentio was yet another of Gnarlys many masks, sent to bring destruction and ruin to mankind.

[[WMG: Mr. Hammer, Spikey Tom, and Spikey John are traitors to the Koopa Troop.]]
That quiz show seemed a little ''too'' helpful. Not only does it provide Peach and the player with information on the next Star Spirit, but Mr. Hammer gives you a super-special item perfect for sneaking around just for '''participating''', tells you how to use it, and makes a point to specifically tell you ''not'' to use it to go sneaking around. So, basically, he gives you information, ideas on how to get more, and the means to do so. Doesn't he come off a bit obvious? Mr. Hammer is secretly on Mario's side and is playing his part in sabotaging his de jure king.

[[WMG: The player will have to fight Mario at some point in Paper Mario 3DS.]]
You fought Peach possessed by the Shadow Queen, and Luigi fused with a crazy clown. Don't be surprised if Mario gets brainwashed at some point and leaves your team. Maybe even final boss status...
* Doopliss
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Flurrie is from [[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime Lumpy Space.]]]]
She's purple, she's cloudlike, she floats around randomly, and she is ''definitely'' [[GagBoobs lumpy.]] She's been living among the Punis long enough to lose the VerbalTic, but she's still a Lumperson.

[[WMG:Mario and Luigi's surname is Gonzales.]]
That's where Mario's Glitz Pit stage name, the Great Gonzales, came from. I'm guessing the reason they're not called the Gonzales Brothers has something to do with "Mario Brothers" having a nicer ring to it.
* According to [[WordOfGod an interview with Miyamoto]], Mario and Luigi only have one name.
* That and it was Grubba who came up with Great Gonzales as a name, not Mario.

[[WMG: ''Thousand Year Door'' is a theatrical reenactment of the real quest.]]
The events of Thousand Year Door had been noted to be compiled into book form--or, if we want to WMG further, ''Luigi'' was the one who went on the adventure (as evidenced by his stories to Mario and the ''Super Luigi'' book series), but ExecutiveMeddling in the universe where ''Paper Mario'' was published forced them to change the protagonist to Mario because they believed that nobody wanted to play a game with Luigi as the protagonist. However, somebody somewhere felt sorry for Luigi, putting in the Easter Eggs about Luigi's quest, and Mario can still "cosplay" as Luigi via badges.

This explains why you have an audience cheering you on in the battles - it really is all just happening on a stage, and "Star Power" is part of the gimmick to keep the audience involved.
* ...And Hooktail ''eating'' the audience?
* And for that matter, Cortez eating the audience's souls, Lord Crump sucking the audience into a giant mecha and using them as cannon ammo, and [[spoiler: the Shadow Queen ''absorbing the audience into her own body.'']]
* Don't worry...they all signed release forms.
* And it's all part of the show anyway. If you want, you're free to believe that nobody was hurt.

Incidentally, the end credits somewhat support this theory, since Flurrie is shown on stage with Mario in the theatrical reenactment of "his" quest.
* Not only that, but the first shadow in the credits is Luigi, not Mario.
* If I recall correctly the "Mario" on stage in the credits is actually Doopliss.

[[WMG: Yoshi or Toad will the the final boss of the 3DS game.]]
Because they're the only members of the main cast who hasn't been.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Dimentio, like Giygas, was driven insane from his power.]]
I'm not suggesting they're related, but I am suggesting that what happened to Giygas at the end of VideoGame/{{Earthbound}} happened to Dimentio. He was probably completely sane at one point, a skilled magician, and who may have even been a nice guy. However, eventually he discovered other kinds of magic, and began to use them. Over time, each spell took away a part of his sanity, and his newfound power replaced it. Soon, the dark magic he tried to control was controlling him. He used this power to obliterate his world, leaving only a small piece, which became Dimension D. He gained a thirst for destruction and a lust for power. Coupled with his lack of sanity, only one thing seperated his mental state from Giygas'; he knew what he was doing, and enjoyed it.

[[WMG:Save Blocks, from an in-universe perspective, cause premonitions.]]
If a person hits a Save Block, they see themselves continuing on with their adventure from there until they make a fatal mistake and pay the price. Sometimes, they may see multiple examples of this in sequential order. That way they can avoid what it was that would've killed them. You know when you're playing the game and you die and have to start over form the last save point? That's all in Mario's head. And that's why they call it a Save Block; they save you from getting yourself killed.

[[WMG:The Flipside (and Flopside) Pit of 100 Trials looks like the LCD screen of a Game & Watch system because it is one.]]
Seriously, can you think of another reason why it does?

[[WMG:The Save Block on the moon was put there by the Goombas that first landed there that Goombella spoke of.]]

It was their "American Flag," so to speak.

[[WMG: The reason Bonechill was made easy...]]
...was to make up for The Overthere being so complicated like [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime a certain infuriating dungeon involving water.]]

[[WMG: Paper Mario 3DS will continue the series' DarkerAndEdgier trend.]]
It will give children nightmares but it'll still get an E10+ rating at the worst.
* Jossed. ''Sticker Star'' is extremely light on plot and NightmareFuel.

[[WMG: Paper Mario 6 or 7 will be an {{utsuge}}.]]
Taking the series CerebusSyndrome to its logical conclusion, We can expect many of the party members to die in tragic [[SenselessSacrifice senseless sacrifices]] and the ending to be a ShootTheShaggyDog story that [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Mario will cause]].
* Unlikely, since ''Sticker Star'' was actually LighterAndSofter than its predecessors.
* Just because Sticker Star was LighterAndSofter doesn't mean that future ''VideoGame/PaperMario'' titles can't be DarkerAndEdgier.

[[WMG: The book Goombella reads when you Tattle in battle was written by none other than RAWK HAWK.]]
Obviously, Rawk Hawk seems to have written his own entry, but what about the others? Well, who better than a fighter to learn the stats of enemies when there's ''not'' an adventure going on? And who would be most successful besides a ''champion''? It's only good for Grubba that he kept R.H. more or less content until Mario came along; with such information in his possession, he might've gone after '''him'''!

[[WMG: Bonetail didn't start out skeletal.]]
Being stuck at the bottom of a giant dungeon doesn't really call for much nourishment...it may have started out like it's living predecessors, but after so long, it became weary and just turned into bones. But, being one of the Shadow Queen's pets, it wasn't able to die just yet. It was meant to die but stayed animated due to the Shadow Queen's dark magic. So, it stayed in this undead state, in a state of rage and unable to do anything but the purpose it was meant to serve: devour anyone who dares enter the Pit of 100 Trials. Mario is able to put it out of it's misery with either the Crystal Stars (when going through the Pit of 100 Trials normally) or just...sheer luck and skill (when going through the Pit of 100 Trials before fighting Hooktail).

[[WMG: The Void hasn't actually been stopped, just hindered]]
The ExactWords referring to the Void are: "The void will swallow all...Naught can stop it...unless the one protected by the dark power is destroyed." Assuming is dangerous, but-- if memory serves-- there's really only one 'dark power' at work in ''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario'': the Chaos Heart. There are several people who could qualify as "the one protected by the dark power", though. [[spoiler: Bleck and Dimentio]], are the first to come to mind. While both were shielded by the Chaos Heart for some amount of time, both were ''also'' made vulnerable by [[spoiler: the Pure Hearts]], rendering that protection useless. \\
The prophecy never said anything about ''using'' the 'dark power', though, just being protected by it, which [[ProphecyTwist means that there is]] [[TakeAThirdOption a third candidate]]. Considering the fact that the final battle [[spoiler: ''presumably'' killed Dimentio, but did absolutely nothing to Luigi-- who, logically, should have been hurt, since he played the role of 'host'--]] it's a distinct possibility that he was protected by the Chaos Heart, as per the prophecy. Of course, since he's still alive, one has to wonder about the void, too-- hence the WMG.
* Considering the Void went away at the end, it may be that the Purity Heart will serve to keep it benign until Luigi dies on his own.
** Or it could still be [[spoiler: Dimentio]]. Destroyed and killed are not really the same thing, and the Dark Prognosticus probably would have said "killed" if that's what it meant. That means that [[spoiler: Dimentio]] will actually have to cease to exist entirely for the Void to collapse and vanish forever.
[[WMG: There will be no Whacka in Paper Mario 3DS.]]
* If the series will still take the DarkerAndEdgier route, there will be an graveyard-esque level, (Not necessary one, but close to one) and one of the tombstones there would say something about the "Whacka" species being gone. and as an ContinuityNod, is you jump straight up from the tombstone, a hidden block will appear with an Whacka Bump.
* No tombstone, but there is indeed no Whacka in ''VideoGame/PaperMarioStickerStar''.

[[WMG: The reason [[spoiler: Luvbi still exists at the end...]]]]
* Is because when she was erased, she technically died and thus went to the overthere.
** Actually, Luvbi is the White Pure Heart. She wasn't erased, because we saw the Pure Hearts appear and stop the Chaos Heart. It's more likely that when the Void was stopped, Luvbi went back to the Overthere.

[[WMG: Dimentio is from [[Webcomic/{{HomeStuck}} Derse]].]]
The color of his skin, the clothing... Anyone else got any ideas?

[[WMG: Rawk Hawk is a CaptainErsatz of Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog]]
Let's see: TotallyRadical Anthropomorphic...whatever he is? Styles himself as Mario's rival, but can be curbstomped each time without much effort? Rawk Hawk even looks like SuperMode Sonic, what with the golden spikes and everything...

[[WMG: The Shady Koopa in the mid-Shadow Queen cutscene was KP Pete]]
The Shadow Queen's darkness, mixed with his power being returned from Grubba, turned him into a shady koopa.

[[WMG: Shadoo is the Pixl Queen]]
There are actually several clues that point to this in Super Paper Mario. First, Shadoo said that she was going to get revenge on the Ancients using the power of the Pixls. This is similar to how the Pixl Queen took control of the Pixls and used them to enslave the Tribe of Ancients. In addition to this, the Pixl Queen was said to have "powers of illusion", which she used to hide herself from sight. Shadoo has a similar ability, because she is able to hide from sight and take people's forms. These two things make it very likely that Shadoo was the Pixl Queen. It's possible that instead of being killed during the Pixl Uprising, Shadoo was locked up in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials.

[[WMG: The Sling-a-Thing service and the shady Thing shop are a [[TakeThat commentary by the developers]] on [[AllegedlyFreeGame free-to-play games]].]]
It's a flash, entertaining, completely free service... but once you're out of things, you're directed to a shop where you can buy more things to fling. Sound familiar?

[[WMG: Rawk Hawk graduated from Kansas University.]]
Rawk Hawk Jayhawk? Look at [[http://www.mariowiki.com/images/d/da/RawkHawkPMTTYD.png the]][[http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/4c/University_of_Kansas_Jayhawk_logo.svg similarities!]]

[[WMG: Merlon actually explained the Ancients to Mario in the first ''Paper Mario'' game.]]
Mario, of course, wasn't able to recognize its significance and fell asleep.

[[WMG: The story of Merlon's ancestor actually involves time travel.]]
While the story starts in third person, as Mario is spacing out Merlon has switched to first person. Obviously, the story involves him encountering his own ancestors in their timeframes.

[[WMG: Rawk Hawk is as strong as he says he is.]]
Yes, we all know that the [[spoiler: two]] Rawk Hawk battle[[spoiler:s]] can turn into a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown issued by Team Mario, but what if Rawk Hawk is only at Level 1 when you fight him? It makes sense, and would explain why Mario [[spoiler: and Bowser]] can beat him so easily. In that case, I don't think I'd wanna see what type of damage the Feral Nuclear Reactor could dish out if he was at a level equal to Mario during the Glitz Pit battle[[spoiler:s]]...

[[WMG: Grodus is over 1000 years old, and was probably human/another species other than robotic at some point.]]
The whole reason Grodus was so determined to open the Thousand Year Door and trusts its legend to be true was that he was there when the Shadow Queen's War happened. Grodus used to be not cybernetic (Maybe even human) and at some point at time got stranded on [[spoiler:an ancient moon base]]. (Maybe built by the humans when they were around?) Because he was aging rapidly and would die soon he slowly augmented himself more and more until he was no longer organic. Then, in a calculated greed for his humanity (or organic body if he wasn't human originally) back, he started cloning himself over and over, using these new beings as soldiers. It was then that he formed the Secret Society of the X-Nauts which its sole purpose was to [[spoiler:unlock the Shadow Queen's power]] in an attempt for regaining his original body. Why world conquest now? It's not actually world conquest, that's just what he tells his minions to keep the illusion up that hes in it for the society and not himself.

[[WMG:After Flavio got bumped down to ''second''-richest man in Rogueport, the title of richest went to...the koopa living on the west side.]]
Anytime you go into his house and talk to him, the koopa will mention some investment of sorts he's made in the past chapter has has made him even richer. It's highly likely that his increase in wealth, coupled with the loss of the S.S. Flavion, was the cause of Flavio's downgrade to second-richest.

[[WMG:The town that fell victim to the Shadow Queen's "great cataclysm" and sank into the depths of the earth, only to be replaced by Rogueport years later...]]
...was the capital city of none other than the fabled Luff Empire spoken of in [[HeroOfAnotherStory Luigi's adventure]]. With their Marvelous Compass, the Luffs [[PrideBeforeAFall assumed themselves invincible]] and thought they could handle themselves [[BullyingTheDragon against the Shadow Queen]] during her rise to power. We all know how that ended.

[[WMG:Bowser not Luigi is the prophecied Man in Green.]]
Both Count Bleck and Dimentio targeted the wrong character. The Prophecy is still going on.... At some point Bowser will resummon the Chaos Heart and become an even worse threat than Dimentio and Count Bleck! Remember! Bowser tried to tear down the universe and rebuild it in his image just like Dimentio tried with the Multiverse!

[[WMG:Jr. Troopa in the first Paper Mario becomes Bowser Junior after this game.]]
He both looks and acts like Junior and appeared exactly one year before Super Mario Sunshine.
My guess is that after Paper Mario, Bowser found him and adopted him as his own son.
At any rate, even if he isn't, he certainly seems to be a precursor to Junior.

[[WMG: The Magikoopa Masters are actually 3 clones of Kamek.]]
They look ''identical'' to his clones from ''Videogame/MarioAndLuigiDreamTeam''...

[[WMG: If ''VideoGame/PaperMario 5'' ever gets made, it might go back to the DarkerAndEdgier route that Thousand Year Door and Super went.]]
Not saying LighterAndSofter made Sticker Star a ContestedSequel to so many people necessarily, but Nintendo may or may not think this, especially since the lack of story is one of the biggest criticisms of Sticker Star.

[[WMG: The reason Beldam is the way she is...]]
The reason she was mean to Vivian: She was jealous of her. She was more powerful, prettier and probably had more people like her, InUniverse and out. And so, in order to make herself feel better and/or to get rid of the jealousy, she began bullying her.

The reason she played favoritism with Marilyn was because one) she felt sorry for her. She couldn't talk and she was rather big, and so Beldam felt somewhat bad for her. And two) she needed her on her side. She was the strongest out of the Shadow Sirens - possibly one of the thee strongest - and Beldam knew if she mistreated her like she did with Vivian, which would've caused a MistreatmentInducedBetrayal, this could've very well screwed her over.

The reason she worked ''so hard'' to revive the Shadow Queen was because of an inferiority complex. She felt that her only purpose in life was to serve the Shadow Queen. And she secretly felt inferior to her, so she may've been planning on becoming the next Shadow Queen over Vivian or something.

And the reason she was mean to Doopliss... [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking was because she liked him.]] [[note]]Okay, okay, it may've been misplaced aggression. After all, he was replacing Vivian. [[/note]]

[[WMG: Shigeru Miyamoto will be less involved with the next ''Paper Mario'' game.]]
He ''was'' more or less the one responsible for at least some of the issues in ''Sticker Star'' (i.e. lack of story, characterization, oversimplified battle system).

[[WMG: The Village Leader from the first Paper Mario is Yoshi from the original Yoshi's Island.]]
Yoshi probably got tired of adventuring as he aged and moved to Lavalava, where had been with his buddy Brown Yoshi as a kid and caused trouble, and eventually became their chief.

[[WMG: The Peach & Twink duo was the inspiration for [[VideoGame/{{SuperMarioGalaxy}} Rosalina & the Lumas]].]]
A blonde princess teams up with a little star to help Mario on his quest while they're stuck in space? Sounds like what Rosalina does in the first VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy game. It may just be a coincidence, though.

[[WMG: Kamek makes some appearance in each of the first three Paper Mario games]]
* In ''VideoGame/PaperMario'' he is either the Magikoopa who follows Twink and attempts to ambush Mario at the end of the prologue chapter.
** Alternatively he is the Magikoopa who guards the switch in Bowser's Castle and commands the three Koopatrols.
* In ''VideoGame/PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor'' he is the Magikoopa who reports to Kammy Koopa that Princess Peach was captured by the X-Nauts.
* In ''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario'' he is the Magikoopa who stands at Bowser's side when he and his army prepare to invade Peach's Castle.

[[WMG: Paper Mario NX will be a {{Deconstruction}} of how there are just Toads in ''VideoGame/PaperMarioStickerStar'' and ''VideoGame/PaperMarioColorSplash'']]
Not only that but it will have three slots in a party and it will have [[VideoGame/SuperMarioBros2 Wart]] as the Big Bad and the game will be NintendoHard

[[WMG: The real reason the Armored Harriers are only at the bottom of the major league, despite their invincibility...]]
...is that they don't actually care about advancing, only about crushing the dreams of rookies, similar to Tonpa from Manga/HunterXHunter.

[[WMG: Tippi's Pixl form is the same one mentioned in Carson's story of the Pixl Queen]]
* Carson mentions in his story that the Ancient who took out the Pixl Queen was the inheritor of a Pixl who could "see the truth", and that that Pixl's power allowed him to see through the illusions cast by the queen. He also states that the Pixl was killed in the ensuing battle, and that as a result of the Pixl Queen's rise to power, the creation of all new Pixls was outlawed after her defeat.
** If this were true, Merlon couldn't have created a new Pixl to house Timpani's soul, not to mention, he probably wouldn't have known how - his only other option would be to use one that he already had on him.
** Merlon states at one point that Tippi's Pixl body doesn't have long to sustain her, which could work if it had been damaged during the battle against the Pixl Queen, leading to its original occupant's death.
** Tippi also has the power to see through illusions and glimpse invisible objects, just like the Pixl was said to.